DD 4.28: Bro to the Fourth Power?

Week 20/Day 134 (Sunday)

I hope you won’t mind that I begin this chapter by introducing the new couples in the household.
These are shot after Tao’s birthday party, with everyone still in their party finery.

First of all, a teen couple consisting of Go Sanada, who is the reigning heir, and his girlfriend Mina Arata.

The next youngest couple are young adult Tao Kaneda and teen Amanda Fyres. She’ll will resume her status as his girlfriend in five more days.

The third couple are both young adults—Sara Shin and the recently moved in Mitchell Kalani.

Go: After Tao’s party yesterday, Mitch asked Sara to be his girlfriend.
When she accepted, Mitch was literally jumping for joy. Gotta love a guy who expresses his feelings so honestly!

Mauricio: Go’s elder sister Karina and I make up the fourth couple of the household, but you have seen us both in many pictures, so we spare one of us here.

Karina: However, Mauricio brought home a huge surprise Saturday night! His final promotion to Level 10 Musician!
We’d all assumed that he would max his career next week on Tuesday.
Thanks to his hard work, we are now free to switch aspirations and cancel whims.
We may buy and use radios, stereos, and speakers. We’re no longer limited to the “Practice” interaction on musical instruments.

Go: Sunday passes uneventfully.
When Tao leaves for his first day of work in a Llamacorn costume, everyone politely pretends not to notice.
Mitch finally leaves for work in a white chef outfit. I wonder how long that will last.
Since we are now free to switch aspirations, we’ve all gone crazy doing a few milestones of multiple aspirations.
Which is actually somewhat pointless, since we can’t actually assign reward traits yet.
Oh Tao!  All that blood and tears to maximize your body potential for…this!? 

Tao: Why won’t it work?
Why won’t what work, Tao? 
Tao: When he changes into his work uniform, he gets that awful default hair!
So I pulled him into our closet, but it only lets me change his five basic outfits!

Amanda: After skilling all day, I take a little stroll to clear my head and look who I run into!
Naoto: How you doing, girl?
Amanda: Not bad at all. And I’m going to be a young adult on Thursday!
Naoto: Hey, Yae and I had a baby boy on Saturday! Y’all should stop by and see him!
We’ll be over on Monday, Naoto, when he becomes a child, okay?  *squees 

Day 135 (Mon) 

Tao: After everyone’s left for work and school, I head out to Burners & Builders in Oasis Springs with Go, Mitch, and Mauricio.
Now that we can switch around aspirations (thanks to Mauricio), Go and Mitch want to get a start on the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Mauricio just stays out front. He’s already completed Bodybuilder and just wants to write songs now.
Mitch works today, so we don’t stay too long.

Go: After hearing about Naoto and Yae’s little boy, Watchette can’t stop wondering how everyone’s children turned out.
Karina: We always talk about visiting everyone but the household gets so busy when members change!
Ultimately, we hardly ever get out, even though our family lives so close by.
Mauricio: In the evening, Karina bakes a cake and we decide to go visiting.

First stop is the home of Sasuke and Siobhan, Nessa, and her younger brother Erich.
If their daughter Nessa hadn’t had the klepto trait, we would have invited her to stay with us for awhile.

Next, we visit the home of Kenta and Summer Holiday.
They had had the twins Noah and Watson first, then Alonzo right around the time Kenta moved out.
Karina: Wow, Watson is super gorgeous. Watchette, you should save him, even if don’t play blond sims!

The third home we visit belongs to Naoto Sanade and Yae Oguri.
It’s quite late by this time, but we barge right in anyway to age up their son, Cade.
We googled his name and it’s a French name, pronounced like “maid” but with an initial K sound.
Go, I never realized that you were so good with babies! Cade ages up with the Gloomy trait.
Do you think he resembles his father?
Personally, I think Cade is adorable! And he’s so expressive with his hands when he talks! 

Mauricio: Finally, Tao and I visit a mystery house, asking Karina to return first to make dinner for the family.
Do you remember the period when Watchette and Karina’s parents objected to my dating Karina?
After Kage gave me a firm no, I was “navigated” toward another sim and we tested the waters, resulting in a boy.
Ssshh, no, of course not. Karina has no idea that I already have a child.
I’ll tell her eventually, though, because I’d like to take him with us to Oasis Springs, if his mother agrees.

In the photo below, that’s me on the left. Do you think Karina will figure out that he’s mine?
And can you guess who the mother is? 

Mauricio: Great job, Karina!!! You’re now a Level 8 Trainer to the Stars.
Go: She’s looking happy in the new career outfit she earned for the promotion.
Karina: Thanks, little brother. Now, let me mentor you for my daily task. Thanks for only having Level 3 Fitness!

Mauricio: Yeah, she looks great in her new uniform. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you.
Why aren’t you in school today?
Go: My young adult birthday is tomorrow, so I’m taking today and tomorrow off.

Gned the Gnome: Hey, I could have sworn I saw Mitch come home from work in a white uniform the other day.
Tremain the Trashcan: Yeah, me too! But there he goes looking like a repairman with his Fast Food hat!
Mel the Mailbox: Whatever, he’s looking good these days. Has he started wearing lip gloss? Did “someone” pluck his eyebrows?

Go: Why is Amanda always in such a terrible mood when she comes home from school? What are her traits, Tao?
Tao: She’s a cheerful genius, but she sure gets into that angry mood a lot. And it lasts for 8 hours! Like I have time for that.
Go: Yeah, well, Mina’s got a mean look on her face so I’m just going to let her do her homework by herself.
Yeah, after they spend 2-3 hours in the hot tub, getting out of their bad moods. *sighs
And I’m having second thoughts about Tao with Amanda…maybe she’ll change when she becomes a Bro?

Mitch: Hey, man, it’s cool that you and Sara both have the Bro trait!
It’s awesome to come home from a hard day at work, then hang with my bros and watch sports TV!
Tao: Yeah, congrats on your promotion! You chose the Mixologist branch tonight, yeah?
Mitch: Yeah, that’s right. But I’m stuck with this unbecoming work outfit again!
Tao: It’s better than being a Llamacorn.

By the way, the house currently has no one who can write excuse notes or perform high-level Wellness socials.
We need to fix this. 

Day 136 (Tue) 

Go: Good morning, folks! It’s me, the reigning heir of the Sanada Apocalypse.
I’ve gotten up before everyone else this morning to think about my future.

Watchette, what shall I do about my third trait? Half of the household is gong to be a bro once Amanda ages up.
Yeah, since Mitch has the Bro trait, not only Sara but also Tao and Amanda decided to get the Bro trait in solidarity.
I’ve never played so many bros in one house before. 

Go: What about me? Do you think I should join the Bro Cult, too? Should Mina as well?
That’s really up to you, Go. You’re the head of the household now, even if Sara and Mitch are a few days older. 

Mauricio: Here’s a shot of Mitch standing beneath his portrait that Kage painted before he left.
Mitch: Hey, Wathchette, that portrait’s from my first day here.
Do you think it’d be possible to do another portrait of me after I’ve slimmed down a little more?
Of course, Mitch. 

Go: Sara’s looking fine!  Can you spot Amanda checking out Sara’s spiked collar?

Go: And here’s the birthday boy! I’m a cheerful genius and, since I’m the heir, I added the Family-Oriented trait.
Lots of enthusiastic fist-pumping!

Go: A young adult, at last! Tao, what kind of party outfit is that?
Tao: Hey, no trashing the threads. This is my Party Hardy outfit!
Karina: Boys, boys! Now tell me, Tao, do you think my little brother Go and I look alike?
Tao: May be I honest?
Karina: Sure.
Tao: Then, no.


Your Thoughts?

Once the current household members complete their assigned careers, only three more careers remain.
The challenge becomes slightly easier with each career unlocked, so we will continue pursuing career promotions and renovating the house.

Personally, I would like to see how one child from each of the current couples turns out.
Of course, two of the couples need to have a child to finish out the challenge, because I’m not planning any more move-ins.
Two out of the four couples, however, don’t necessarily need to bear children for careers. If anything, the extra children would only prolong the challenge.

Take, for example, Mauricio Landgraab and Karina Sanada. Mauricio has maxed his career and I could move him out anytime.
Would you be interested in seeing their child? I would basically be moving out a pregnant Karina then visiting the family later. She’s a Level 8 Bodybuilder and should max her career within the next week.

If you have any opinions or thoughts on this matter, I’d love to hear them.
(Note: This post is actually from June 14, 2016, so any feedback now won’t be reflected in the coming chapters.)

Mauricio Landgraab (1 day to Adult): maxed Entertainer/Musician.
Karina Sanada-Landgraab (6 days to Adult: Level 8 Athlete/Bodybuilder
Sara Shin (12 days to Adult): Level 5 Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler
Mitchell Kalani (15 days to Adult): Level 6 Culinary/Mixologist
Tao Kaneda (17 days to Adult): Level 4 Athlete (Pro Athlete)
Go Sanada (20 days to Adult): Level 3 Tech Guru (Starup Enterpreneur)
Amanda Fyres (3 days to YA)
Mina Arata (7 days to YA)

DD 4.29: First Comes Love, Next Comes Marriage

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