DD 4.33: The Last Generation

Hello, readers.
The fifth-generation Sanada girl and second-generation Kalani boy represent the last children born in this house during this challenge, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve completely indulged myself and included a lot of kiddie snapshots. I’m experiencing some sort of kiddie high, perhaps.

Week 22/Day 148 (Sunday) 

Sara leaves for work Saturday afternoon and comes home at midnight. 
Go: I can’t get over how perfect she is, Mitch!  Our little Jade!
Baby Jade: Who do you think you’re looking at, Daddy? Come wrap yourself around my little finger!

Mitch: What about Makoa?  Who’s our little man!
Baby Makoa: I like you a lot, Father! Whenever I need you, you come right away. Do I have a mother?

Mina: I’m glad to see that Go and Mitch are giving our nooboos so much attention. They look positively enthralled!

Mina: Don’t you think you might scare Makoa dressed in your space suit, Sara?
Sara: I couldn’t help myself! As soon as I got home, I rushed over to hold Makoa.
Baby Jade: Oh, here’s that witch who held me upside down!
Baby Makoa: Am I being held by an alien?

Mina: I can’t believe they’ll be ageing up late Sunday night!
Sara: Sadly, I’ll miss that moment but I’ll be home as soon as I can.
Mitch has been “on call” all day. He looks pretty beat! 

I knew there had to be a good reason for building such an over-sized Inspired Room! Actually, it’s only a room for Inspired-Mood activities, since we can’t use career rewards yet. 
Mitch: You can see Mina and me, skilling at our respective “daycare stations.”
The room is directly connectd to the kitchen/dining room and toilet/shower, so it’s really convenient.
Mina: Every now and then, I’ll go sleep in my bed downstairs for a few hours right after a feeding.
Mitch: This set-up would be perfect except for the fact that the sofas have a zero comfort rating.

Mitch: Mina and I stay home from work this weekend, so we fall into the same daily schedule.
Mina: Yeah, we feed our babies, change their dirty diapers, have meals, and everything at the same time.
Mitch: It’s pretty nice, especially since Sara works such long hours!

Mina: So, Mitch, are you able to breast-feed Makoa?
Mitch: It’s so weird, Mina. Whenever I go to feed Makoa, I can only feed him a bottle. But after I feed him the bottle, I get the option to breast-feed him.
Mina: You’ve never been able to breast-feed him, then?
Mitch: No, never. *sighs

Sara: A little before leaving for work today at 4pm, I age up to an adult just to be on the safe side!
I don’t get home from work until midnight and don’t want to risk leaving early and missing my promotion.
Thanks for arranging a birthday cake, Go!

Go: Today’s also the teen birthday of Cade, the son of Uncle Naoto and his wife, Auntie Yae.
I invite all three of them over, but only cousin Cade and Auntie Yae arrive.

Sara: Cade ages up into an attractive teenager with his father’s facial features and his mother’s skintone.
I barely managed to resist the urge to drag Cade to the closet for a makeover…
Edited to add: As kindly pointed out by @Magpie2012 (thanks@), Cade’s mother is named “Yae” but I incorrectly labelled her as “Mina.” 

Gned the Gnome: So, howzit, Mitch? Everything’s going well? I see you’re wearing a new aloha shirt—very nice!
Mitch: It’s not vintage, but the colors are nice. Anyway, having Makoa was the experience of a lifetime, definitely! Since the birth, I’ve been trying to get back to my earlier weight…
Tremain the Trashcan: You looked great when you were pregnant, Mitch!
And, you know, if I had arms, I would have totally asked you to let me feel the baby, dude!
Gned the Gnome: Riiiight, Tremain. And, Mitch, how’s work?
Mitch: I’ll get my Level 9 promotion after my next work shift on Thursday. I think I’ll max Mixologist over the coming weekend. Bar drinks for the win!

Mitch: So, Mel, what’s this I hear about you spying on me with the smartphone that Lei sent you?
Mel the Mailbox: Lei and I, we didn’t mean any harm, honest. It’s just that Mitch had already passed away in Lei’s world.
So she loved seeing shots of you smiling and laughing. I might have also sent her shots of the shirtless duo leaving for high school. *coughs
Mitch: You’ve been sending shots of shirtless minors to my young adult daughter!? What, are you the new president of Cougars Anonymous or something?
Mel: Cool it, Dad. I’m pretty sure “Tao appreciation” is an ageless phenomenon, though Tao doesn’t have an “appreciation day” like Ru does. Anyway, I was not spying on you for Kessy!
Mitch: Good to know. I’ll send Makoa by for a snapshot once he’s walking, Mel. With his shirt on, by the way!

Jade (left): I can’t believe the ‘rents wait until so late Sunday night to let us out of our bassinets, Makoa!
Makoa (right): Well, I hear they had to wait until they got a birthday pop-up.
Actually, I think they cheated and aged you up an hour early because Watchette couldn’t wait any longer to see you!
I confess that it’s true! So shoot me! 

Jade: So….how weird that our clothes kinda match, right?

Makoa: This color really clashes with my skintone. Apparently, we don’t get makeovers until my mom gets off work at midnight.

Jade: This is such a cool room, huh, Makoa?
Makoa: Yeah, the garden is next door and the house has so many windows—it feels like we’re outside even though we’re not.

Day 149 (Mon) 

Jade: Hey, Makoa, I thought we were getting makeovers when your mum got home. Why are we doing our homework?
Makoa: I think it’s because Watchette is jazzed that Mom got the Level 9 promotion and is wearing a new work outfit.
Jade: Wow, Auntie Sara, that has to be the best work outfit in the game!
Makoa: Thanks for helping me with my homework, Uncle Tao!

Jade: It’s like 1 a.m. when I finally get my makeover, but it’s totally worth waiting for.
I’m named Jade because Dad wants me to have hair like his, but I have Mum’s blue eyes.
That’s why my clothes are based on blue tones. From left to right: Everyday, Formal, Athetlic, Party.
Well, also because CAS doesn’t offer much in pastel green… 

Makoa: I have Mum’s fair skin and Dad’s facial features, don’t you agree? I don’t look good in every color like Jade does.
I’m wearing mostly reds and blacks, like Mum.  From left to right: Everyday 1, Everyday 2, Formal, Party.

Mitch: Makoa is so sweet-natured—I must admit I’m a bit worried when I see him being so easily fooled by Jade!

Go: Not so fast, Mitch. A second after my little girl did that, Makoa immediately cheated right back!
Mitch: Way to go, Makoa!

Amanda: I got a pop-up today that Tao and I are no longer best friends. I wonder what that means?
I think I’m in need of a backup plan, like, immediately.
And, Watchette, when Go clears his career this afternoon, would you buy me an ice cream maker, pretty please?

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