DD 4.30: Stork Bait

Week 21/Day 141 (Sunday)

Go: Watchette, I don’t know why you made me waste all those hours in front of the mirror, leveling Charisma.
Now that I’ve completed Computer Whiz, I can use Make Connections to boost my job performance instead!
And I hear that, unlike Negotiate Bonus, Make Connections never fails to boost job performance!
My mistake, but I hadn’t imagined that you’d finish Computer Whiz so quickly. Superb job, Go! 

Mina: Mauricio’s been occasionally mentoring me in violin.
Not that I really need to max violin, but Watchette keeps trying to play this challenge as if it were an Immortal Dynasty.
Yeah, sorry. Old habits die hard… 

Karina: What’s right with this picture?
1)   My career panel shows I’ll definitely reach Level 10 of the Bodybuilder career on Monday;
2)   The household currently consists of only seven sims; and
3)   The “Try for baby” interaction is greyed out.
Yes, Mauricio moved out this afternoon, but whether our household is actually too full to “try for baby,” well, only time will tell.

Karina: After checking the challenge rules, I confirm that clearing the Journalist career allows me to take a pregnancy test.
And yes! I’m eating for two!

I run upstairs to share the big news with Mauricio.
But because Go has roped him into mentoring him, I can’t get Mauricio’s attention.
Check out my little baby bump!

Go: Here you go, Karina, I’ll stop working out so you can chat with Maurcio.
Karina: Thanks, Go. Mauricio, love, we’re going to have a nooboo!
Uh, that’s sooooo not the reaction I was expecting, hun.
Mauricio: I’m just bummed that we can’t live together during your pregnancy!

Karina: What are you going on about? The minute I get my final promotion on Monday, I’m moving to Oasis Springs to be with you!
Now give your pregnant wifey a big smile!  There you go!

Tao: Man, I’m feeling fantastic tonight!
Amanda: Congrats on your promotion to Level 6 Pro Athlete/Rookie! You’re doing great, Tao!
Tao: I know you didn’t ask me to meet you out here to talk about my job. What’s up, girl?
Amanda: Well, I’ve been a young adult since last week and I don’t get the feeling you’ll ever pop the question.
Are you still hung up on that girl—what’s her name again?—Lei Chant?
Didn’t you read that last update, Tao? I don’t want to sound harsh, but Lei already has a boyfriend.
Don’t you know? No one’s going to love you like I do, Tao!

Tao: But I thought maybe when I attend the Chants’ wedding that I might…

Amanda (to herself): This boy just doesn’t know when to let it go. Hmmm, I see I’ll just have to teach him what’s best for him.
Darling Tao, you are the only one in the simverse for me. And you may not realize this now, but we were meant for each other.
Won’t you give up your foolish dreams about that Lei girl? She doesn’t love you! I’m the one who loves you! Look at me!

Tao: I know you’re right. *sighs   Ooh, sparkly!
Amanda: Do you like the riing, sweetheart? Was that a yes?
Tao: Okay!
Amanda: Not as thrilling an engagement as I’d hoped, but I’ll take it!

Since they are both bros, they squee about their engagement then cap it off with a bro bump! 

Amanda: (to herself0 I better snag this fellow before he traipses off to that wedding!
Tao, you know how the house is. We can’t have a wedding party, so shall we just elope?
Tao: Uh, you mean, like right now?
Amanda: Yes, this very moment!   *whispers: Get out of his heart, Lei Chant!

Karina: Watchette, why have you been making me watch the Kids’ Network all day?
I thought it would be cool if you had twins or triplets, especially since you’ll be living at the Landgraabs!
We don’t have any room for multiple births in this house. 

Karina: You know very well that you’ll only get multiple births when you don’t want them!
Mauricio: I just don’t understand how anyone could regard that dude’s suggestive dancing as appropriate for children!

Day 142 (Mon) 

Well, you’re looking pretty proud of yourself this morning! Wanna share? 
Mitch: I got promoted to Level 8 Chief Drink Operator, which means I completed the Master Chef aspiration.
And that means any food I cook will never spoil! Now, tell me: Who’s Da Man?

Go: Hey, Tao, what’s up with Amanda? I thought she got a job after she aged up to young adult last Friday.
Tao: Yeah, she did. But she missed working that Friday and then got three days off in a row. She doesn’t start working until tomorrow.

Amanda: I know, I know. It sucks, right? I’m so eager to start my new job, but I have to wait until tomorrow.
Until then, I’ve just been leveling Fitness and Logic to prepare for Tuesday. *sighs
This morning, I invite Daia Sanada over to mentor me in logic. She’s my brother-in-law Sasuke’s niece, so we’re not directly related.
But she’d mentioned the other day that she’d be happy to help me build logic. This family really takes care of its own!

Tremain the Trashcan: Karina, you did it! You did it! You maxed the Bodybuilder career!
Karina: Yep, yep! I completed it on my adult birthday but, since I’m pregnant, I won’t age up until after the birth!
Well, Watchette, what are you waiting for? Please move me to Oasis Springs so I can be with Mauricio!
Karina, believe me, I would love to move you this very instant, but I need to wait until Sara and Go get back from work in two hours. 
Mel the Mailbox: Well, meanwhile, you can start renovating the house!
Gned the Gnome: I’ll have to remain in this glass cage until Amanda clears Space Ranger.
When the heck is she going to start working, anyway?

Thanks to Karina’s efforts, we may now freely move objects with a footprint larger than 1×1. We may carry multiple stacks of items in personal inventory.
We can freely move objects in and out of household inventory (but the use/placing of career reward objects remain locked by the Interstellar Smuggler career).

Sara: Hey, Mitch, have you seen Karina around? She’s supposed to have come home from work at 6 pm.
Mitch: Karina? Oh, Watchette moved her over to the Landgraab Estate in Oasis Springs.
Sara: Are you kidding me? It’s only 6:30 yet! Why was Watchette in such a hurry?
Mitch: I’m pretty sure she was in a hurry because of us…there’s only six of us in the household now.

Sara: Mitch, you know I love you to pieces, don’t you?
Mitch: Just as I love you, Sara darling. Why?
Sara: Would you mind not wearing your flipflops to bed? They’re spoiling the moment!

Day 143 (Tue) 

Mina: It’s after 1 am when I’m finally ready to cake up to a young adult, and everyone’s gone to bed already except Go.
You can get a rough idea how much larger our first floor is after Watchetted did her post-Bodybuilder renovation.

Mina: Go, please stop working already. I just became a young adult!
Go: Hey, baby girl, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hold you again!
Mina: You ready to go put out some stork bait, big boy?
Go: I think I hear the next Sanada heir whispering in the breeze!

In the two hours before leaving for work, Go proposes to Mina and she accepts.
In hopes of capturing an even better shot, I accidentally push the wrong button and speed past the entire proposal. Sheesh!
When they elope, I wait so long that there’s hardly any confetti left. Oh well. At least Mina’s an honest woman! 

One reservation with the stork. 

One renewal of marital vows. 



It just occurred to me that Lei sent Mel the smartphone so that Mel would spy on Mitch for her, lol.  :o
I recently discovered that Tao has been reading “Refreshed, Recycled” behind my back!

After Karina cleared Bodybuilder and moved out, I went a little crazy with the house. I even cheesed an indoor pool, which I’ll share next week.

DD 4.31: Stork Watch, Part I

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