DD 4.29: First Comes Love, Next Comes Marriage

Week 20/Day 137 (Wednesday)

Mitch: Today starts out like any other day. By the afternoon, only Mauricio, Amanda, and I are left at home.
Amanda is home from school today because her young adult birthday is tomorrow.
I’m still trying to get in shape (despite my Lazy trait) and my efforts jibe perfectly with Karina’s daily “Mentor fitness” task.

Not surprisingly, Mina returns home from school tense, requiring 2 hours in the sauna before she can do anything else. Why?

Amanda, who usually comes home from school angry, looks quite happy for a change.
She’s started taking short trips to outer space in preparation for becoming a Space Ranger.
You’re so observant @Nettlejuice ! Amanda has become excessively thin–I might put her on the weightlifting machine for a little bit. 

While Tao and Go are still at work, Mauricio celebrates his adult birthday not long after the notice arrives.
Girls, after all he’s done for this household, that was a pretty pathetic celebration you gave Mauricio!

Day 138 (Thu) 

You’d think that Go and Tao might have turned into vampires or werewolves.
But no, they are just each telling an Epic Story in front of their mirrors to level up Charisma.

We visit the Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenberg, where Sara, Amanda, and Mitch get tutored.
Today’s not the first time that Don Lothario comes over and tries chatting up Sara.
Mitch doesn’t even bother to worry; he knows Don’s no competition for The Mixologist!

Gned the Gnome: Hey, check out who’s finally going to work in his culinary outfit!
Tremain the Trashcan: Wow, remember how chubby he was when he first arrived?
Mel the Mailbox: Hubba, hubba, Mitch is looking fiiine these days!
A kimono looks best on a slim profile, so Mitch’s been working out regularly for that! And it really shows!
AN: Mitch still sporadically leaves for work in that repairman’s outfit. 

Day 139 (Fri) 

Amanda: We wait for Mitch to come home from work at 1 a.m. to celebrate my young adult birthday.
Everyone enthusiastically joins in the fist-pumping before I blow out the candles!

After I’ve aged up, though, everyone except Mina (who blows a horn, bless her heart!) looks like they could care less!
Mauricio has taken a seat as if he’s some old man and Go is standing off to the side, staring at the wall. Hmmph!
Mauricio: I believe you were seated during my birthday celebration, Amanda!

I’ve added the Bro trait so that I won’t be left out of the Bro camaraderie among Mitch, Sara, and Tao.
Oh, and I guess I should join the Astronaut career, too!
And now I’m finally a young adult, Tao!  Rawrr!

Amanda: I’m going to make sure Tao understands very clearly that he’s mine!
By the way, is that heart shape made from closet dust?

Tremain the Trashcan: Is it just me, Gned, or would you agree that the astronaut career is a surprising choice for Sara?
Gned the Gnome: Well, at this stage of the challenge, there are fewer careers to choose from.
The two astronaut careers are especially challenging because they require three skills.
Mel the Mailbox: Sara looks good in anything!

Tao: Naoto phoned and asked if he could come visit today. He’s such a cool guy.
Some people look at Naoto, see his punk hair and tattoos, then conclude that he’s just a thug.
His family and close friends know better. He’s actually really book smart as well as street smart!
Today, he’s mentoring me in Handiness.

Mina: Since today is Friday and it’s my young adult birthday next Tuesday, today’s my turn to take the day off from school.
Actually, I’m never going back to school, since I have an A already and enough vacation days left.
Because I’m going to join the Painter career, I’ve been working on the painter aspiration ever since I moved in.
Once Karina clears the Bodybuilder career, Watchette will build a new room for easels, musical instruments, and children’s art tables.
For now, I continue to paint in the back corner of the main room, simply because this easel can’t be moved.

Gned the Gnome: Oh thank Carl, Tao’s no longer wearing that awful Llamacorn outfit!
Mel the Mailbox: I don’t know, I kinda miss the boys going to high school shirtless…
*stifles a “Me, too!” 

Mitch: This afternoon, Karina comes home with a promotion to Level 9 Celebrity Bodybuilder.
I know the plan is for Mauricio to move out soon, so it’s time for me to move forward as well.
There’s only a two-hour overlap between the time Sara gets home from work at 4 pm and I leave for work at 6.
That’s enough time, though, for me to pop the question.

The wedding arch is still stuck downstairs in the basement and we can’t place one outside in the yard, either.
That’s why Sara and I decide to elope immediately.
Sara, my darling wife!  You are my first, my last, my everthing!
Sara: Uh, Mitch, sweetheart, isn’t that from a song by Barry White?
Mitch: Busted….but it’s still true!

Day 140 (Sat) 

Mitch: I’m just so happy about being married to Sara! I decide to throw a dinner party since we couldn’t have a wedding party.
Also, I have two milestones for Chef and Mixologist to complete. Getting the “Fresh Chef” trait would be really useful, right?
Tao: Hey, bro, all that working out is really paying off, but I think that’s the wrong party outfit!

Mitch: When I’m choosing who to invite as guests, both Naoto and Keith Patel (Naoto’s child with Zoey) show up so I invite them both.
I hire Go’s mother—Daia Sanada—as our caterer, although no one seems to remember if she can actually cook or not.

Since it’s been a while, we decide to age up Keith to a teen.
He looks so much like Zoey, except he has Naoto’s eyebrows and perhaps his nose.

Mitch: I’ve made my three drinks at a single social event and earn a silver medal for this party. Time to call it a wrap.

My lovely lady, thank you for becoming my wife! *gives Sara a suave kiss
Sara: *swoons

Mitch: Sara, dear, why are you reading?
Sara: I am supposed to be “professing my undying love,” but the game apparently doesn’t trust me to think up my own lines.
Whatever. My adorable Mitch, I am yours until the end of time or, at least, until the end of this challenge.

Mitch: We need Mauricio to move out! That would leave room for Karina to get pregnant, then move out!
She’ll max Bodybuilder on her next shift on Monday—that’s just two days from now.
Sara: And then, what next, dear? *bats eyelashes innocently
Mitch: You know very well what’s coming next!  *waggles eyebrows mischievously


Career Recap 

Mauricio Landgraab: Level 10 Musician (moving out)
Karina Sanada-Landgraab (1 day to adult): Level 9 Athlete/Bodybuilder
Sara Shin-Kalani (7 days to adult): Level 6 Astronaut
Mitch Kalani (9 days to adult): Level 7 Culinary/Mixologist
Tao Kaneda (13 days to adult): Level 5 Athlete/Pro Athlete
Go Sanada (16 days to adult): Level 5 Tech Guru
Amanda Fyres (19 days to adult): Level 3 Astronaut
Mina Arata (3 days to young adult): Level 0 Painter

The time approaches to bring in a new generation! Wheee!

DD 4.30: Stork Bait

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