TD 1.2: Hello Unexpected, Meet Unprepared

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 1/Tuesday

The very first thing I do is join the Scientist career.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it, but it seems a better fit for Nerd Brain.

And just a quick reminder, I’m the only controllable sim in this household, except on free days which occur whenever I’ve earned 10 points.

Liberty: I hear Darling return home from school and go downstairs to introduce myself.
How surprising to discover that Miko’s off work today!
She’s feeling very flirty from watching Romance TV. Just great!

I adopt Darling as a dependent but can’t encourage her to do her homework…yet.
Apparently, Darling is more interested in conversing with the toilet than doing homework.

Liberty: There seems to be so much I need to do!
For now, I buy the toddler bookcase and three skill books: Logic, Parenting, and Wellness.

I’m still torn between Logic and Rocket Science as my designated skill.
If I choose Rocket Science, a future Whiz Kid heir could earn all 12 points in Logic.
But this is definitely NOT the lot for maxing Rocket Science, so I’ll go with Logic.

Akira: So this is what being a dynasty spouse feels like!
New hair, new outfits…and I may not be controlled but at least I’m being watched!

Liberty: Watcher, did you have to get so enthusiastic about Akira’s makeover?
Now, everyone and their mother will be hitting on him.
You have nothing to worry about, Liberty!
You just focus on your founder stuff and I’ll try to keep Akira safe.

Liberty: You’re absolutely right! I’m in the spotlight here.
Akira’s merely basking in my reflected light!
That’s the spirit! 

By the way, how about a little show of gratitude for Miko’s sleepwear?
Liberty: Ugh, don’t remind me! That tiny croptop with those skimpy panties?

No, I mean her NEW post-makeover sleepwear: a t-shirt and long, baggy pants.
Liberty: Great news, Watcher!  But, uh, do you mind if we chat again later?
Akira and I are trying for baby here…

Liberty: Guess who’s eating for two?

Liberty: Did I already tell you that Akira works as a Chat Support Agent (Tech Guru 1)?
Perfect wife that I am, I ensure Akira completes his daily work task of video gaming.
Since I’m a geek, you can surely imagine what a hardship this is for me!

Akira: Hey, I just got a text message from some guy named Vladislaus.
Something about my yummy neck.
Liberty: Let’s lock the front door to only allow household members, Akira.

Then who should arrive as a one-person Welcome Wagon but Vlad himself.
Not only that, but he’s arrived empty-handed. Just ignore him!


Liberty: Despite a mild case of morning sickness, my first day at The Lab goes really well.
I even earn a promotion to Apprentice Inventor!

Liberty: Do you mind, Miko? I’m trying to finish my third book for Nerd Brain. This one’s on Parenting.

Miko: We’ve hardly chatted, Liberty! You always seem to be so busy.
Liberty: And all you ever seem to do is watch romance TV or troll teh forums on your slablet.

Miko: Work, work, work. You’re such a stereotypical Asian, Liberty!
Liberty: Don’t say that, Miko. I’m paving the way for our household’s success.

Liberty: *encourages Darling to do homework
Darling: Thanks for helping me with this homework, Liberty! My grades have been dropping lately.


My co-workers are a bunch of oddballs, but I still love my job!
I can’t tell if Tetsu here’s insane or simply reacting to the serum I tested on him.

Liberty: You’re looking mighty happy this evening, Akira.
Akira: Well, yeah! I got my first promotion at work today to Quality Assurance!
Technical chat support is such a thankless job!

Liberty: Hey, stop drinking so much coffee just because you received that new coffee maker!

The sacrifices I make to get my man some sleep when he’s dead tired!
Luckily, Akira just zonks out afterward. And so do I.


Liberty: I come home from work with a promotion, feeling super optimistic!
This second promotion earns us a seventh point, bringing us ever closer to the first free day.

I guess Liberty didn’t really need to invite Akira along to the hospital.
Dude, if you need to panic in the adjacent room, at least stand in front of the window!

Dr. Francisco Davila: Well, that certainly was a challenging procedure!
Was it as good for you as it was for me, Liberty?

Liberty: Seriously, triplets? We don’t even have the On the Leyline lot trait.
And I never got a fertility massage either. Why? Whhhhyyyy!?

I’ve never ever had an active household’s sim give birth to triplets.
Why does it have to be during THIS challenge!? *resigns self to failure 

Liberty: And this one here’s our firstborn son! Akira, would you please name our boys?
Akira: Gladly! The heir’s name shall be Cirius Lee.
Dr. Davila: Seriously?

Akira: Exactly!
Dr. Davila: What kind of name is that?

Akira: After the Dog Star, Sirius, except spelled with an initial “C” for extra flair.
Liberty: Akira, dear, come along. It’s time to take our boys home!

Liberty: And here are all three of our little darlings: Cirius, Dud, and Mot.
Dud Lee was born second and Mot Lee was born last.

Akira: They’re going to be a handful, Liberty! Thank Carl, we both have the weekend off!

Liberty: As soon as we get home, I rush upstairs to look after the boys.
Akira: I’m right behind you, sweetheart!
Impressive! Keep up that excellent yet autonomous parenting, Akira, and I will shower you with privilege and attention!


Author’s Notes

* I’d initially planned to end this chapter at the first free day (after 3 more points) but…triplets.
* For now, I’m closing this chapter here to play through their weekend and see whether or not we’re already doomed to failure.
Just for the record, I would really love to continue playing this household.
* Perhaps hiring a nanny will be a constructive means of delaying Liberty’s 50 points until after Cirius the heir reaches his teen birthday.

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