DD 5.39: Something Old, Something New

Week 24/Day 162 (Sunday)

Go: By the time they became teens, Jade had reached Level 8 Charisma and Makoa, Level 7.
So we could say visiting all those restaurants was not a complete waste of time.

Also, before we move on to Sunday’s events, I’d just like to point out how stunning Mom (Daia Sanada) looked at the party last night.
Unfortunately, we could not invite Dad (Kage) because of his kleptomaniac trait.
Mina: I heard about the time your Dad swiped your father’s portrait, painted by the founder Satoru!

Go: As expected, Mina comes home this afternoon with her Level 10 Patron of the Arts promotion!
Now we can finally sell all those paintings we’ve been holding onto since the first generation!
Mina: Except that we don’t, because our household funds are near $1 million now.
Tao: I agree, let’s wait for our last household member to move in!

Day 163 (Mon) 

Gned the Gnome: Aahhh, there go our fifth generation teens, off to their first day of high school!
Tremain the Trashcan: They sure grew up into handsome kids!
Mel the Mailbox: We’ll have to be careful—Jade might turn into another moody one.

Day 164 (Tue) 

Jade: I invite Watson Holiday over after school today. Watson is my grandma Daia Sanada’s cousin, which makes him my I-don’t-know-what.
Anyway, we’re the same age and he attends the same high school as Makoa and me.

Makoa: Watson’s feeling Very Sad today. Jade tells him to stop being so emo, but I try to console him.
Hey, Watson, you’ll feel better maybe if you talk about what’s bothering you.
Jade: You’re both emos! *ignores the boys and does her homework

Makoa: After that, Watson never finished his homework. Dude, at least put your homework away!
He must have been watching Comedy TV. I later see that he’s followed Tao into the sauna and is feeling Playful.
Watson: Thanks for the pep talk, Uncle Tao!

Amanda: Soooooo, guess who came home at 6 o’clock with a promotion to Level 9 Space Ranger!?
I work two more shifts this week, so if the household would just stay home and support me…who knows?
It seems to me that a working sim’s mood boosts fade quite quickly when the rest of the family leave the lot to spend time elsewhere. 

Jade: Now that Amanda’s home, everyone comes with me to the Willow Creek Art Museum where I work on my Painter aspiration.
Tao makes drinks for everyone, Uncle Mitch plays piano, and everyone else just chills and socializes.
Makoa: I’ve been dying to go clubbing, even with the ‘rents, so we head over to Narwahl Arms Nightclub.
The senior kids at school tell me that my household is quite notorious for clubbing. I wonder why.
Go: Hey, Tao, Mitch! Look, we are actually doing a group dance with eight sims! It’s a first for us, I think.

Mitch: Don’t look at me, Go. I have “that outfit,” but I’ve never publicly performed with The Dancers.
Tao: Don’t feel bad, Mitch! We kitted out Makoa with “that outfit,” too! Your time will come!

Go: I remember Paolo being part of The Dancers. Did Dad recruit Marcus Flex, too?
Tao: Nope, but he should have!  *Takes Marcus to closet

Makoa: Gah, Uncle Tao, I just became a teen a few days ag!
You’re going to make me dance next to that muscle machine Marcus Flex?
Tao: Not tonight, son, not tonight.

Mina: Just when we’re all about danced out and ready to go home, Amanda gets down on one knee in front of Paolo.
Amanda: Darling Paolo, please say you will be mine! I would love you and cherish you forever!
I would never ever feed you to a cowplant! Stay with me always!

Paolo: How long I’ve been waiting for you to get over Tao and say those words to me, Amanda!
Amanda: *mutters: Uh, yeah, you could have also tried making the first move…
Paolo: I can’t! I’m just a townie!

Day 165 (Wed) 

Amanda: I’ve done everything I can to boost Energized for work today—an aromatherapy massage plus incense, a bath with soaks plus incense, and finally the Energy Centering yoga routine.
Thanks to my engagement with Paolo, I also have a Happy +3 moodlet.
I’m ready to show the world what I can do!

Mina: The rest of us are just trying to stay productively busy.
I’m writing my third song for violin, while Sara’s been trying to write those last two bestsellers for weeks now.
Mitch is basking in the glory of having written his fourth song for the piano!

Go: Meanwhile, Tao and I want to reach Level 8 Wellness in order to perform the “Recommend Self-Esteem Exercises” social.
Once the kids get jobs, they’ll achieve better results with the Negotiate Bonus interaction if they’re in a Very Confident mood.

Movie night in the Apocalypse Haus.
All watch with rapt attention as the canine protagonist, lost in Egypt, remembers happier days.
Go: Dude, how many of you can still remember that teeny-tiny Penguin TV?
Sara: Watchette, could you buy more seating so all eight of us could sit down together?

Go: After the movie, I pay a visit to my nephew Izaiah in Oasis Springs to age him up to a teen.
Hey, everyone, check out this photo of Mauricio, his son Izaiah with my sister Karina, and his son Reid with Liberty Lee.
Mina: Since they share the same hairstyle, their similarities and differences become easier to spot. I think Reid’s the cutest!

Day 166 (Thu) 

Mitch: Tao’s really been improving his cooking skills!
Today he makes the time to prepare a cake for a special occasion.

Gned the Gnome: Yes, folks, your eyes do not deceive you! I have emerged from the glass cage at last, because…
Amanda: I took longer than every other sim in this challenge to complete my career, but I finally did it!
I’ve reached Level 10 of the Astronaut/Space Ranger career!
Now we may place objects outdoors without walls or ceilings; we mays sleep outside in tents; we may vacation in Granite Falls.
We may stargaze, cloudgaze, and use the telescope to observe the sky; we may enable the mood areas of objects.  Woopee!

Tao: Hey, Amanda, the rest of us have prepared a little surprise for you!
Whoosh! For the first time in this challenge, a wedding party for you and Paolo!

As this challenge is nearing the end, I opted to simply download wedding-related lots from the Gallery, rather than build my own.
The current lot is “Japanese Garden + Wedding” by korta11. To use the lot for the wedding, I had to recategorize it from “National Park” to “Nightclub.”
Providing background on the adjacent lot is a fantastic Japanese house called “Washiki house” (written in Japanese characters) by Simneko mofumofu. 

Mitch: On the right of the arch, you can see the wedding cake that Tao baked, his first cake ever!

Because everyone deserves a happily ever after… 

Our beloved Bathrobe Queen, Erika Sanada, strutting her stuff!

And finally, because I’m too excited to think about a cliffhanger, I’d like to introduce the sim who will soon be joining the household, Kyle (Tao’s son).

Remaining Careers 
Writer/Author (Makoa Kalani)
Painter/Artist of the Real (Jade Sanada)
Teen/Barista (Kyle)

Unlike their predecessors, Jade and Makoa will start out with the Connections and Entrepreneurial traits.
Once they become young adults, they’ll join their careers at Level 4 and hopefully make smooth (and quick!) progress with their promotions.
Kyle needs to get an A in school, so he can start the Barista job at Level 2 then get one final promotion.

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