Sharebears 1.3: A Full House

A Sharebear Legacy 

Week 2/Thursday

Jose: It’s past midnight when we arrive home from the new Club Calico.
Alejandro and Benicio get right to work on Whiz Kid.

Jose: And I’m back practicing bar flair.
One more level and I’ll be done with Master Mixologist!
Life outside Selvadorada isn’t as tough as I’d expected!

I guess nobody’s noticed that I’m now a clean-shaven sim with longer hair.

Guadalupe: The only thing I don’t like about the Hound’s Head is its isolation.
In Selvadorada, I just visit the marketplace and I’m surrounded by people!

Here, only a few sims visit the nearby Cavalier Cove each day.
Not the greatest place to try and become Friend of the World.

Guadalupe: You’re probably thinking I’m like a servant in this household.
That’s so far from the truth! Well, yes, I work in the garden but so does Sherilee!

I begged her to let me move in with her and Jose. I was dying to get out of Selvadorada.
She not only said yes, she also made me a promise that’s coming true very soon!

Colt: Only one more masterpiece and I’m…oh the fire alarms!

Move away from the fire, Benicio! We’re on full autonomy here!
Pretend like you’re supposed to be experimenting and go talk to your plushie animal!

Colt: After putting out the fire, showering, and checking on Filly, I’m back at my easel.
And that small classic masterpiece signals my completion of Painter Extraordinaire.
I’m not a fan of sitting for hours at a time, so I switch to Musical Genius.

Alejandro: I love the outdoors so I prefer fishing to staying indoors. You like fishing?
Benicio: It’s okay. It’s nice doing something different for a change. I’m sick of the science table!


Jose: As soon as I get home, we all head for the Casbah Gallery, where I max mixology. Tada!
Sherilee: What next, Senhor Master Mixologist? Master Chef will be a piece of cake for you.
Jose: Good, because I’m trying to earn as many food-related points as I can!

Sherilee: Thanks to Colt’s new aspiration, we are forced to be seen in public with our nanny again.
Colt, don’t we know anyone else who can mentor violin?

Guadalupe: That’s odd. He doesn’t look Irish to me!

Jose: Has anyone mentioned lately how much we love our butler Tetsu?
He’s a quiet gentleman but he’s always there to take care of business.
He inconspicuously and autonomously cleans, gardens, and looks after small children. He is, literally, a godsend!

Colt: Did you hear that I adopted a little girl two days ago?
I shamelessly renamed her Filly, daughter of Colt.
She aged up to an inquisitive toddler this afternoon while I was at work.
Filly’s buggy. We got the “Filly ages up!” toddler message four times. *sighs

Sherilee: I’ve heard from Colt that my darling Jose’s left for work shirtless two days in a row.
Jose claims that he works as a mixologist at Make a Dish.
Do you think I should hire a private investigator? At least he’s not wearing low-slung jeans, I guess.


Jose: After finishing work at 1 am, I earn a promotion and Lupe completes the frog collection!
I throw a dinner party for my Master Chef aspiration, which requires a silver medal.

Our party goals don’t register so a gold medal eludes me, I’m sad to say.
But I can count 5 sims eating and dancing at the same time, can’t you?

Jose: I’m giving up and ending this party early, folks. It’s hopeless!
Sherilee: It’s almost 6:30 am, anyway, dear. Time for you to buy three Potions of Youth.
Jose and Lupe: *drink and restart their young adult stages
Colt: *drinks and restarts his adult stage

Sherilee: I don’t like myself much lately. Sure, I finished Soulmate but since then?
Unable to coax any excellent plants from the garden, I can’t finish Freelance Botanist.
While I’ve only maxed Gardening, my dear Jose has whizzed through Cooking, Mixology, and Gourmet Cooking.
One more level in his Chef career and he’ll max his third aspiration, too.

And it’s not due to our lot traits! Our watcher forgot to set any lot traits until yesterday.
Let’s change the subject, shall we? *cough
You need to set priorities, Sherilee: Freelance Botanist, handiness, and a full set of tested serums. Whaddya say?

Lupe:  You know, I was worried that Sherilee might not give me a Potion of Youth.
My charisma is only Level 2 so I may never finish Friend of the World. And I’m still only a Level 5 cook.
But I’ve contributed three cowplant essences so far plus, lately, I garden more than anyone else!

And today we’re here at the park just so I can hit another milestone for my aspiration. Life is good!

Benicio: First Officer Jacob, look sharp! An alien flying saucer looms closer from the starboard!
Jacob: Uh huh, whatevs.
Benicio: Hey, play serious or go home! I hardly get out of the house except for school!

Lupe: I adopted a boy immediately after Filly’s toddler birthday and he aged up to a toddler today.
I’ve renamed him Gregorio Sharebear, but don’t you think life is strange?
Colt’s Filly has black hair and dark skin like me, but my Gregorio has red hair and pale skin like Colt,

Week 3/Sunday

Jose: Max quality Baked Alaska, my second point in the Food category.
Sherilee: I must have some amazing karma from a past life, because Jose has been such a gift!
So very handsome and affectionate plus he’s skilled to the hilt!
*whispers: I’m so relieved he’s wearing a shirt to work again. He’s mine, you hear! Miiiiiine!!!

Sherilee: Yep, I’m doing exactly what you think I’m doing.
It’s taken me two full weeks to reach this point, but it’s never too late, right?

Benicio (left): Why are we even bothering to level our Social skill?
Alejandro (right): I know, right? We’ll be teens in two days and we still need an A for Whiz Kid!

Benicio: Well, I say we go back to playing Keyboard Commander. We can max that skill today!
Alejandro: So true! No way, we’ll finish Whiz Kid and the other three aspirations in two days anyway.
Sherilee: No worries, boys. Filly and Gregorio can pick up the slack (we hope).


How is everything going these days? You seem happier now than the other day…
Sherilee: Jose has been incredible! He even completed the Master Chef aspiration today.
Colt’s halfway through his second Creative aspiration and Lupe’s been a great help, too.

What about the kids?
Alejandro and Benicio are doing great on their own.
Filly is in line to be a Happy Toddler so we just let her do what she wants.
As for wild Gregorio, we each spend a little time with him but rely heavily on our nanny.

Are you ready to age up? You’ll get your birthday notice at 8 a.m. today.
No, of course not. I plan to wait 11 hours after the notice, then drink a Potion of Youth.

Sounds like Sherilee Sharebear and her crew will do fine.
Are you wondering about what role Filly and Gregorio will play in the Sharebear household?
As children, they’ll each complete any unfinished aspiration and earn an A in grade school.
As teens, they’ll move out soon after maxing a teen career not completed by Alejandro or Benicio.

Up next: Alejandro and Benicio as teenagers

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