DD 5.38: The Fifth Generation Teens

 So sorry! This was going to be a short update but I’ve realized anew that I’m absolutely incapable of playing at Speed 3 or even Speed 2.
As a result, here’s another update of unrepented silliness with lots of kiddie spam because…I couldn’t help myself.

The last update ended in the middle of the family’s visit to Iyashi. 

Week 23/Day 161 (Saturday) 

Mina: In an ambitious attempt to fill up our Experimental Dishes Photo Collection, we each order a different dish.

Tao: When the food arrives, I unexpectedly learn Gourmet Cooking from taking a photo of my meail, even though I only have Level 3 Cooking.
And by the way, I got food poisoning from my recent meal at Chez Sul Sul. After I reported it, I received $207 which covered our bill at that restaurant.
When I check my moodlets just now, I see a Happy +1 “Survived food poisoning” moodlet. I wonder how long the original moodlet lasts in total?

By the way, there’s a rock garden to the side of the entrance but it lacks pizazz.
And the view of the sand garden from the bar area looks so boring. I will need to replace it with something else.
Actually, I plan to redo the entire interior of the restaurant. 

Jade: Dad, Both Uncle Mitch and Uncle Tao don’t have jobs and they’re both fathers, right?
Go: Yes, that’s right, dear.  Why do you ask?
Jade: Well, I’m confused. Why does my Relationship Panel describe Uncle Mitch as a “stay-at-home dad” but Uncle Tao as “unemployed”?
Go: I guess that’s because your Uncle Tao doesn’t get to live with his sons, Jade.
Hah, took me forever to figure this out! 

Mitch: Once Mina and I learn the dishes we ordered, Mina goes ahead and orders more food for everyone.
Of course, they are all dishes that have never been photographed for the Collection.
Mina: In total, we order three courses!

Mitch: We get home from Iyashi quite late, but not too late for me to offer my gal Nettlejuice some fan service!

Mitch: The animations when preparing an experimental dish are pretty cool!
I’m making two dishes so Mina and Tao can each learn one.

Tao: Meanwhile, I’ve boosted my Cooking skill to Level 6 and Gourmet Cooking to Level 2.
And here you thought I was just a pretty face, right? I’m in the process of learning Mitch’s Tiger Shrimp dish.

Tao: When I spot Albert on the pirate ship, I invite him here and read to him for two hours.
Since he’s a Bookworm, does he get more enjoyment when someone reads to him?
Maybe I should arrange for Nana and the twins to live closer!

Mina: I’m just a half-tick away from maxing Patron of the Arts! Tomorrow, definitely!
Preparing an experimental dish is pretty special!

Go: We’ve hung all our Experimental Food Photos upstairs.
When I tried posting one of the photos on Simstagram, Cade immediately posted a comment on my photo:
“That looks so ridiculously delicious! It makes me want to eat my screen!”
Getting a comment from Cade really surprised me. I’m sure I haven’t seen him since I aged him up to a child at Naoto’s house.
I guess that’s why he remembers me so well!
I love these little details that the Dining Out creators included! 

Two last shots of Jade and Makoa sitting with Albert, because they won’t be children much longer!

Go: I was going to have Mitch or me phone in the party for the kids’ birthdays.
But only Tao knew everyone we wanted to invite so Tao’s  become one of the hosts.
Mitch: For this household’s first ever party, we’re going to throw a dinner party so that Mina and Tao can complete a Master Chef milestone.
Go: Phone it in, Tao!
Tao: Now that the party’s started, I make three drinks for a party milestone.
I’m suddenly dying of thirst! 

Mina: Wow, if I’d known how many ladies Tao had invited to this party, I would have suggested we hold it a club!
That way, our Jade could have enjoyed a performance by The Dancers! Looking good, Paolo!
Just to be clear here, the adult male sims have several options for their party outfit but they managed to autonomously choose the bowtie collar.
Except for Mitch, so I had to change his outfit since I’m such a stickler for coordination. *coughs

Go: Our caterer Great-Grandma Yuki has been wonderful about cleaning up but she hasn’t done any, you know, cooking!

Makao: I age up first. I’m very nervous about how I’m going to look, surrounded as I am by so many handsome hunks!

Mina: Makoa, you little scamp! First Tao snatches a piece of your birthday cake while I’m trying to relight the candles.
And now you run off with a piece of the second cake before I can light the candles, so I’ll need a third cake for Jade.
And by the way, you’re gorgeous, Makoa!
Makoa: *blushes
Makoa is really attractive! I haven’t done a makeover yet but he looks really great in that outfit! 

Jade: Gee, Uncle Tao, thank you for eating a piece of the first birthday cake through my chest!
Tao: No problem, birthday girl! I thought the cake’s color would go well with your eyes and your top!

Makoa aged up with the dark purple sweater for his party outfit so I replaced his slacks with leather pants and based his other outfits on that color.
From left to right: Everyday, Formal, Party.

Go had wanted his daughter to have light green hair like his, so she does! She looks so much like her mother. Everyday, Formal, Party.

I was so curious about how the teens resembled their parents, so I ended up making another collage.


I hope you don’t mind that I’m using this challenge to explore the Dining Out Expansion Pack.
In addition, while the genetic mysteries of my sims and their offspring continue to fascinate me, spending morning to night just skilling does not.
All the sims in the house, except Makoa and Jade, are done skilling except if they want to complete aspirations. So there’s not been much to do with these sims for the past several days.

Only about six sim-weeks left to this challenge, enough time for Makoa and Jade to become young adults and complete their respective careers.
Thank you for joining me on this journey of silliness.
And, oh yes, the festival is coming once the household consists of its final eight sims!

DD 5.39: Something Old, Something New

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