TD 1.1: Liberty’s Pursuit of Happiness

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 1/Sunday 

Liberty: Thanks for coming with me to Desert Bloom Park! I wanted to take photos of you both!
(Hmmmph! Traveling was the only means of dragging them away from their gaming…)

Travis: Something fishy is going on, isn’t it? What’s with the makeover?
And why aren’t you following me around as usual, begging for attention?

Summer: Why do you care about her when you have me, Travis?

Travis: There! Happy now? I’m bringin’ sexy back! (Yeah)

Summer: Well, okay. I guess I can pose for you, too, Liberty.

Travis: And don’t forget to take a selfie of yourself, too!
Liberty: No kidding! Dang, I look fiiiiine in this big hair!

Liberty: Oh, double darn! First of all, I expect to catch more frogs since I’m a geek.
Secondly, I was trying so hard to observe that tip about avoiding other neighborhoods.

But since I already live in Willow Creek, avoiding Magnolia Blossom Park has no effect. Durrrr.
Eh, whatever! Desert Bloom Park has better frogs anyway.

Travis (internally): I’d never realized before just how pretty Liberty is…

Liberty (internally): I’d never realized before just how boring Travis is…
Good thing the challenge rules don’t allow marriage between roomies.
I might have made an irreparable error in judgment.

Miko: What’s Liberty up to? We only stayed at Planet Honey Pop! for 2 minutes.
Summer: Yeah, Liberty took a quick look around the place then hightailed it outta there.

Travis: Well, where’s she running off to now? Karaoke with Ananya Jang?
Liberty: Hardly!

Liberty: Hey, you! I’ve been hoping to run into you tonight.
Akira: You have? But I have the jealous trait. You’ll just end up rejecting me eventually.

Liberty: Are you listening to me? I’ve kind of got my heart set on you.

Liberty (internally): Let my dynastic commitment never be doubted.
I absolutely hate country music but here I am singing a duet with Akira.

Akira (internally): Ugh, country music! I guess Liberty’s singing level must be super low.

Joaquin: Look, kiddo. I’m telling you this for your own good.
Travis: Travis. My name’s Travis. What do you have to say?

Joaquin: If you value your life, you’ll stop singing right now. Look at your audience!
They’re on the verge of strangling you for your awful crooning.

Liberty: Meanwhile, Akira and I are getting to know each other.
In case you’ve forgotten, I am a clumsy, geeky bookworm.
On the other hand, Akira is self-assured, romantic, and jealous.

One thing leads to another.

Liberty: *whispers seductively to Akira

Travis: Look at those two, carrying on in public like that! Just shameful!

Akira: Are you kidding me? I’d love to be your boyfriend, Liberty!
Liberty: What a relief! I’m not exactly sure what’s going on between you and Miko.

Akira: Between Miko and me? Nothing at all. I’m a jealous romantic and Miko’s a serial romantic.
If that’s not a recipe for a disaster, what is?

Good job, Liberty! You have the “Ask to Move In” and “Propose” options.
But your museum collection’s still 4 items short and you badly need to sleep.

Liberty: Let me give my guy something to remember me by before I head home to sleep.


I must confess that many aspects of this challenge are quite puzzling to me.
For example, Travis arrives home from work, throwing off green fumes from low hygiene.
But does he goes inside and shower? No! He stands on the sidewalk and stinks.

Liberty returns home dead tired after a 9-hour shift in her Astronaut career.
After a short nap, she hits various spots in search of Akira.

Although the map shows him to be out, she finally knocks on his door to find him at home gaming.
How are you feeling about Akira, Liberty? Are you sure he’s The One?

Liberty: I can’t shed the nagging feeling that romantic sims are bad news.
But, hey, I’m on a clock here. Tick tock, tick tock.

Liberty: I know we just met yesterday, Akira, but I think we make a good match.
Akira: Why such a rush, girl? Shouldn’t we date for a few months before getting serious?

Liberty (sighs): Well, realistically, yes, but I’m founding one of those dynasty thingies.
I don’t have “a few months,” Akira. What I have is, let’s see, eight sim-days.
So what I want to know is: do you want to raise a family with me?

Akira: Wait, what? You’re asking me to become a dynasty spouse?
Not just a live-out baby daddy, but an honest-to-goodness dynasty spouse?
Yaaaasssss! Let’s elope this very minute!

Liberty: Wait until tomorrow, silly! I still have a few tasks left.


Back home, I have trouble sleeping. How will I juggle everything?
My Astronaut career alone is so demanding and soon I’ll become a wife and mother.

Unable to sleep, I get out of bed and quit my job. Now my future seems slightly more do-able.

Liberty: Your invitation for breakfast at Shimuzu really surprised me, Akira.
Did Travis or Summer tell you that this is my favorite restaurant?

Akira: Haha, no. Actually, it’s my fave restaurant but I’m so glad to hear it’s yours, too!
And by the way, Liberty, you look simply ravishing. Wow!

Liberty: Akira, we’ve finished our nectar but our food is taking too long!
Would you mind leaving now and coming with me to the Lee Museum?

Akira: Of course not. Let’s be on our way.

A big thank you to saltpastillen for generously sharing her museum! It’s fantastic!

Akira: So this is your museum exhibition space?
Liberty: Yes, I know it’s not very impressive. It’s the best I could do at such short notice: 10 Whirlyflower Frogs.
But our child shall learn to paint so that portraits, not photos, of you and me will hang in this museum.

Akira: Now, can we get married, Liberty? I know just the place!
Let’s travel to the Lost Garden of Healing.

Within the garden’s intimate tranquility, Akira and I exchange our wedding vows.

Once I’ve moved in, Akira leaves for work and I head to the bedroom with the double bed.
I lock the bedroom to everyone except Akira and me and claim one side of the bed.
Then, I move the computer and desk out of Miko and Darling’s room to our bedroom.
There! That’s all I can do for now!

This apartment is a bad fit for someone with the Nerd Brain aspiration (like me).
I’ll need to find other ways to earn my 50 points!

Liberty Lee’s Starting Stats:

Satisfaction: 450 points
Household funds:  $10,028
Skills: L3 Logic, L2 Charisma
Designated skill: Logic
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Job: None (quit Astronaut career)


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