DD 4.36: Introducing Izaiah Landgraab

Week 23/Day 155 (Sunday)

In the last update, Mitch had arrived home just after midnight with his final promotion… 

Go: Friday night at Chez Llama, I ran into my sis Karina and brother-in-law Mauricio. They’re both looking really well!
We should go visit them Sunday afternoon! I can’t wait to meet my nephew Izaiah!

Mina: Since Mitch completed the Mixologist career, Amanda and I are the only adults in the house who haven’t maxed their careers.
Paolo Rocca helped Amanda max her charisma last week.
When Watchette gave me the Great Kisser trait, I only had Level 1 Charisma, so I’ve taken a page out of Amanda’s book and asked Go for assistance.

Mina: Go doesn’t seem to mind helping me out. Pucker up, sweet thing!
Go: Mina, you’re starting to scare me!

Mitch: Hey, Tao, you still down in the dumps about the divorce?
Tao: I’m so relieved that everything’s out in the open now, but I still have 5 hours to go on that two-day Sad +4 “Divorced” moodlet.
Mitch: *tries to cheer Tao up
Tao: Thanks, man, but that just bored the heck out of me.
Instead of a five-hour Sad +4 moodlet, Tao now has a three-hour Bored +1 “Unenlightening lecture”  moodlet with the description: “Listening to that would put anyone to sleep.” 

Mitch: Hey, dude, everyone’s just glad that you’ve stopped shuffling around with slumped shoulders.
All your moaning and sighing were starting to get on everyone’s nerves, yo!

Autonomous bro bonding.

Okay everybody, off to bed! 

Gned the Gnome: It’s 10 am Sunday morning and Mina is off to work!
Tremain the Trashcan: I hear she kept Go up until quite late and maxed charisma!
Mel the Mailbox: I’d never realized that was her work outfit. I’d just thought Watchette had made another poor fashion choice!
Thanks, Mel. And in answer to your earlier question about whether Go and Sara need to work, Go received $27,500+ in investment income this morning.
So the answer is no. Once a sim in this household clears their career, they can afford to quit working. 

Go: After dearest Mina comes home from work (with the Level 8 promotion, go Mina!), we all descend on the Landgraabs in Oasis Springs.
All of us meet Izaiah Landgraab for the first time. Karina and Mauricio must be so proud of their adorable geek son!

Mina: Izaiah is so incredibly charming! He’s the ideal blend of the DNA of Mauricio Landgraab, Kage Takeda, and the Sanadas!
Go: If you’d like, Mina, we can return later and age Izaiah up to a teen, just to see what he looks like.
My library bin agrees! 

Go: After everyone in our house meets all the Landgraabs, we kill time until Mina finishes up her painting on the third-floor easel.
Mitch: Why is it so hard to get my old waistline back since the baby!?

Tao: Amanda goes home to prepare for work tomorrow, but Mina and the kids have finished their tasks for tomorrow.
So we decide to have dinner at the Diving Pelican in Willow Creek because…why not?
Mitch: The restaurant has an interesting exterior but I don’t think this is the best location for it!

Tao: I’ve also invited Nana Miura along, so the household can meet her.
Oh, this restaurant can’t really handle a party of eight. I wonder how they’ll seat us.
Sara: I can’t say I like how they’ve split us up!

Jade: Auntie Sara, why isn’t Uncle Tao wearing a shirt?
Sara: Shhh, not so loud. Apparently, his everyday outfits include one with a shirt and a hat, or two shirtless ones with different hair.
Jade: So Uncle Tao decided it’s more polite to be shirtless than wear a hat indoors? Weird.

Mitch: Since I’m the epicure of this house, I’ll just go ahead and order for everyone.
Hmmm, hmmm, the menu consists mainly of dishes that I can prepare at home. Well, that’s disappointing!
Every restaurant should have at least one or two experimental dishes!

Tao: Nana is seated with Go, Mina, and Makoa. It worked out perfectly!
Go is the head of the Sanada line, so I really wanted him and Mina to get to know her.
Nana looks as if she’s enjoying herself.

No one cooks at the Landgraab house, it seems, so all of us are starving!
Our food has arrived at last!

Mitch: Sara, Tao, what’s wrong with you two? You haven’t touched your food!
Tao: I was just thinking how I prefer your cooking, Mitch! Everything else is so second-rate!
Sara: I have to agree, honeybunch, your cooking definitely surpasses this!
Mitch: Awww, you guys are too nice! We won’t be coming here again!

Tao: C’mon, Mitch, show me what you got! If you really want your youthful waistline back, you’re gonna have to try harder!
Mitch: I’m trying, I’m trying.  Lazy trait here, remember?
Tao: Bro, you gotta want this!
Mitch: Woooo, check me out! My ribs are showing!

Day 156 (Mon) 

Go: Grrr, this is so frustrating!
Mina: What’s wrong, honey?
Go: Well, I’ve been trying to do two things for the last hour: quit my job and pay our bills.
But I’ve made the phone calls 4-5 times each, but the phone call ends without me being able to quit my job or pay the bills.
Mina: That always happens when we try to pay the bills by phone. You think it’s a glitch?

Sara: What’s that you’re about to drink, Go?
Go: This? It’s a potion of youth.
Sara: Isn’t today your adult birthday? Why would you drink a potion of youth? And, most importantly, is it legal?
Go: Well, this is what the challenge creator has to say about potions of youth, cowplant essences, and Books of Life:
(Quote) Pinstar: There is nothing really locking down life-extending things in this challenge, mainly because you can only lift one restriction per sim, no matter how long they live. (Unquote)

Mitch: But why bother with a potion of youth? You could just move out if you don’t want to die!
Go: No way am I leaving my daughter’s side before she maxes her career! Don’t you want to help Makoa, too, Mitch?
Mitch: Of course, I do.
Go: Oh come on. Everyone knows that, since the last patch, elders and adults have more wrinkles.
That’s not for me! I want to stay youthful and purty.
If you’d maxed Mixologist earlier, Watchette would have asked you and Tao to drink potions of youth, too.
Mitch and Tao: *speechless
Go: But don’t worry, you will not age up to elders before this challenge ends. We have enough potions of youth for that!

Mina: When Amanda returns home, we all head out to Desert Bloom Park for some fishing.
The kids bring their violins to continue building Creativity.
I see Tao over there and that little boy must be his son Kyle. What’s that look on Kyle’s face?
Tao: *lies about career
Shame on you, Tao, being mischievous to your own son like that! But Kyle’s expression is just too cute! 

Day 157 (Tue) 

Mina: Jade and Makoa will soon complete their third aspiration, leaving only Social Butterfly to do.
Go: Watchette had really wanted to move in a third child and level them up all at the same time, but Amanda just reached Level 7 of her career yesterday.
I wonder what Amanda’s problem is? I’m only two days older than her, but I maxed my career a week ago.
And, Mina, you’re five days younger than Amanda yet you’re already Level 8.
Mina: And did you notice that I’m very likely to max my career this coming weekend?
It really feels like Amanda is taking forever. At this rate, she’ll probably need another two weeks to earn her last three promotions.
Have you already guessed who will be the last sim to move in? 

Go: By the way, I hear that a night festival has started setting up in that empty lot in Windenberg near the Shreiking Llama Bar!
Once that festival opens, we should go check it out!
Tao: Looks like it won’t be ready for awhile. Look at all those booths that are still empty! But yeah, when it’s ready, let’s definitely go!
Mitch: Don’t you just love a Japanese night festival?


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