DD 4.27: Love Is Everywhere

Week 19/Day 131 (Thursday)

Mauricio: Today is Thursday, but I’d like to make sure you are clear about the changes in our household that occurred yesterday on Wednesday.
As you’ve heard repeatedly, my father-in-law Kage and my nephew Naoto moved out.
But never fear, they’re still living quite close by in this same neighborhood.
Surprisingly, this leaves me as the eldest member of this household, although I’m still a young adult.
And then there are the new faces in our house, but I’ll let their inviters tell those stories.

Go: If you remember, my first kiss with Mina last night was interrupted by a peeping Tom.
That’s why we decided to go outside and continue.
After a little more flirting, I asked her to become my girlfriend and she looked happy to agree.

After that, she began flirting with me, so I pushed my luck and asked her to exchange promise rings.
I’m seven days older than her and I want to ensure that she doesn’t stray.

We both felt insanely happy about exchanging rings, somehow.
As soon as Uncle Naoto moved out last night, I invited her to move in.
It felt good to leave with her for high school this morning!

Sara: As for me, I’d invited to Mitch to come over last night after I got off work.
I came home very tense from my first day on the job, so I asked Mitch to join me in the hot tub.

Sara: Thanks for coming over, Mitch. Wow, we’ve been together like 5 minutes and you’re already Very Flirty?
Mitch: Sorry, Sara. While I was looking for you, I ran into a Very Flirty teenage boy kissing his girlfriend.
The boy’s vibe and the sight of the couple smooching made me feel Very Flirty, too.

Sara: Dear readers, I decide to roll with his mood, blowing kisses at him.

Sara: I think I owe Go a meal now, because Mitch was even receptive to a First Kiss!
But it was getting late and I didn’t want to rush our relationship past the kiss, so we promised to meet the next morning.

Mitch:  Heyo, people! My name’s Mitchell Kalani. My family name is of Hawaiian origin.
I take a lot of pride in my Hawiian roots but, sadly, I don’t speak the language any more.
Watchette googled my name for me, though, and it apparently means “of the heavens” or “Chieftain.” I’ll go with “chieftain,” then.

Truthfully, I was over the moon when Sara invited me over last night, since I didn’t know her very well.
Anyway, I came over to find a very warm and talkative Sara. We became fast friends!
After a very eventful evening with Sara which ended with a kiss, I’m back at their house this morning as promised.

And what do you know, she asks me to move in! It doesn’t take long for me to say yes!

And why not? Okay, since she’s an Astronaut and I’m a Mixologist, we don’t have much in common professionally.
But she’s not only very pretty but she shares my Bro trait! And my boy Tao also has serious Bro potential.
No offense, J and Gavin, but I think I’d rather be Bros with Sara! *gives Sara a bro hug

Mitch: First things first, I’ve noticed that this house is full of and often visited by extremely buff guys.
I am, you know, a Lazy dude by nature, but I do not intend to lose Sara to a sleaze with a nice bod!
Kage moved out last night but he’s visiting today, so I ask him to mentor me.
You just wait, Sara!

Mitch: I’m an Assistant Dishwasher in the Culinary career (Level 1). Today, I go to work for the first time.
Oddly, though, I’ve never made a drink or cooked a meal in my life!
So I practice making a few bar drinks then prepare a meal for the teens to eat when they return from school.

Mitch: Then, with two hours left before work, I do what I do best! *naps lazily

Mauricio: My beloved Karina comes home at 2 pm with a promotion to Level 6 Bodybuilder. Honey, you look a little tense!
Karina, I’d love to take more shots of you, I really would, but you make it so hard! 
Karina: Work was so stressful! Aaaarrrggh!!!

Go: With the addition of Mitch and my lovely Mina, we have become a younger household: four young adults and four teens.
Tao: Yeah, but I’m ageing up to a young adult in two days!
Mina: Not that I mind, but why don’t the guys at this house ever wear shirts?

Day 132 (Fri) 

Sara: By the way, Mitch gets off at work at 1 a.m., and while I’m waiting for him to return home, I notice Naoto’s wife stroll by our house.
I wonder when their baby’s due.  We’re all pretty excited about it!

Mitch: Thanks for waiting up and having dinner with me, Sara!
Sara: No worries, Mitch. I don’t work tomorrow, anyway. Plus I want to hear all about your first day of work!
Mitch: Well, I got promoted to Leve 2 Culinary, so I’m now Head Dishwasher instead of Assistant Dishwasher!
Sara: That’s really great, Mitch! But I just don’t understand your work uniform!
If you’re in the Culinary career, why do you wear a T-shirt with a wrench motif and a tool belt?
Mitch: You’re asking me as if I had a choice in wearing this!?

Gned the Gnome: Hey, there goes our reigning heir, wearing a shirt for a change!
Tremain the Trashcan: Strange, I thought his everyday outfit was shirtless.
Mel the Mailbox: Oh ye of little faith, didn’t Watchette mention that the boys had multiple everyday outfits, only one of which lacked a shirt?

Amanda: I had such a bummer day at school today, resulting in an 8-hour angry mood.
Thanks to my BFF, though, I’m feeling rather better. He sure knows how to treat me well!

Yes, I do believe that I’m feeling not only better but very flirty as well! Frst kiss!
And he also asks me to be his girlfriend! I say yes, natch!
Who could say no to Tao and his face that makes angels weep?

Tao: Seeing as our Fun meters are so low, Amanda and I decide to relax in the sauna…where one thing leads to another.
Huh? No, I am definitely not moving too fast! We’ve been good friends since forever and don’t forget that we’re also BFFs!

Mina: Like Amanda, I also had a bummer day at school today, but come home Sad instead.
Go, I’m feeling a little insecure about the fact that you’ll be a young adult for a full week before me.
Go: I’m your boyfriend and we’ve even exchanged promise rings. We’re as close as we can get!
Mina: Not quite, Go. Would you be my best friend forever?
Go: Of course, Mina. I’d just been waiting until the weekend to ask you!

Mauricio: I get a promotion to Level 9 Musician, which comes with a new tux.
Only one more promotion to go!

I’m not sure why but my female sims seem more high maintenance.
Even if they aren’t set to Work Hard or Study Hard, they come home tense or sad or bummed or some other negative mood, and thus unable to start their daily task or homework right away.
They “complain” more about filth, food, and so forth.
The teen girls often come home from school snarling—not offering the best photo opps!
Is the daily schedule harder for them or something? 

Day 133 (Sat) 

Tao: Today’s my young adult birthday, people!
Karina has work from 8, so we gather downstairs at 6:30 to celebrate my caking up.

Tao: Everyone’s looking mighty fine in their party outfits!
I’m seeing Mitch and Mina all dressed up for the first time.
Mina’s in front with the dark blue dress, and Mitch is behind Go in a grey v-neck sweater.
You’ve seen Go and Mauricio in those outfits a few times already, and I’m in my gold and pink get-up.
Sara’s next to Mitch wearing red and black and Amanda looks so fine in that long dress!
But what the heck’s going on with Karina? She’s in the very back in her sportswear, chugging energy juice like some jock!
Go: And she wonders why she doesn’t get more pictures in our story!*shakes head in wonder
I said this. 
Mauricio: Aw c’mon guys, give my wife a break. Karina has a complex about not being as pretty as her younger brother!
Yeah, but look at Naoto! You’re just as pretty as you feel! (sang Jefferson Airplane) 


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