DD 5.45: B.I.L.T.

Week 27/Day 185 (Tuesday) 

Kyle: I have an hour before school starts, so I ask Uncle Go to mentor me in fitness.
Go: It’s a good idea, Kyle! Your father and I are planning a final get-together of The Dancers sometime soon.
You’ll be the youngest member and it just won’t do for you to look too scrawny, right?

Go: By the way, I’ve been hearing some of the middle-aged ladies around town referring to you as the B.I.L.T.
What the heck does that mean?
Kyle: Oh, that was my nickname when I was working as a barista.  It means “Barista I’d Like to…
Go: Just a minute, young man! Please tell that it doesn’t mean anything shady, Kyle?
Kyle: I wish! It just means “Barista I’d Like to Tip”!

Mitch: I was super excited about baking at first, but this is just taking too long!
Bake, bake, bake, bake, refill! Bake, bake, bake, bake, clean!
And I still can’t bake eclairs until I gain five more levels!
And cleaning? Sheesh, I’m a lazy sim. Everyone knows how much lazy sims hate to do chores!

Tao: Go and I would like The Dancers to consist of only current and former household members.
We’ve asked Paolo and Marcus to leave so that there’s room to add Makoa and Kyle.
As you can tell by Kyle’s eagerness to get in shape, he was so excited to be invited.

Makoa, how about becoming a member of The Dancers?
Makoa: I’m sorry, but I really don’t think The Dancers is the club for me!
Tao: Whoa, cool down, Makoa! *steps back
Too bad you don’t want to join the club. It’s this household’s only club and it’s just for family!

Makoa: Oh really? I apologize for saying no, then. Do you think I could be a member?
Tao: Unfortunately, no! I just don’t think you have what it takes to join The Dancers!
As a club, The Dancers doesn’t function as your usual club and it doesn’t spend any points.
Rather, it’s used to summon and gather sims who are part of The Dancers, which is especially useful when the sim isn’t part of the household.

Oddly, when Tao first invited Makoa to join, Makoa actually refused quite angrily as shown in the shot above.
So I had Makoa ask Tao if he could join The Dancers, but Tao rejected him to my surprise.
Finally, Makoa accepted when Tao extended a second invitation.  Silly sims.

Kyle: After Jade comes home from work, we all head out to Desert Bloom Park so that I can fish at my third fishing spot.
Auntie Sara offers to mentor me in logic, which I gladly accept.

What are you two doing in the public restrooms? 
Jade: Well, all the plumbing and appliances at our house are already upgraded, so Dad is mentoring me while I upgrade this sink.
Go: I wonder if it would have been easier if you and I both stayed at home, Jade.

Mitch: Look who I run into at the park! Long time, no see, Naoto!
Can you explain to me again how you’re related to Go?
I’m the younger brother of Go’s mother Daia. Our parents were the second-generation Tatsuya Sanada and Yuki Behr of Windenberg.
Mitch: Well, I guess that explains where you got your looks and why you’re called the Cougar Whisperer!

Day 186 (Wed) 

Hey, Surfer Guy, you’re sure out and about early in the morning! It’s not even 8 a.m. yet!
And why are you wearing a suit? 

Surfer: I’m not sure, Watchette. I’m just a lonely Surfer Guy who longs for the waves but lives far from the beach!
If I can’t wake up early to catch some waves, I can least enjoy some morning air and light exercise, right?

Surfer: Whoa, do you see what I see, Watchette?
What do you mean? 
Surfer: Isn’t that Go Sanada and Tao Kaneda skinny-dipping together?
Well, yeah, I guess. Are you going to stand there and gawk? 
Surfer: Of course not, the lighting isn’t very good at this spot!

Now what are you doing, Surfer? A phone call from Erika? 
Surfer: Yeah, she told me to forward my shots of Go and Tao to some organization named Cougars Anonymous…
Surfer, how could you!? 
Surfer: What do you mean, how could I? This was all Erika’s idea!
And why the heck am I sending photos of Go and Tao in the buff to some wildlife conservation agency?

Kyle: How am I doing, Auntie Sara? I’m already level 8 Fitness but I’m still so skinny!
Sara: You look fine for a teen, Kyle! Don’t be in such a rush to grow up, you hear?

Sara: Makoa! What do you think you’re doing to your poor father!
Makoa: I couldn’t help it! I was just feeling so relaxed and then…

Mitch: But you don’t need to wave your stinky air into my face, son!
Sara: And here I’d been planning to talk to Go about his daughter’s manners! I’m ashamed of you, Makoa!

Makoa: I came home with a promotion to Level 9 Bestselling Author.
I’m so close to maxing this career but my only problem is that I only work three days a week now.
If I can successfully negotiate a bonus twice before Saturday, I have a really good chance of maxing my career this week.

Even though I successfully negotiate a bonus, my performance bar doesn’t move.
I guess this means I won’t be maxing my career until a week from now on Tuesday. *sighs
When I go downstairs to complain about Negotiate Bonus to Mom, she’s all ears!
She is such a good listener and my most enthusiastic supporter. She always knows just what to say to cheer me up!

Makoa: Dad’s always there for me, too!
Except tonight, well, he seems to be really into his baking!
When Dad cooks or mixes drinks, he moves with such an artistic flair, don’t you think?

Day 187 (Thu) 

Jade: Today, I bring home the promotion to Level 9 Master of the Arts, but I find myself in the same predicament as Makoa.
I work only three days weekly now, so my next two work days are Friday and Monday.
Next week, for sure, I’ll be clearing this career!

Makoa: I think I know now where my brow and nose come from!

Makoa: So this is that film we’ve been hearing about—Superkids: Cortex Catastrophe.
You have to pay attention, Uncle Go, because the plot is very nuanced, subtle, and complex. Allow me to summarize the highlights.
Go: Uh huh, whatever. What the heck is this junk we’re eating now?
Makoa: Some kind of scone, I think. Dad’s been trying to max baking these days.
Go: Blech!  Tao, please prepare some real food, okay?

With Makoa and Jade working only three days a week and the rest of the household with very little left to do, we are crawling towards the finish line!
Makoa and Jade—you only have one more promotion each!

DD 5.46: If a T-Rex Attacks You

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