Sharebear 1.1: Meeting the Council

A Sharebear Legacy

Black Hair: Hey look, folks! I believe I hear splashing sounds from our teleportation device!
No Hair: Can you explain how that works again?
Black Hair: Using telepathy, I can summon the Sharebear in my simverse to our meeting venue.

Brown Hair: While you’re at it, darling, would you mind summoning my Sharebear, too?
Black Hair: No can do, amiga. It only works for the Sharebear in the simverse where it’s placed.
No Hair (mutters): Looks like a regular ole Decontamination Shower to me, mumble, grumble.

Brown Hair and Black Hair (in unison): No, it doesn’t!

Black Hair: Ah, there she is now, my impudent little Sherilee Sharebear!
Sherilee: First a South American cantina, and now…just where the heck am I?

Sherilee (whispers): Hmmm, looks like I’m not alone here.
Could those three bozos be my abductors? Or have I wandered into a cosplay convention?

No Hair: Your Sharebear’s got quite a mouth on her, eh?
Brown Hair: What did you expect, darling? She takes after her watcher!

Black Hair (left): Bozo? Is that a nice way to refer to your watcher, Sherilee?
Sherilee: Huh? You heard that? And you claim to be my watcher, even?

Black Hair: Yes and yes. Allow me to skip to the introductions.
The three of us form the Sharebear Executive Council. My name’s oshizu, your watcher.

Brown Hair (right): And I’m FrancescaFiori, dear. I’m the sophisticated  member of this council.
No Hair (center): And that leaves me, Pippin, the most tenacious simmer. Nice to meet everyone!

Francesca: You poor thing! You’re absolutely filthy. You look like you’ve been grubbing for frogs!
Sherilee: Maybe because I have?

oshizu: Yo, don’t you have an outfit more appropriate for meeting your Executive Council?
Sherilee: Just a sec….how about this?

Pippin: Wrong movie, but we’ll take it!
Note: I have been jokingly referring to the three of us as the Executive Council.
My Execution Executive Council scene is inspired by Francesca’s passing comment that she envisions us as the Future Council from the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Sherilee: So, why have you summoned me here, Watcher?
Thanks to all your silly staging, I haven’t even gotten around to buying my Knight Statue yet!
oshizu: No worries, Sherilee. You’ve been summoned so I can have you spread the word.
Sherilee: What word? I’m all ears.

Francesca: Any forum member is welcome to download the founding Sharebear sim and start a Sharebear Legacy, if you wish.
Our legacy challenge is based on Pinstar’s Legacy. The more the merrier!

oshizu: You can find the founder on the in-game Community Gallery:
Item name: Sharebears
EA account ID: Shizu9no1
Hashtag: #sharebears
Once you’ve downloaded her, give her a new first name and a complete makeover.

Pippin: You also need to decide on your Lifespan setting and your Succession Laws.
You can choose whatever you’d like for these.

Francesca: We realize that’s a lot to remember, darling. Here, I made you some leaflets to distribute.
Now run along and start your legacy while recruiting new Sharebears!
Sherilee: *turns around and is about to walk away

Pippin: Hey, don’t forget to leave your offering, gurl!
Sherilee: Do I throw it in this fountain at the base of the dais?
oshizu: Oh come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never made an offering before. Here, use this basket!

Pippin: Well, I think that went really well, don’t you, Francesca?
Francesca: Of course, it did!
oshizu: So, who’s going to host the next meeting of the Sharebear Executive Council?
Francesca: I’m game. Not immediately, but do plan on visiting my simverse for the next meeting.

Week 1/Sunday

The hours pass as my watcher has me, in her usual style, start fishing and frog-hunting.
I’m ecstatic to fish up a voodoo doll which sells for $950. Life’s little pleasures.


By 2 am, I’m ready to go seek out my better half. I’ve done well on my first day, I believe.
2 cowplant berries, one dragonfruit, a pair of Whirlyflower frogs rank among my top prizes.

And here’s proof that I bought the Knight of the Octagonal Table, before I stash it in family inventory.

Traveling to Selvadorada,  I rent the cheapest place and head for the only place open at this time of night.
I ask the bartender if he knows the Senhor or that dancing fool I’ve fondly nicknamed Oscar Mayer.
Curiously, he’s never heard of either of them.

The bartender (his name’s José Alejandro Ríos) is extremely nice.
I learn that he’s a cheerful, self-assured cat-lover. Could his traits be more perfect?

What should I do now? I’d been hoping to kindle a flame with the Senhor.
You know, the man who initially contacted me by letter, the one in the ninja mask.
Yo, you don’t have time to sit meditating about your options! We’re on short lifespan, remember?

I like everything about José except that troublesome acute accent mark over the “e.”
After I march right back into the cantina, we flirt, share a first kiss, and enjoy a gold-medal date.
We go to an archeological museum for our second date, which ends with a silver medal.

José and I are soulmates, engaged, and BFFs now, but we can’t marry because I’m on vacation.
Apparently,  I can’t make any more progress with my Soulmate aspiration in Selvadorada.
I can’t even ask my fiancé to move in with me!

Well, there is one li’l thing I can do before parting from José and leaving Selvadorada.
Yep, eating for two! It’s time to get back to my garden!

Moving in and marrying Jose were much easier tasks than I’d expected.
I create a legacy club, add him to it, and start a gathering.

Bless Jose’s warm Selvadoradan heart! His aspiration is The Curator!


With Jose’s help, I finish Soulmate at Desert Bloom Park, buy Connections, and join the Scientist career.
The many hours we spent there for our dates spawn lots of dig sites for Jose.


By Wednesday morning, Jose is done with The Curator except for a complete collection.
He does have enough satisfaction to buy Connections. After he buys it, he joins the Culinary career.
When we met, he was a bartender, remember?

We’ve saved enough to build an unskilled knock-off of the Jungle Bungalow, mostly unfurnished.
Our garden lacks only the 3 Sixam plants, a trash plant, and that stupidly elusive UFO plant.
Maybe we can both collect postcards?


I have three secondary spouses now. Jose is self-assured, so he feels secure about my love for him.
On the far left, Colt Altman is my co-worker at The Lab, but I’m asking him to quit.
He’s a good, perfectionist bro, so he’ll make a great painter once he finishes Leader of the Pack.
Colt’s a gem. He would have made a good primary spouse, if I’d met him sooner.

On the far right, elder Rhonda Schreiber has the highest painting skill at the moment.
Childish, insane, and hotheaded, she’s just a temporary helper.
Too bad she won’t live long enough to finish her Fab Wealthy aspiration.

You’ll meet Guadalupe– the seventh member of our household–another time, I’m sure.

I ask for family leave today so I won’t be forced to leave work early to give birth.
I’ve been worrying that my pregnancy is problematic because it seems so long.
Who knew that a pregnancy lasts three days even on Short Lifespan?

I’m glad we have twin boys the first time around.
If I were to give birth again, I’d have to spend 6 days pregnant out of my 12-day young adult stage.
Doesn’t that seem a bit unbalanced to you?

Anyway, here are our angels: Alejandro and Benicio.


My Jose has such team spirit!
He argues with Rhonda until she gets angry enough to paint an Angry painting!


It’s past midnight when we get our twins’ birthday notices.
Really, this Short Lifespan is no fun at all! I’m so worried about not getting the essentials done!
I’m trying so very hard not to care…

Our boys, however, are gorgeous! And they both have my red hair and green eyes.
That’s angelic Alejandro on your left, and inquisitive Benicio on your right.

Author’s note:
Timing is passing too swiftly with Short lifespan.
Sherilee is already halfway done with her young adult phase but has only earned one promotion so far.


Sharebears 1.2: A Tragic Miscalculation

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