DD 5.40: Not Quite a Vacation

Week 24/Day 167 (Friday)

Sara: We party past midnight after Amanda’s wedding and it’s very early Friday morning by the time we arrive home.
Go is absolutely furious! He returns from the party with an Angry +3 “Flirty Spouse” moodlet.
Mitch: I noticed that, too! I wonder who Go caught her flirting with? Cade? So then Go insults Mina and she gets angry, too.
Sara: Yeah, now she tries to give Go a “Frenzied Kiss,” but Go pushes her away!
Mitch: I hope those two will be okay. It’s their first argument. Oh Mina…. *shakes his head
Unfortunately, I was so focused on Amanda and Paolo that I didn’t notice what made Go so angry. Mina? 

Tao: Last night, I asked Nana about Kyle living with me for a while, and she was happy he’d be moving in.
It’s great to live with one of my sons. And now, like Go and Mitch, my Employment status has changed to “Stay-at-Home Dad”!
Kyle: Don’t forget to tell them, Dad, that we helped Mom and Albert move from Windenberg to Newcrest last night!

Mina: While I’m out jogging, I run into Go who’s also out for a jog. He kisses me sweetly.
I guess this means that I’ve been forgiven.
Go autonomously kisses Mina. Whatever happened at Amanda’s party, it seems Go is over it. 

Go: In the evening, Mom invites me over so I take along Tao, Sara, Makoa, Jade, and Kyle.
You remember, don’t you, that Mom lives next door with Dad and Grandma Yuki.
Dad mentors Jade in fitness.

Grandma Yuki and Mom mentor Kyle and Makoa in logic. Makoa, I can’t believe little Kyle beat you!

Go: To thank my parents and Grandma Yuki for helping out with our kids, I along with Tao and Sara spend our time upgrading the house.

Day 168 (Sat) 

Go: It’s finally Saturday, and time for this house to go on our first vacay, ever.
We are rather obscenely rich by this time, so we rent the largest cabin and spend our time doing the usual.
Mina: The boys fish and gather herbs. I cook, Makoa and Jade work on their aspirations, while Sara and Kyle fish at a different spot.

Tao: In the afternoon, we spend a few hours in the National Park and then I discover the secret path to the Hermit’s Retreat.

Mitch: Jade and Makoa aren’t that thrilled to be fishing, despite the lovely scenery, but Makoa turns out to be surprisingly good at fishing.

Go: I catch a red crawdad! All our fish collection lacks now is a piranha!

Mitch: Go, Tao, and I work on gathering and identifying all the herbs durng this trip!
What the heck is this mushroom?

Kyle: It is more of a vacation for some of us than for others. Take me, for example.
I’ve spent the entire vacay skilling—fishing, playing chess, playing the violin.
What’s wrong with me just running around and being a kid?
Oh and I’m definitely not liking Auntie Mina much lately. She’s actually clenching her fists!

Kyle: Gimme a break, Auntie Mina, I have Level 5 Creativity. My playing can’t be that bad!
Seriously, stop with the ugly faces already, Auntie Mina!  Sheesh!
When we get home, I’m learning piano from Uncle Mitch instead!

Week 25/Day 169 (Sun) 

Tao: The last thing I want to do here is befriend the Hermit!
I form a group with ONLY the hermit, but every time I ask him to sit with me on the log, Mitch and Sara run over and claim the seat instead.
That’s why Sara and Mitch have been sent far away to cloudgaze!

Tao: Incredible! The hermit and I are finally seated together, but he actually dozes off during our convo!
How can he be so immune to my many charms?!

Tao: Thanks, Mitch! We really needed a campfire during the hottest part of the day.
Would you please go away so I can befriend the hermit?  And stop trying to chat with us!
Mitch: Uh, yeah, I’ll just put out the campfire and go see if Sara wants to cloudgaze…

I finally get the hermit focused on me!

And….friends at last! (It usually doesn’t take me this long, honest!)
Okay, folks, we are done here! Let’s go home!

Go: When we get home, Watchette decides to renovate the house since walls and ceilings are no longer required.
Well, I’m just going to open up the house a little, since you’ve all been cooped up for so long.
I’m too lazy to do a complete renovation since not many sim-weeks remain. 

Go: As you can see, the walls on the front part of the first floor are gone.

The second floor gains a veranda railing, the garden is moved up there, and blossoming plants are planted on the pergola over the pool.
There’s now a bar, dance floor, and DJ booth where the garden used to be.

Day 170 (Mon) 

It’s no secret that these two are my favorite sims. 

Mel the Mailbox: There goes Tao’s son, Kyle, off to his first day of grade school!
Gned the Gnome: Took the words right out of my mouth!
Tremain the Trashcan: I wonder if he’ll grow up to be even more handsome than his father?
Mel: Now that I would like to see!

To spare us all the tedium of watching my sims leveling their skills all day everyday, the next chapter skips several days to begin on Friday.
That’s the day when Makoa and Jade age up to young adults and join their respective careers.

DD 5.41: Remember Us?

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