Rivals 10.100: Whistle While You Twerk

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Finale (2/2)

Serena: Previously, we conducted a criminal investigation of New Vegas.
If you recall, New Vegas is an infamous city that’s wiped Magnolia Promenade off the face of our simverse.
Small confession: I never shopped there. Most of their merchandise is mediocre.

Anyway, is everybody ready to head out?

Serena: Okay, folks, the important thing is to stay cool. Otherwise, you’ll look like a noob popo.
Caleb: But we…
Serena: Hush, dear. Looking the part is everything!

Massimo: It’s smart that we’re entering from the back. No one will expect us.
Masato: It looks amazing!
Ayato: Yeah! Too bad this place didn’t exist before, you know, we became the good guys.

Serena: Can we stop with the twittering, guys? Our target is the High Rollers’ Haven.
It’s that casino on the back left, the one with the fountain out front.

Vitoria: There goes Alex Goth, sneaking out on the town by himself.
Makoto: Who’s gonna be the one to make an anonymous phone call to the Dineros?

Serena: Of course, there’s a wedding chapel here in close proximity to the casino.
What would New Vegas be without a venue for heat-of-the-moment marriage ceremonies?

Massimo: This is all so exciting! I mean, I was a celebrity fitness trainer.
But being a popo takes bullying to a whole new level!
Ayato: Grandpa, I know you mean “protecting the innocent.” right?

Meanwhile, in another part of the simverse…
Jacques: Thanks to my mole at the police station, I’d heard Chief Serena is planning a sting tonight.
Nancy: Noooooo! How did they figure everything out so fast?

Jacques: Not to worry! Our staff has already hidden all the gambling equipment.
Our croupiers have changed uniforms, too.

J: Excellent work letting our staff know, Candy!
Candy: Piece of cake, J. The police still believe that I’m just a pathetic gambler.
I just returned from High Rollers’ Haven. The joint looks like a regular nightclub.

Back at New Vegas…
Vitoria: Stop running ahead, Papa! Chief Serena and I are wearing 3-inch heels!

Jung: Hey, that ain’t no casino! It’s just a nightclub with three dance floors!
Serena: Are you kidding me? You think they knew we were planning a sting?

Massimo: Awwww, heck. Well, I didn’t come all the way out here to turn around and go back!

Massimo: We may have become police officers but we are first and foremost vampires!

Masato: We got da moves!
Makoto: We got da groove!

Vitoria: We got attitudes that don’t stop!

Serena: Um, are these fishnet stockings really necessary?

Ayato: I don’t know, fellas. We’d probably earn more as The Dancers than as The Popos.
Jung: Why do Serena and Vitoria wear “real shorts” but us guys get stuck with cutoffs?
Boohoo! Because I just got tired of looking for custom content, okaaay?

Massimo: Just ignore my father and keep dancing, everyone! He’s just up to his usual AGB.
Makoto: AGB?
Ayato: Attention-Getting Behavior. Watchette learned that term in a dog training class.

Ayato: What do you say, family? Feels so right that we won The Rivalry, agreed?
Serena: Of course, we won! We’re the Zannas!

Massimo: But we’re not done yet!
We have one more victory dance where the Zannas bare it all!
Makoto: Bare it all? Hey, nobody warned me about that part!

And now, we’re proud to present a fantastic group all the way from East Newcrest.
Give it up for Serena and the Seven…um, Bears.
They’ll be giving a special performance of their all-time hit “Whistle While You Twerk.”

My sincere apologies to Disney fans everywhere.

Serena: Y’all better drink up first! You’re gonna need it!

Makoto (seated red/white bear): Oh, I see. “The Zannas bare it all,” har har.
Massimo (glaring brown bear): Do you mind? I’m trying to gather my chi before our last performance!

From the left, Makoto (red/white), Ayato (black/white), Massimo (brown), and Vitoria (purple).
On the left, Caleb (blue/white), Jung (green/yellow), and Masato (green/blue).

Serena: I hope you’re taking notes cuz there’s a quiz at the end of this update.

Caleb: Why do Makoto and Ayato get all the good shots?
Serena: Because they’re the ones leaping into the air, natch.
Masato: Oh hush, Caleb! Only half my body made it in this shot and you’re complaining?

Queen Serena and her bears are workin’ it!

Da bears shaking dat booty!

Serena: I’ve run out of commentary but the bears are still hilarious!

Ayato: Hmmph, these bear costumes are lame! Are you with me, Grandpa Massimo?
Massimo: Oh yeah, let’s show the folks how we roll in East Newcrest!

Massimo: We’re just two off-duty cops, shaking our money-makers.

Massimo: Why the long face, grandson? We so got this!
Ayato: Since this is the 100th post, Watchette’s decided that this will be the last one.

Massimo: No “Happily Ever Afters” update?
Ayato: Nope.
Massimo: Why not?
Ayato: I don’t know, something about beating a dead horse and new beginnings.

Massimo: Oh, there’s that dumb horse metaphor again. Anything you wanna say?
Ayato: Yes. Thanks to everyone for reading along! We’re so grateful to each and everyone of you!

The End


Author’s Notes
Thanks to the following creators for their great Gallery lots:
• NightClub The Vegas by TiaraGC (my “casino”)
• Club Elyssium Las Vegas by Ghastaee (next-door to the “casino”)
• Whiterose Wedding Venue y ZLXRACHEL
• Empire Lounge by Ultrasnazzy123 (next-door to the wedding venue)
• Police shirts and hats by ZitaDesigns at TSR
• The twerking mod can be found on Umpa Blog.


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