DD 4.34: It Happened in the Hot Tub

Week 22/Day 149 (Monday)

Sara: I really love this yoga and meditation room, I really do!
Go: Me, too! I had time this morning to both take a Citrus Soak bath and do a Mind Concentrating routine!

Gned the Gnome: Wow, is that how the fourth-generation Sanada heir dresses for work?
Mel the Mailbox: I remember now why I love yoga and meditation!

Sara: I’ve reached Level 7 Writing! At this rate, I just might be able to mentor Makoa by the time he’s a teen!

Tao: It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a day off, it seems!
Just a few more space missions and I’ll be done with Tier 3 of the Nerd Brain aspiration!
What? You didn’t recognize me in this spacesuit? Yeah, dark blue isn’t really my color.

Tremain the Trashcan: Do you see what I see, folks? Tao steps out out of the house and Amanda invites someone over!
Gned the Gnome: I wonder why she’s invited Paolo?

Mel the Mailbox: Yeah, I haven’t seen Paolo since Kage recruited him for The Dancers!
Amanda: Oh, you’re a member of The Dancers, Paolo? *asks to see Party outfit

Amanda: Well, I guess you are!
Gned the Gnome: Why, Mel, you hussy! Are you using Lei’s smartphone to take a picture of Paolo?
Mel the Mailbox: Yes, Gned. I’m taking a picture of Paolo in that bowtie “for Lei.”
Tremain the Trashcan: Yeah, right.

Amanda: So, Paolo, if you’re a member of The Dancers, why weren’t you at Pan Europa for my teen birthday celebration?
Paolo: Oh, yeah, that night! Kage had just asked me to join The Dancers earlier the same day.
But by the time he phoned about your birthday dance, I’d already gone to bed.
Amanda: Well, it would have been great if you’d been there dancing! *mutters: instead of my father

Mitch: As a connoisseur of fine foods and beverages, I appreciate the value of quality produce!
That’s why I so enjoy taking care of this little garden, even if it’s indoors!
Please note that Mitch no longer wears flipflops with his sleepwear! Yay! 

Mitch: Who are those two in the hot tub?  They don’t look familiar. Wait, isn’t that Amanda?

Mitch: Hey, Watchette, come here, quick! Who’s that in the hob tub with Amanda?
Let me go see what’s going on, Mitch. 

Hey Amanda, whatcha doing? 
Amanda: Oh, who me? I was just, uh, leveling my charisma…
I see. That’s why Paolo is making those come-hither eyes and you’ve both got all that going on? *waves hand around to indicate mosaic 

Amanda: So, listen to this, Paolo!
Watchette has me hook up with Tao because we’re both living here, but he doesn’t really care about me! You think I need to put up with that?
Paolo: I think you don’t need to listen to anyone telling you what to do, Amanda. You deserve someone who would treat you like his queen!
*whispers: Someone like meeee!

Amanda: Hmmph, so you think you can do better?
Paolo: Oh, sweetheart, I know I can do better!
Here you go, dear readers! *serves sliced baguette to go with the cheese…
By the way, regardless of this chapter’s title, nothing actually happened in the hot tub, just nekkid chatting. 

Jade: I had such an annoying day at school!
Makoa: Me, too! I’m so tense now and need to take a bath with soaks!
Jade: Me, too!
Poor kids! This was entirely my fault. Around 2:45, I should have switched their school mode from Study Hard to Normal or Make Friends, but I got distracted by the skinny dippers. 

Go: Seriously, people, did I really work all day in my sportswear? Whatever, I maxed the Start-up Enterpreneur career today.
Watchette, I’m glad you’ve been building up our assets because it’s time to go to town in Buy Mode.
Let’s replace ALL of our worst-quality furnishings wit da good stuff!

Mitch: Both kids are working on Whiz Kid first, so Go and I help them out by reading to them for two hours.
Go: Where are our wives, you ask? They’re both still at work. But Mitch and I, we’ve got this!
The two fathers take reading to their children very seriously, while the children listen intently. 

Go: Wouldn’t you know it? Jade and Makoa are the first sims in our household to actually use the pool room.
Mitch: For doing homework? Why out here?
Go: These two chairs and the barstools are the only chairs in the house with a Comfort 7 rating…
Mitch: But how do the kids know that? Well, this is a pretty nice room!
Maybe if we tore down the connecting wall and added patio stuff to the hot tub room…

Day 150 (Tue) 

Sara: I absolutely adore our new Comfort 10 bed! I feel so rested, even though I actually slept less!
Amanda: Since the kids have an hour before school starts, Sara and I mentor them in Logic.
Jade: Auntie Sara? Dad says if we work really hard at first, we can goof off later. Is that true?
Sara: *coughs

Tremain the Trashcan: Jade and Makoa look so serious! And it’s only their second day of school!
Gned the Gnome: Well, they need to take grade school seriously! At least until they earn that A!

Mitch: Hey look, folks! Thanks to Go, we have a new ice cream maker!
Everyone at the table alternates between cries of delicious delight and groans of brain freeze. 

Go: Sara, I just don’t understand the appeal of doing homework out here! This room’s in the farthest corner of our house!
Sara: I agree that it’s curious! They like to do homework here yet they never want to go swimming in the pool.
Go: Well, they can see the pirate gym and the river from here.

Pirate lackey: Queen Jade, I see land ahead!
Jade the Pirate Queen: Cut the sails, lower the anchors, and prepare to land!  Arrrggghh.

Day 151 (Wed) 

Tao: I arrive home tonight at 9pm with the Level 10 Hall of Famer promotion in hand.
Now that I’ve cleared the Athlete/Pro Athlete career, sims may purchase reward traits.
Go and I have already maxed our careers, so reward traits aren’t as useful to us anymore.
But the other adults could definitely use the Enterpreneurial trait, while the kids would benefit from the traits that speed up skilling.

Amanda especially needs to get a move on or we can’t move in the last sim.
Right, I’ve purchased Enterpreneurial for her plus Carefree because she gets tense so easily.
It wouldn’t hurt to get Great Kisser so she can max her charisma, too. 

Tao: Don’t look at me. I hear she’s got someone else to help with that, which is fine with me.
I think I’ll quit my job and think of some income-generating activity that I can do at home.
Watchette would like that. *winks
I remember the Family Empire Challenge played by @KRae and the apparel of the self-employed sims, then giggle a little. 

Career Recap 

Go Sanada (5 days to Adult): Tech Guru/Start-Up Entrepreneur, maxed
Tao Kaneda (2 days to Adult): Athlete/Pro Athlete, maxed
Sara Kalani (17 days to Elder): Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler, Level 9
Mitchell Kalani (2 days to Adult): Culinary/Mixologist, Level 8
Mina Arata (15 days to Adult): Painter/Patron of the Arts, Level 6
Amanda Fyres (8 days to Adult): Astronaut/Space Ranger, Level 5
Makoa Kalani (10 days to Teen)
Jade Sanada (10 days to Teen)

Hey, hey, hey! Including the unfinished careers listed above, only six adult careers and one teen career left to go!

DD 4.35: Shirtless in Seattle

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