Sharebears 1.4: Gen2 Heir Vote!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen1, Sherilee Sharebear

Week 3/Monday

Alejandro: Thanks to those Focused potions, we get A’s and finish Whiz Kids. Yay!
Benicio: Eh, we start Artistic Prodigy without even getting a break!

Alejandro: Not a fan of short lifespan, I take it?
Benicio: It’s not that! We’re working hard so that later generations can coast, y’know.
Alejandro: Yep, go us!

Sherilee: I drank my Potion of Youth this morning just in time!
And when I come home, I finally complete Freelance Botanist!
Lesson learned: Don’t choose Freelance Botanist too early in a legacy.

Sherilee: I didn’t get my Level 8 promotion today, so Jose’s still ahead of me.
But he doesn’t work again until Thursday, which gives me a window of opportunity.
I’m going to try to catch up and pass him, hehe.


Jose: Early that morning, we receive Filly’s birthday notice.
In a bid to escape the darn cupcake factory, I volunteer to do the honors.

Filly: I’m a perfectionist (like Papa) with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Sherilee: Gregorio is in line to receive the Happy Toddler trait. You know what that means?
He’s free to do whatever he wants until his birthday tomorrow.
No more toddler training for my generation!
Tetsu (whispers): She says that as if she actually engaged in toddler training. *stifles a laugh

Jose: Would you like to sample my crème brulée? This might be your only chance!
I sold the cupcake factory as soon as I maxed the Baking skill.

Also, I don’t quite know how to tell Sherilee, but I’ve switched to the Big Happy Family aspiration.
I really want the Patriarch trait!

Alejandro: Where has this space gym been hiding all this time?
I love the outdoors! I’d much rather be playing on this than typing or gaming.

Benicio: Okay, I’m done with the Scamp thingarino.
really hope we’re not expected to finish Social Butterfly.
Alejandro and I need some free time. I only have one friend my own age!

Sherilee: Things have vastly improved for me after Freelance Botanist!
I’m done with Fabulously Wealthy which, as we all know, goes well with painting and camping mascots.
Colt’s really helped me out in that respect.
And I can finally fully upgrade our Snapple stove and fridge!

Lupe: An almost perfect shot of Gregorio and me on a perilous space adventure.
Too bad Tetsu decided to photobomb it!
Tetsu: Hey! When Gregorio was a nooboo, I was the one who looked after him!

Alejandro: Mama and Papa say we don’t need to finish Social Butterfly.
Benicio: We’re just here to earn some easy satisfaction points, that’s all.

Sofia: These must be the new legacy kids living in Brindleton Bay.

Alejandro: Papa says it’s impolite to ask a lady her age, but are you too old for me?
I may look like a little punk kid, but I’ll be a teenager either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Sofia: I’m already a young adult, kiddo. Maybe you should meet my younger sister, Elsa.

Alejandro: Thanks, but no thanks. We’re not allowed to move in premade townies like you and your sister.

Benicio: But you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen in my life!
Yuki: You won’t think so when you hear my third trait. Besides, you’re too young for me.
Benicio: What is your third trait, Yuki?
Yuki (sighs): I’m evil.

Benicio: Oh, that’s perfect! I’m a genius so we could be evil geniuses together!

Filly: Would you like to hear my haiku commemorating my first visit to Casbah Gallery?
I’m merely a spare.
When you’re just a spare, who cares?
Our butler, that’s who!

Gregorio: Tell me about it, sister!
Sherilee: Hey, you two! Stop playing the pity card!


Alejandro: Luckily for us, our watcher miscalculated our birthdays, hehe.
We’ve had a whole extra day to hang out and take it easy.

Benicio: Alejandro gets to go fishing but I’m learning to play piano? How’s that fair?
I know, I know. It’s my burden as a Top-Notch Toddler.
Anyway, I’m just glad Alejandro and I can skip Social Butterfly!

Gregorio: Today’s my birthday, folks!
With my red hair and green eyes, I look like I share DNA with the twins, don’t I?
I’m the fifth redhead in this house, but Uncle Colt’s the only redhead with brown eyes.
By the way, I’m a Genius aspiring to become a Rambunctious Scamp.

Jose: I’m glad I’ve the day off today so I can celebrate the twins’ birthday with them.
Alejandro: No, Papa! No photos! I’m wearing a hideous outfit!
Benicio: And what is this hairstyle I’m wearing?

Jose: You boys look quite handsome even before your makeovers.
Anyway, your mother won’t be home for eight more hours, so…

Sherilee: Well, I guess that clears up the mystery about those rosebud lips!
Jose: The twins have the color of your hair and eyes. Their eyes resemble yours, too.
Sherilee: Yes, but their lips and jawline are all yours, sweetness.


Sherilee: What luck that a single father with grade-school children moved in nearby yesterday!
Filly: I made friends with Rae last night. This is her brother Robert.
Once I’m friends with him, I’ll be done with Social Butterfly! Yay!


Sherilee: I’m a little upset that I missed my Level 9 promotion today, but it couldn’t be helped.
I spent my workday kissing hands and becoming the girlfriend of all my coworkers at The Lab. Well, that’s why it’s called an active career, right?
I also encountered a few strays to add to my count.

I’m just waiting for Jose to come home so we can go on those gold-medal dates.

Waiting for four songs to be written for Musical Genius on Short lifespan, ugh.
This is the moment just before Colt completes his fourth song!

Sherilee: In case you’re wondering, Jose and I are as close as ever.
I’d told him a few days ago that I would be starting Serial Romantic.
Jose: And I told Sherilee about needing a third child for Big Happy Family last week.
Too bad you’d promised Lupe that she could adopt a child, Sherilee.

Sherilee: Yeah, I had the stupid notion that my secondary spouses should do something spouse-y. But that’s just spilt milk now, darling Jose.
The question for today is: Are you ready for three sizzling-hot dates?

Jose and I have made “sacrifices” for our legacy–from now on, it’s all uphill for the two of us!

Total Score: 29/103

In this legacy, I may do some pollinating for spousal options but never to provide children for Social Butterfly.
Pinstar says: “You MAY move in new families into the neighborhood during your challenge (keeping in mind that they can be used for friends, but not spouses) but you may not play them.”
Dario Thomson and his kids Rae and Robert are clarabarke’s #legacyloves household.


Please help choose the Gen2 Heir

Short lifespan sure moves quickly!
In four more sim-days, Alejandro and Benicio become young adults!
The candidate with the most votes becomes heir; with the other remaining in the legacy house as cadet.
In the absence of votes, I’ll choose the next heir on the basis of merit.

I’m trying something new for this heir vote. If it ends up being a hassle for you and me, I’ll try something different next time!
Please read about the candidates, then click the link below to cast your vote.


Alejandro Sharebear

Traits: Angelic/Happy Toddler; Loves the Outdoors, Unflirty (YA trait: Foodie)
Aspirations: W. Kid/A. Prodigy/R. Scamp; Computer Whiz (Tier III)
Career: Retail 2 (future Tech Guru)
Skills: L7 Violin, L4 Fishing/Programming/V. Gaming, L2 Charisma
Favorite color: All shades of blue
Hobbies: Fishing, programming, FF XV, scoffing at PDAs

Alejandro: I have to say that fate was much kinder to my brother when we rolled for traits and our first aspiration.
Once I’m a young adult, though, you know I’ll be killing that Tech Guru career!
And just because I’m unflirty, that doesn’t mean I’d make a bad heir!
Anyway, my parents have held onto four VIP buckets which trivialize my Unflirty trait!
What oomph I lack as a Happy Toddler, I make up for by dedicated efforts.


Benicio Sharebear

Traits: Inquisitive/Top-Notch Toddler; Genius, Creative (YA trait: Loves the Outdoors)
Aspirations: W. Kid/A. Prodigy/R. Scamp; Fab Wealthy, Nerd Brain (Tier II)
Career: Fast Food 2 (future Astronaut)
Skills: L10 Piano, L5 Logic, L3 Painting/Violin, L2 Handiness/Rocket Science
Favorite color: Orange/brown combinations
Hobbies: Music, star-watching, Star Trek, shaking my piggy bank

Benicio: You’re probably thinking: “Oh, Nerd Brain…yawn!”
Can I just say that, after maxing Fab Wealthy, I deeply longed to be an  Archeology Scholar.
But I came to my senses and picked Nerd Brain. Someone has to get that UFO plant!
Definitely after Nerd Brain, though, I’m picking Archeology Scholar…
If you’re a fan of versatility, vote for me! I’m a creative genius!
P.S. Did you notice I was a Top-Notch Toddler, too?


To go to an external website and vote, please click here.

Sharebears 1.5: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go

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