TGTD: In the Words of Patrick Henry…

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Prologue

Our story begins at a teeny-tiny home in Willow Creek called Crick Cabana.
At the side of the house, an elderly man carefully prunes his bonsai tree.
So much intense concentration and so much care, just to make his bonsai appear as if it’s effortlessly realistic!

Elder: There, it’s done! And now a haiku in commemoration:
Bonsai paradox.
Pruning, shaping the branches
To look natural.

Elder: Who me? I’m just a nameless senior citizen tasked to kick off a new dynasty.
No, silly, I’m not the founder!

To paraphrase the words attributed to Patrick Henry: Give us liberty, or give us death!
Well, okay, I can absolutely do without the death part.

Anyway, without further ado…

Liberty: I am sooooo over this love triangle with Summer for Travis!
He ain’t even all that! Summer, you can have him!

Summer: Right, as if you ever even had a chance!

Liberty: I mean, come on, folks! Why does Summer always hog Travis’ computer?
Everyone knows that Travis and I are the geeks in this household!

And it never fails!
When one of them is on the computer, the other sneaks into my room to snatch my slablet!
What’s a gamer girl gonna do?

Watcher: I’ve got an idea for you, Liberty! How would you like to move out and found your own dynasty?
Liberty: Who me? Always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride Liberty Lee? You would pick ME?

Watcher: You’re perfect, Liberty! Let’s use “Change Sim” to get you a makeover.
Liberty: Hey! Thanks for replacing my Goofy walk for a Feminine one!

Watcher: You ready to go out and embark on a romantic conquest, girl?
Liberty: You don’t need to ask me twice!


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