DD 4.35: Shirtless in Seattle

Week 22/Day 152 (Thursday)

Tao: Since Amanda has today off, I ask her to sit down for a chat to discuss our relationship.
I’ve known her since she was a child, so I need to be honest with her.

Tao: I thought I could perhaps just ignore the issue, Amanda, and it would eventually go away.
But now that Jade and Makoa are in grade school, the truth may come out sooner or later.
There’s a reason why I can never fully commit to you. Well, actually, three reasons.

I had a high school sweetheart, named Nana Miura, who lives in Windenberg.
When Watchette asked me join this household, I discussed the matter with Nana and she encouraged me to help the Sanadas.
So I reluctantly broke up with her and got into a relationship with you, Amanda, as Watchette wanted.
Nana and I had been planning to live together after graduating from high school.

When Nana and I broke up, she asked that I never contact her again.
I understood the necessity of staying apart, but it ripped a big hole in my heart.

Since then, I’ve realized that I’ll never love anyone as much as I love Nana. She’s my very soul!
She is one of three reasons why I can never love you, Amanda.
There’s no room in my heart for anyone else, Apocalypse Challenge or not.
Some shots of Tao and Nana in happier days. One thing about Tao and Amanda–they’ve never been autonomously lovey-dovey. 

Later, I learned that Nana had been pregnant when we broke up. She’d never mentioned it!
And now we come to the two other reasons why I’ll never be able to fully commit to you, Amanda.
Nana and I have twin sons, named Kyle and Albert, who live with Nana in Windenberg.
They were born shortly after I moved to Newcrest.
@Nettlejuice already noticed Kyle in a shot of Jade playing pirates the other evening. (Nothing gets past you, Nettlejuice!) 

Kyle (above) is older than Albert (below) by only a few minutes. Kyle has a slightly slimmer build than Albert.
From left to right: Everyday outfit, Formal outfit, Party outfit.

Tao: You understand why I can’t just push them out of my life, can’t you, Amanda?
Amanda: I understand, Tao, and I feel a little better now that I know exactly why you couldn’t love me.
I will let you go, Tao. Nana and your sons need you. Also, I want a family of my own someday!
Tao: Is there any way for us to break up without both of us getting super depressed? “Divorce” is a mean interaction, you know.
Amanda: Tao Kaneda, I am formally divorcing you.
Amanda and Tao both have a two-day Sad +2 “Divorce” moodlet, plus Tao has a five-hour Angry +2 “Aggravating conversation” moodlet. 

Amanda: I’ve known for a while that you never really wanted to marry me. And I have a confession of my own.
As soon as you cleared Pro Athlete yesterday, Watchette kitted me out with a half dozen reward traits to help with my career.
Morning Sim, Night Owl, Savant, Carefree, Entrepreneurial, and Great Kisser—I understand the reasoning behind these trais.
I wasn’t sure about the Beguiling trait but you were out, so I invited my fellow bro Paolo over to test the trait.
I was wrong to be with Paolo before we officially broke up, but I really need to get moving with my career.
Also, you and I haven’t been a couple in a long time. And how many days have I been sleeping in Jade’s room?

Needless to say, Paolo helped me max Charisma in just one evening of smooching.

Tao: Not so surprising, actually. I’d heard from Mitch that you’d been skilling charisma with Paolo the other day.
Amanda: So, my bro, are we still good to go?
Tao: You bet, friends to the end!
I would have loved for these two to part amicably but, in fact, their Romance bars are 100% red.
And yet, Amanda still considers Tao her BFF and Paolo her Soulmate. 

Later that day in Windenberg… 

Meanwhile, back at the house… 
Sara: Poor Makoa! He came home from school feeling terrible.
We can’t take medicine yet, son, so please take a nap. I hope you feel better soon!
Those splotches are so conspicuous against Makoa’s pale skin! 

Sara: Mitch and I leave for work at the same time, but I come home at 11 pm with my last promotion.
Yay, I’ve cleared the Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler career!
Watchette deleted the pop-up by mistake (*glares) but you can still see my career panel!
Anyway, unlocking the Interstellar Smuggler career means that we may FINALLY place, use, or sell career reward ojects (though we can’t enable their mood auras yet).
And we now have the freedom to upgrade all the new furnishings we bought after Go completed his career.
Let the upgrading commence!!!

Day 153 (Fri) 

Tremain the Trashcan: Wow, look! Go actually does have a work uniform!
Mel the Mailbox: That’s a nice turtleneck! I wonder if it comes in different colors. So what else is new today?
Gned the Gnome: Well, Mitch and Tao become adults today. Also, Tao quit his Pro Athlete job this morning.
Tremain: Wow, divorce and retirement? What’s Tao going to do with all his time?
Mel: By the way, Gned, with all the investment income coming in from the Fab Wealthy aspiration, do Go and Sara even need to work anymore?
Good question! I’m not sure! 

Mitch: When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my age bar was bubbling so I quietly caked up by myself.
I didn’t want to disrupt everyone getting ready for work or school!
Now that I’ve maxed cooking, I’m thinking of quitting work after I max Mixologist!
My dream is to be a stay-at-home dad so I can visit different restaurants and learn to prepare experimental food at home!
Watchette, don’t forget to buy me a chef station!

Mitch: Now that Watchette has bought me a chef station, I want to learn how to prepare some experimental food.
I use Tao’s birthday as an excuse to take the whole household to the restaurant Chez Llama in Willow Creek.

Go: We notice that the restaurant has no table for eight, so Mitch and I each request a table for four.
When Mitch goes to order, however, we learn that we’re being treated as a party of eight seated at two tables for four.
Mina: Amanda, dear, would you mind sitting down instead of standing there, glaring after the waitress?
Frankly, you’re embarrassing us and setting a poor example for the children.
Jade: We can’t take her anywhere!
Go: Jade, you hush!

Makoa: The waitress returns with our meal just as Jade and I become BFFs.

Jade: At the other end of the table, I watch Uncle Mitch trying to figure out how to prepare whatever it is that he ordered.

Jade: And finally, we celebrate Uncle Tao’s birthday.
Happy birthday, Uncle Tao! You’re almost as hawt as your son Kyle!
Mina: Go darling, how did Jade find out about Tao’s “situation” so quickly?
Go: I hear she’s friends with Tao’s son Kyle at grade school.

Day 154 (Sat) 

Mitch: I get home just past midnight so technically it’s already Sunday, but I’m including the news for this week, anyway.
Tonight, I earned my final promotion and became a level 10 Celebrity Mixologist!
Now finally, after all this time, sims may drink bar drinks, quick-meal drinks, medicine, and potions. And, although it no longer matters to this household, babies may be bottle-fed.

Career Recap 

Go Sanada (2 days to Adult): Tech Guru/Start-Up Entrepreneur, maxed
Tao Kaneda (19 days to Elder): Athlete/Pro Athlete, maxed
Sara Kalani (15 days to Elder): Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler, maxed
Mitchell Kalani (19 days to Elder): Culinary/Mixologist, maxed
Mina Arata (12 days to Adult): Painter/Patron of the Arts, Level 7
Amanda Fyres (5 days to Adult): Astronaut/Space Ranger, Level 6
Makoa Kalani (7 days to Teen)
Jade Sanada (7 days to Teen)

DD 4.36: Introducing Izaiah Landgraab

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