TD 1.4: Triple Threat

1.4: Triple Threat

Week 2/Monday

Liberty: Today’s workday theme is “Moral Choices.” Huh.
I’m tasked to try out my untested Red Hot Serum but Nina refuses, so I drink it myself.

It works as intended and I become Very Angry.
It’s a good thing Nina didn’t drink that serum as she’s already hotheaded.

Liberty: I’m puzzled by the “Insult a tourist” task. Doesn’t “tourist” refer to an alien visitor?
Oh! According to the fine print, “tourist” in this case refers to any sim outside the lab.

Outdoors, I rudely introduce myself to a sim named Brant Hecking, proceeding to insult and provoke him.
What a discomforting way to boost my job performance.

Liberty: After hours of being mean and mischievous at work, what a relief to be home!

Today’s full of good news at the home front!
Darling brings home an A grade while Akira earns a promotion at work.
Four of Cirius’ toddler skills are already Level 2, so he has Happy Toddler in the bag.

I’m too busy to even remember to give him a second wind.

Liberty: After repairing a toilet, I bathe and potty train each of the boys.
I don’t think Mot could be any cuter!

All three of our sons are doing well.
Dud is such a delight when he’s not moping around.
Seems like he’s getting used to life in this household. He’s much happier these days.


Liberty: After work, I make a quick trip to Desert Bloom Park for my fifth space mission.

Akira: We’re trying to decide whether to lock Miko out of the boys’ bedroom.
She’s never there to do anything helpful.
And when she sits on their beds to eat or troll teh forums, she inevitably wakes one of the boys.

Liberty: I wish I had one of those baby monitors to keep an eye on her while I’m working.


Today’s my favorite workday theme: Collection Day!
I manage to find another crystal missing from Akira’s collection. Only two more to go!

Happily, I manage to earn a promotion today, too!

I’m glad to notice that Akira has gone to bed early tonight.
Truth be told, I moved his beloved coffeemaker into family inventory this morning.

All that coffee was making him sleep-deprived, adversely affecting his job performance.

After seeing to our boys’ pressing needs, I buy a $1,500 retail lot in Newcrest.
Placing a $5,000 rocket ship kit there completes my “Own a rocket ship” goal.
Thanks so much for the tip, MarianT!

I immediately sell my “shop” for $5,500, suffering a net loss of $1,000 but so worth it!
Chalk up a third point for plus 1,000 satisfaction points!

I’d love to be able to build a “backyard” on this lot for the family, but we can’t afford it now.


While I try to have my tenth breakthrough before work, Akira checks on our sleeping boys.
He’s feeling insecure from his Jealous trait, so I stop what I’m doing to reassure him.

I have all the time in the world for that wonderful man of mine!

At work, my co-worker Perry Engels finally consents to let me take his DNA sample.


Since nobody in the house (including myself) cooks anymore, I call an Upper Crusts gathering.
Hey, hey, this isn’t how it works, folks!
You’re supposed to cook food for the toddlers, not eat the toddlers’ meals!
Clara, that’s your third helping! Stress-eating much?

Clara: Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?
Mila: Yeah!
Liberty: Okay, okay. Take your time! *backs away slowly


Wild little Mot Lee maxes his Imagination, advancing the household into its second Free Day with a point to spare.

Darling: Soon after, I get my “Celebrate Birthday” notice and age up all by my lonesome.

Darling: I join the Athlete career so Miko can continue staying at home.
Though I’m now family-oriented, I already have Level 8 Fitness but almost no parenting skill.

This balcony is where Liberty and I work; it’s off limits to the rest of the household.
When Liberty first placed the satellite dish, I thought it was to prevent my abduction.

Instead she’s using the Hivemind: Happy Town action to give the rest of us a Happy +2 boost.
It doesn’t affect Liberty or the toddlers, though.

Week 3/Sunday 

Liberty: During our second Free Day which ended this morning, we helped the boys raise their skills without maxing them.
After that, I continue to prepare Cirius for his future role as heir.

To my utter dismay, the boys max five toddler skills by the evening, ushering in our third Free Day eleven hours after our second one ended.

Liberty: I’m happy to say that all three boys have earned the Happy Toddler trait!
Thank you, Miko, for lighting all the birthday candles!
Cirius, make a wish then blow out your candles!

Independent Cirius is now self-assured (like Akira) and an artistic prodigy.
Clingy Dud, our second-born, is a bookworm (like me) and also an artistic prodigy.
Wild Mot loves the outdoors (like nobody I know) and is an artistic prodigy as well.

Cirius is the best-looking boy right now, but who knows what they’ll look like as teens?


Author’s Note

*I know, I know. I’m doing an absolutely horrid job of pacing point acquisition but we earned points too quickly due to the triplets.
*Strategically delaying my sims from earning points for the optimal timing of Free Days: this seems to be the goal yet I’m doing it so wrong.
*The household now faces 26 more sim-days until the young adult birthday of Cirius, with only two more Free Days left.
*I’m guessing that Cirius will take over as the heir while still a child (again, due to three children contributing points).
*My top priority now shall be, I believe, switching Liberty’s role from Parent Extraordinaire to Money-Making Mama.

Liberty Lee’s Second 10 Points
Satisfaction points (1): +1,000
Good Friends (1): Mot Lee
Promotions (3): Liberty/Sci 5, Akira/TGuru 3-4,
School Grades (1): Darling/A
Maxed (6): Cirius/Potty, Mot Lee/Imagination, Dud/Potty
Bladder Failure (-1): Miko

Liberty Lee’s Third 10 Points
Maxed (10): Cirius/Comm & Imagin; Dud/Imagin; Mot/Comm & Potty

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