Rivals 10.99: The POPOs of Newcrest

Rival Cowfolks of Newcrest/Finale 1/2

It was November of 2017 when the Zannas won the Rival Dynasties Challenge.
Time stands still, however, in their simverse.
After all their hard work, I believe the Zannas deserve a finale so they might bask in their victory.

Hey there! Remember me? I’m Ayato Zanna, the fourth-generation heir of the Zanna dynasty.

A little over three real-life months have passed since we Zannas won The Rivalry.
Don’t believe for a minute that we’ve simply been languishing in our watcher’s save file!

Our National Leader was so impressed at how the Zannas take care of business!
He gave our founder, Serena Zanna, the key to the Simverse then, last month, made her the new Chief of Police.

My great-grandmother Serena asked a bunch of us to support her at the Police Station.
So we all quit our original careers to join her. (I quietly stepped down from my post as the National Leader, hehe.)
And may I point out that it’s not nepotism if we’ve earned our promotions, okaaaaay?

That’s my great-grandfather, Caleb, with my grandfather Massimo (Gen2 heir).

That’s my mother Vitoria (Gen3 heir), the daughter of Massimo and Morgan Fyres.
You may recall my father, Jung Storey, one of Serena’s offspring.
He fried in the sun and had to be resurrected.  Looks like Watchetted “dehulked” him, too.
Jung: Hush, son, that’s my secret!

Masato Yamaguchi used to be Grandpa Massimo’s yoga teacher.
And that’s the ex-vampire Makoto, Masato’s son with Ulrike Faust.

So, yeah, we’re the seven who followed Serena Zanna to her job at the Police Station.

Ayato: How many times have been arrested this week so far, sugar? Isn’t this your fourth “visit”?
Prisoner: Oh, Detective Ayato, you’re counting! I’m so touched. Yes, it’s my fourth arrest this week.

Ayato: Why don’t get your act together?

Prisoner: Honey, nobody frisks me like you do! Nobody!
Ayato: …

Serena: The work of we defenders of justice is never done!
As usual, the eight of us are working late into the night.

Lately, sims have been anonymously phoning in complaints about the new hotbed of evil, New Vegas.
And tonight is no different.

Serena: Folks, would everyone gather in the Criminal Investigations Department asap?
I’d like to discuss a new case.  Ayato, I’m counting on you to work the case map.
Ayato: You got it, Chief!

For the past year, we’ve all been busy with The Rivalry and then with settling into our new gig as popos.
Meanwhile, some enterprising moneybags have transformed Magnolia Promenade into New Vegas.

According to our informant, the High Rollers’ Haven is the epicenter of everything illegal in that zone.
Massimo: Sheesh! What were the police force doing until the Zannas took over?

Serena: This casino’s become the haunt of every known gangster, both known and incognito, in our simverse.
Travis: Hey, I know you don’t mean me! I was just playing an innocent game of Old Maid.

Vitoria: I hear that relentless party boy Joaquin has squandered a small fortune on roulette lately.
So that’s where it went down, eh?

Ayato: Okay, so there’s been a little gambling at the casino. What’s the big deal?
Serena: Hold onto your horses! I’m just getting warmed up, baby boy!

Jung: I’ve been hearing rumors lately about a casino where the slot machines are rigged for the house.
Masato: So, what’s new?

Makoto: My sources say Travis Scott hacked into his firm’s retirement funds to pay off his gambling debts.
He’s also been going around trash talking a certain underhanded blackjack dealer.
Any idea who that would be, Serena?

Serena: That would be oshizu. She’s one of our best undercover agents, you know.
Sorry for the shameless self-insertion, dear readers. I couldn’t resist…

Serena: I assigned my son Massimo as oshizu’s handler.
The two of them have been working tirelessly on the case for the past month.

Caleb: Obviously, that place is a hardcore den of iniquity, frequented by every sort of unscrupulous sim!

Massimo: What is particularly insidious is that the casino is a tie-up between old money and Mob Wives.
I’m pretty sure Jacques Villareal is The Brain.
Also, Nancy Landgraab has been mobilizing bored housewives and bachelorettes everywhere.

Ayato: That makes sense. That tie-up alone is a tremendous threat to public security!

Serena: We have enough evidence now to issue an arrest warrant.
I think we all agree that a sting is in order. Let’s wait until nightfall, shall we?

(to be continued…)


Author’s Notes

Thanks to the following creators for their great custom content and lots.
• Police shirts and hats by ZitaDesigns at TSR
• Set of casino objects by JomSims
• NightClub The Vegas by TiaraGC (my “casino”)
• Club Elyssium Las Vegas by Ghastaee (the light-blue and black club behind the “casino”)

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  2. I’m so glad that got a laugh from you! I mostly write about my dynasty challenges, so I had a blast just putting together an update that had nothing to do with challenge requirements for a change. 😀


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