A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill-Seekers Represent!

Prologue: Thrill-Seekers Represent!

Hello there! My name’s Sherilee Sharebear. I’m just your average librarian.
I’m nobody special. After high school, I left home to attend college like everyone does.

My bachelor’s degree in Library Science wasn’t as useful as I’d imagined.
Perhaps Information Sciences would have been a snazzier choice. Too late now.

It’s just a day like any other at the Willow Creek Archives, where I work 9-5 with weekends off.
Sims float in, sims float out, they consistently put books back onto the wrong shelves.
My life is as exciting as heck.

Today, I have a little break between the lunch crowd and after-school crowd.
Sitting down, I skim restlessly through one of my favorite mystery novels.

Suddenly, my fingers graze a piece of folded paper between the book’s pages.
I quickly unfold it, noticing with a shock that it’s addressed to me.
What exactly is going on here?

All day, I’m bursting at the seams with anticipation. Who is this mysterious Senhor?
What will he have to say to me? Why is he acting all cloak-and-dagger?

I arrive at the appointed place at the specified hour but I decide to be on the safe side.
As you can see, I’ve chosen to go deep undercover. Like, deeeeeeep.

I spot someone else in disguise at the back table, but he’s sitting with someone else.
Could he be the one?
Oh, yes! The man with the face mask waves me over.

Marcus: I’m looking for another job tomorrow! This joint is Weirdo Central.

Senhor (Ninja): I knew you would come, Sherilee. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist!
One question, though, if you’re a Sharebear, why are you dressed like a racoon?

Sherilee: Because that’s not where this prologue is headed. Sheesh.

Sherilee: I have a question of my own, Senhor.
I understand that you’re my liaison but why’s Oscar Mayer here?

Senhor: Don’t mind him. He’s merely an intern-in-training. He doesn’t even rate a face mask!
We have more important matters to discuss.

Senhor: Don’t lose focus, Sherilee. Before your life can change for the better, you’ll will need to pass a rigorous trial.
You will experience a divine visitation within a dream vision where all will be revealed.

Sherilee: Okay, I guess I need to go home and sleep then.
After the dream vision, I’ll let you know whether I passed the trial or not.

Senhor: I’ll be waiting to hear from you, my friend. Best of luck, Sherilee!

Back at home…
It takes longer than usual to fall asleep that night.
I sleep fitfully, a shallow slumber. Then, suddenly, an image gradually comes into view.
Huh? Is that Oscar Mayer?

Luis Alejandro “Oscar Mayer” Ponce: Well, it took you long enough to get here!
Sherrilee: Where are we? What are you doing here? Why am I dressed like this?

Luis: Who me? I’m obviously dancing. As for your threads, maybe the raccoon rags don’t travel well?

Sherilee: Bartender, help me out here. Is that guy, um, twerking?
Bartender: Heavens, no! That there’s the latest dance craze around these parts.

Luis: Well, Sherilee, listen very very carefully. I have five words for you.
Sherrilee: Only five words? What are they? Hurry and tell me! I’m dying to hear them!

Luis (whispers): Pinstar’s Legacy on Short Lifespan. *starts fading away
Sherilee: Wait, don’t go yet! I have questions! Darn, I’ve woken from the dream! *sighs

The next morning…
Yes, that’s right, Senhor. I met your minion Luis at a dodgy cantina where he dropped knowledge on me.
What I want to know is, when do I undergo the trial?
Senhor: Dear, you’ve already passed the trial, or else Luis would never have given you The Message.

Sherilee: So what’s next?
Senhor: Check your mailbox, my friend. You’ll find a manila envelope containing everything you need to know.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up penniless and unemployed, while holding the deed to the Hound’s Head lot in Brindleton Bay.


Succession Laws
Gender:    Strict Equality (each heir must a different gender from the previous heir)
Bloodline: Strict Traditional (only natural born children are eligible to become heirs)
Heir:        Democracy (chosen by reader vote; Random, if no votes)
Species:   Tolerant (a child’s species has no bearing on their eligibility as heir)

Sharebear 1.1: Meeting the Council

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