DD 4.31: Stork Watch, Part I

Week 21/Day 144 (Wednesday)

Go: It’s after midnight so, technically, Wednesday has arrived.
Allow me to give you a quick tour of the house before I go to bed.
We all sleep on the bottom floor now.
Watchette’s logic is that if our eyes are closed sleeping, we don’t need any scenery anyway.
I requested a Japanese style room, but we can’t buy the futon bed until I clear Startup Enterprenteur.
Considering our entire living space used to fit into an 8×8 grid, my 5×5 bedroom seems so luxurious!

Since the river is on the south, this walls-down shot of the first floor shows the northeast corner of the house.
This northesast room is where we prepare for work by practicing yoga to acquire a desirable mood or meditate to sustain promotion-friendly moodlets.
For perspective, this yoga room alone is 6×6.

Both the Focused Room and a greatly downsized garden have moved to this eastern side of the house.

The area behind the main room offers various recreational activities, housing the Inspired Room, a sauna, the hot tub, and a new pool.
The hot tub room looks empty now—Watchette’s deciding whether we need a patio and movie theater room eventually.
Maybe an outdoor patio on the second floor, after Amanda clears Space Ranger?

The second floor is comparatively small. Who wants to be going up and down the stairs all the time?
There’s the gym, a new massage room, a wedding arch, and the rocket ship.
The mirrors are also here to allow skilling charisma without interference from other moodlets.
The house is so spacious now!
Yes, but each of you will mostly be spending time in only certain areas of the house, anyway.
And, by the way, you can also glimpse my failed attempt at a plant-covered pergola over the pool.
For some reason (because it’s a walled room?), I couldn’t place plants atop the pergola.
Just as well, though, since I realized that plants on top of the roof violates the Space Range lock.
I wish I’d had more of a plan for the entire house, but this challenge will no doubt finish during the next generation’s adult stage.
That’s how I always excuse myself for not getting serious about building, hehe. 

Mina: At 1:40 a.m. on the dot, I’m woken up by the “Eating for Two” message!
It’s eery how soon after Go and I tried for baby that I got pregnant.
And darn it, I made a mistake and ate half of my gender-influencing produce already!
Anyway, I need to share the Big News with Go. As a family-oriented sim, I know he’ll be ecstatic.

Much later at 9 a.m…. 
Gned the Gnome: Good luck on your first day of work, Mina! *waves
Tremain the Trashcan: I hear that she’s with child, but she certainly doesn’t look pregnant!
Mel the Mailbox: Well, she’s still in her first trimester! Her second trimester doesn’t start for 17 more hours!

Gned: Go, who is the Sanada heir, is really doing a fantastic job!
He’s been zooming through the career promotions, leaving the older Sara and Tao in the dust!
Mel the Mailbox: And such a handsome fella!

Amanda: For some reason, I have started looking somewhat anorexic, so I spend a little time lifting weights this morning.
With my luck, I’ll end up looking over-muscular when all I want to do is gain a healthier look!
If we could maybe buy an ice cream maker, I could follow @LivvieLove’s advice…

Tremain the Trashcan: Wow, Amanda is looking lovely as always, but she’s lost so much weight?
Mel the Mailbox: Do you think she’s worried about Tao’s old flame?
Gned the Gnome: What old flame?
Mel: I thought everyone knew. During his high school years, he’d been going steady with a girl in Windenberg when Watchette started pressuring him to be with Amanda…

Tao: I’m in a Very Happy mood this morning, so I’m once again leveling up charisma by telling an Epic Story.
Here are the close-ups that @Nettlejuice requested.
What kind of story are you telling, you little goofball! 

Mitch: I am feeling positively fantastic ths morning. Can you tell?
I’m the only one who’s not working today. I reach Level Mixology by noon.
Now I’m strolling in the neighborhood, chatting with sims to boost my charisma.

Gned the Gnome: I can’t believe Tao has another work uniform!
Tremain the Trashcan: I know, right? We’ve watched him wear three different work uniforms for the four career levels 3 to 6.
Mel the Mailbox: And Watchette didn’t take a screenshot of every outfit? Watchette, you are slipping! And you call him your favorite sim!
Hehe, I actually did post one of each outfit. You didn’t notice? 

Mitch: I’m wary of chatting with just anybody, though, because they might end up at our house while I’m out.
Look there’s Mauricio! I sit and chat with Mauricio, politely ignoring the two strangers who come sit at our table.

I sit and chat for a bit with Summer Holiday in back of her home.
We’re co-workers at the same restaurant. She’s also the wife of Go Sanada’s great-uncle Kenta Sanada.
Well, I guess it’s time to head home and make dinner. The others will start coming home soon, one by one.

In the interest of showing more shots of the nooboos, I’ve decided to split this chapter in two instead of ending with one or two shots of each nooboo.
Previously, @Nettlejuice had asked for shots of the members of my first Immortal Dynasty, so here they are.
I’ve changed the life stage of everyone, except the children, back to Young Adult.
The founder had dark pink hair, as you can see. Her son, Mitch Jr., is named after his father Mitchell Kalani.
All the male heirs received lavender hair as soon as they aged up to teen.

The fourth-generation heir is Takao. His twin children, Tadakatsu and Sara, were aged up to teens and appear in the current challenge as Tao and Sara.
This means Tadakatsu/Tao and Sara were Mitch’s great-great grandchildren in another simverse.
But don’t overthink that little factoid because this is the Sims…
The Sakatas household represent the first of my eight failed immortal dynasty challenges.
All that remains of this household is one save file (dated December 2014) and an Excel spreadsheet.


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