Rivals 9.98: An End to the Rivalry

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (4/4)

Week 9/Friday

Makoto: I’m within range to earn four out of the five additional traits based on my positive character values.
I wish I’d realized sooner that I could write in a journal to boost my Emotional Control.
Too late now, I guess.

Bella: I started writing novels yesterday and now I can write Love E-mails to Mortimer!
This morning, though, I’m writing excuse notes so Ruki and Makoto can stay home from school.

Alfonso: What are you two up to this morning? Having a mixology face-off?
Ayato: Hardly. We’re just here, waiting until the simverse wakes up.

Alfonso: Huh? What do you mean?
Ayato: Once Ruki’s target enemies are awake, Masato and I are going to mix Sunlight Reversal Cocktails for our sons.

Alfonso: I can understand Ruki’s need for sunlight protection, but why Makoto?
Masato: He’s been working hard so we thought he might enjoy his afternoon off outdoors.

Ayato: After Poppy leaves for school, we start mixing Sunlight Reversal Cocktails.
Too bad Mama already maxed this skill! I rather enjoy mixing drinks!

Masato: Once this challenge ends, Ayato, you can max any skill you want!
Boys, come drink down these cocktails so we can head out!

Ruki: My first target is Mint Dinero who I greet with a rude introduction.
I’ve brought along Papa, Uncle Masato, and Makoto for moral support.

Mint must be a little hotheaded, because our argument escalates rather quickly.

Ruki: I’m glad Papa came along. I’ve never been outdoors during the daytime like this!

Ayato: Man, Mint Dinero is living in such a plush crib! And waterfront property, too! Huh, moral support!?

Ruki: I used to consider Mint Dinero a very beautiful sim, but I learn today that she makes the most unpleasing faces!

Since she and I are both Music Lovers, I make sure to “argue about music” and “mock her musical taste”!

Ruki: Making an enemy is hard work! I wonder what my crew is doing? Praying for my success, no doubt!

Masato: An outdoor party area with a hookah lounge?! Dude, how is this even fair, Ayato?
Ayato: Eh, the vampire line has all the cool dudes! *shrugs

Ruki: Around 3 hours after I arrive, I can finally declare Mint my enemy!

Ruki: Look at her stomping her feet in fury. She’s such a sore loser!

Next, I locate my crew hitting the hookah in their swimwear, sheesh!
Get dressed, folks, I’m ready to make another enemy!

Ayato: Hey, isn’t that Sage Dinero’s house across the street?

Makoto: By the time we get inside Satoshi Soma’s home, Ruki and I are suffering from a double whammy!
Ruki: Yup, our Sunlight Reversal Cocktails wore off plus there’s several garlic wards around the front door outside.

Ayato: And now you know why Masato and I both have portable bars! Makoto, come get another Sunlight Reversal Cocktail!
Ruki, Masato is mixing one for you right now!

Ruki: I can’t believe you invited Momo Soma over when you know I’ll be fighting her father!
Makoto: I’ve been wanting to see her and she lives right next door!

Ruki: What’s the big rush?
Makoto: There’s something I absolutely must do before you’re ready to move out.

Makoto: Yes, Momo and I are best friends forever!

Momo (internally): Sofia’s son Nikolaj is such a cutie-pie, but Makoto and I really click!
I wonder what his plans are after this challenge ends?

Satoshi: I felt kinda happy when Masato invited me to join his club!
But now I know you planned that to force me home from work early!

Ruki:  Oh puhleeze! I don’t have all day to wait for you to get home, dude!

Ayato: I love this open-air lanai style! Our home feels so dark and gloomy in comparison!
Masato: You can only enjoy it now, bro, cuz you have full sunlight resistance!

Ayato: True, true! Anyway, I appreciate you coming here with me and hanging out while I wait on Ruki.

Makoto: No problem, my friend. I also want to make sure my son gets home safely!
I do believe this is the first day they’ve been outdoors in daylight as vampires.

Makoto (internally): Our romance bars have dwindled away, sadly. If only I were a young adult!

Momo (internally): What are his plans? Would he let me age him up? Are we just friends now?

Ruki: By the time I declare Satoshi Soma my enemy, it’s almost 5 pm.
Not because it took longer. I waited around some before figuring out that Uncle Masato could invite him to the family club.

Makoto and I better head home before we lose our sunlight resistance again!
Ayato: Let’s make one quick stop first!

Ayato: Hey, Nikolaj. I’ve been wanting to meet you!
Nikolaj: Good afternoon, Mr. Zanna. I’m honored that you’d stop by to see me.

Ayato: Well, you see, my son’s moving out soon and I wonder if you’d consider rooming with him?
You two would have a nice big house all to yourselves.
Masato (internally): Also Makoto hopes to live here with Momo, so your presence would be a nuisance.

Nikolaj: Where is your son now, Mr. Zanna?
Makoto: I think I saw him heading upstairs.

Ruki: Here I am! Making a new enemy plunged me into an Enraged mood but this moodlet solver fixes that!

Nikolaj: You say you were upstairs? Did you meet my step-father, Ali Mandir?
Ruki: Why yes, I did, in fact.

Nikolaj: Mr. Zanna, I would live with you at the drop of a hat, but I’m gonna have to pass on your son.
Ayato: Well, that’s a disappointment. Would you explain why?
Nikolaj: It’s not obvious to you? Mother would kill me if I moved out to live with the vampire who drank from her husband!
Makoto: Way to burn your bridges, dude!

Masato: Am I just imagining things, Ayato, or do you and Nikolaj look rather alike?
Ayato: Well, look what time it is! We better fly off to the ole homestead.

Ayato: I know our union has never been a happy one, Bella, but I’d like to give you a parting gift before we go our separate ways.

Masato: Son, I’m really sad that you won’t be living here with me and Ulrike but here’s my send-off gift to you.

Bella and Makoto (in unison): What!? What!?

Ayato: Best wishes to you and yours in your new lives, Bella and Makoto!

Masato: Why are you photobombing Makoto’s transformation shot, Ruki?
Ruki: Oh, I recently discovered that I’m in more screenshots when I stick close to Makoto.

Ruki: Happy birthday to me!

Laura (whispers): Psssst, Alfonso! Did you remove Ruki as a dependent like I did?
Alfonso (whispers): Hehe, beat you to it!

Ruki: First, Bella moves out. Next, Auntie Laura moves out with Uncle Alfonso and their daughter Poppy. Then, Makoto moves out.
Finally, leaving Papa and Uncle Masato behind, I move to the lot next door at Civic Cliffs.
I can’t believe nobody wants to live with me!

Ruki moves into the middle lot of the five lots in eastern Newcrest.
Checking his relationship panel, he finds that the only other sim he can invite to move in at the moment is Nanny Imane El Fassi.

Apparently, Bella Goth, Laura Zanna/Alfonso Dinero/Poppy, and Makoto Yamaguchi have other plans that don’t include Ruki.

Here’s an overall view of Newcrest after Ruki’s move:


Parting Shots of the Dynasty Sims

The Dinero Mansion Barons
Seated, left to right: Mina (Gen3), Daniela (Founder), Moss (Gen2), and Mint (Gen4)
Standing: Sage (Gen5)

The Soma Restauranteurs/Retailers
Seated, left to right: Akira (Gen3), Yukio (Founder), Megumi (Gen2), and Satoshi (Gen4)
Standing: Momo (Gen5)

The Zanna Vampires
Seated, left to right: Vitoria (Gen3), Serena (Founder), Massimo (Gen2), and Ayato (Gen4)
Standing: Ruki (Gen5)


Author’s Note

Ruki moving out to the Civic Cliffs lot marks the official end of this Rival Dynasties Challenge.
As you already know, all three bloodlines occupy five lots each in Newcrest but the Zannas win due to their highest total museum worth.

The challenge is completed but my story will continue for several more updates, so please stop by again later.
Thanks so much for following this silly story to its almost-conclusion. Be prepared for a little more silliness and maybe even some romantic closure.

Rivals 10.99: The POPOs of Newcrest

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