Sharebears 1.2: A Tragic Miscalculation

A Sharebear Legacy

Our incomplete collection of emotional paintings snowballs into the unexpected.

Week 1/Saturday

Hey, Sherilee! Why are you looking so upset, girl?
Your life looks pretty perfect from where I’m sitting. What’s the problem?

Sherilee: Arrrgggh, I’m so frustrated with my career!
After my first week, I’m still only a Level 5 Scientist!
In six more days, my adult birthday is coming already!

Actually no. Your birthday’s delayed by three days due to your pregnancy.
Sherilee: Oh, so I’d actually gain three days by having more children! Hmmm.

You’re doing fine, Sherilee. This is supposed to be fun!
Sherilee: It is? By the way, I accidentally misled our readers last time.
I said we’re only missing the trash plant and the UFO plant.
What we’re missing, in truth, is two Sixam plants, a lily, and a UFO plant. *sighs

Rhonda: I’m so excited!
Our emotional painting collection is complete except for the sad painting!
I don’t have much time left, but I want to leave behind the sad painting as a memento.
I know, I’ll summon a Tragic Clown! That should make me feel sad!

Sherilee: Oh no, you di’int! You are sassing the wrong sim, lady!
I’ll have you know that I’m having an extremely bad day!
I don’t care if you have bad hair, poor fashion taste, and the Evil trait.
You, Masami Nakamura, are going down! *points finger and does the head bob

Rhonda: Hey, Sherilee. I summoned a Tragic Clown but it never arrived. Have you seen it?
Sherilee: Who me? Um, no…

Masami: Mwahahahaha! I love riling  up the tourists!

Week 2/Sunday

Sherilee: Angelic Alejandro is such a treasure.
I’ve been busy with Jose’s postcard collection and our garden.
Luckily for me, neither twin seems to care that much.

Jose:  This is our lively second-born son, inquisitive Benicio.
Just think! Five days ago, I’d never stepped foot outside of Selvadorada.
And now, instead of a cantina bartender, I’m a mixologist with a lovely family!

Life moves in mysterious ways.
(whispers: I must confess that I do miss Selvadoradan cuisine at times…)

Rhonda: I knew Sherilee was feeling beyond frustrated last night.
And then she met the Tragic Clown who pushed all the wrong buttons.
So now she’s trying to drown that evil sim.

My new plan is witness the clown’s death then paint the final sad painting.
Over 12 hours have passed already, but the clown seems oddly chipper.


Rhonda: My age bar began bubbling this morning and I can no longer wait on the clown.
My days in this household have been delightful.
Sherilee took me in even though my own children had turned their backs on me.
As a parting gift, I am offering Sherilee my life.

Jose: The mailperson delivers our 14th postcard, which completes our postcard collection.
Sherilee: I’m glad spamming all those penpals paid off! What’s next after The Curator?
Jose: I’m switching, of course, to the Master Mixologist aspiration.

Guadalupe: Once Colt, Sherilee, and Jose leave for work, I panic.
After I go to work, would the toddlers be okay at home with the Tragic Clown?

I hire a butler (who turns out to be rather handsome, by the way).
Then, just in case, I take the day off from work, too.

Rhonda: This is how I have chosen to leave this simverse.
All my life, I have never achieved anything worthwhile.
Today, in death, I have a chance to become part of something bigger than myself.
*shouts: Guadalupe, I know you’re home. Get up here and witness my passing! NOW!

Guadalupe: The portraits of Sherilee and Jose were painted by Rhonda.
Sherilee painted two emotional paintings; Jose, Rhonda, and Colt painted one each.
And I’m the one who contributed the sad painting, completing the collection.

Guadalupe: That’s me chatting up–I mean, chatting with–the butler, Tetsu.
He’s a goofball so he cheers me up a lot.

Did you hear I’m a childhood friend of Jose from Selvadorada? Just good friends.
My aspiration is Friend of the World and I work as a chef.
Since this household never leaves the house, though, I’ll never finish my aspiration. *shrugs

Sherilee: No, that’s not an inset showing my needs!
Those are the needs of our Tragic Clown, Masami Nakamura.
After nearly three days, I finally realize my miscalculation!
Tragic Clowns cannot die by drowning, hence I’m inventing a SimRay, hehehe.


Sherilee: Sweetheart, it’s been 8 hours now and the Tragic Clown’s running out of objects to transform.
Jose: Are you asking me to give up my MySims Trophies? Seriously?
Sherilee: You’re a lifesaver, dear!

Jose: Why don’t you just buy the cheap gnomes?
Sherilee: Because I didn’t think of that until later. But I have some good news, darling!
After roughly 12 hours on that little podium, the evil clown finally burned to ash.

Grim: Wait, don’t tell me! You Sharebears must be one of those Legacy families…

Sherilee: You’re probably wondering why an upstart legacy like mine would have a butler.
Guadalupe hired Tetsu the butler in a state of panic but now our watcher insists we keep him..
Why? Because he shares the name of her deceased father. That works for us.

Sherilee: Speaking of parents, I might be the worst mother in the simverse!
With their angelic and inquisitive traits, the boys practically teach themselves!
Even so, can you believe they’ll be children soon and I can’t even “give a second wind”?

Sherilee: Look at my beautiful Alejandro. We gave him Jose’s middle name, you know.
Sadly, I can never get back all the hours I chose to not spend with my toddlers!

Jose: Why is the cowplant drooling when I’m the one who will be eating the cake?
Just kidding. I know exactly what I’m doing.
I want to give Sherilee an Essence of Focused to help with her career.


Sherilee: Jose darling, thanks to you, I brought home a promotion today!
Jose: We all knew you could do it!
Sherilee: How was your day off? How are the boys?
Jose: I received the twin’s second birthday notice in the afternoon.
Let’s give Benicio a little more time. He’s almost done!

Aljejandro: It’s quite late when we finally age up!
I love the outdoors and I’m both a Happy Toddler and a Whiz Kid.
Benicio: I’m a genius, a Top-Notch Toddler, and a Whiz Kid.

Sherilee: Sweetheart, where did our boys get those rosebud lips?

Jose: Why don’t we all go out and celebrate your promotion, Sherilee?
I hear Club Calico was torn down and replaced with a new lounge!

Sherilee: What a perfect idea! We’ve been stuck at home for days due to the Tragic Clown!

Jose: Sherilee, we couldn’t have a real wedding but I brought you here so we could renew our vows.
Sherilee: Jose! When did you have time to buy me this wedding ring?

Jose: What do you think I’m doing all day when you’re at work and I’m off? Hmmm?

Jose: Look at our sons, my love. Aren’t they wonderful?
Sherilee: Yes, they are heartbreakingly handsome, just like their father!

Sherilee: Our nanny, on the other hand, is shamefully underdressed.
It’s the last time we ever invite her out anywhere!

Sherilee: This has been a hard several days, but this moment makes it all worthwhile.
Even though we lost Rhonda, the Clown was a pain, and my garden isn’t evolving…
Even though our nanny is a public embarrassment and my gown clashes with this lounge’s décor…
Even though I’m worried sick that I will never reach the pinnacle of the Scientist career…

My beloved Jose, our gorgeous boys, my diligent housemates, our little spot of beachfront heaven.
I embrace these choices I have made. I would trade this life of mine with no other.

Thanks to thesimscake for sharing their gorgeous “Brazilian Wedding Venue” on the gallery.

I plunked the 30×20 bar into the center of the 30×40 Club Calico lot, then added a kitchen, bathrooms, fountains, and greenery in the remaining 10×30 areas on either side.
The lot genre is now Lounge, though I’m not sure which genre is best for a wedding venue.

Sharebears 1.3: A Full House

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