TD 1.5: Timing Is Everything

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 3/Sunday

Liberty: Another Free Day already! *sighs heavily
Cirius and Mot, since you’re awake, drink these moodlet solvers and start drawing!

Akira: Second-born Dud catches up on his sleep since only two adults can mentor now.
Liberty: And after the new beds, skill objects, and more remodeling, we feel too poor to buy a third activity table.

Akira: On the balcony, I’m programming and gaming to prepare for my Tech Guru promotions.
Meanwhile, all seven of us are breeding frogs whenever possible.
I’m only missing one crystal in my collection but frog breeding is a tad more predictable.

We’re down to two frogs, one frog, then BAM! I breed the missing Eggplant frog.
I complete The Curator and choose, what else, Computer Whiz as my new aspiration.

I have quite a few satisfaction points now and almost buy Carefree to help with my jealousy.
But since Liberty’s always nearby to reassure me when I’m tense, I buy Never Weary instead.


Liberty: It’s an odd switch to be trying to avoid earning points rather than earning them as fast as possible.
While Miko and Darling encourage the boys to draw, I knock off a few unacknowledged feats:
Level 7 Logic and +1000 satisfaction points.

Akira: We also earn no points for my completing The Curator but I did buy myself a reward trait!

Liberty: Since I’ve taken today off, let’s spend the rest of our Free Day at Granite Falls!
Cirius and Mot can finish playing violins for Artistic Prodigy there.

Dud: Why am I playing the violin already? I’ve only just started Artistic Prodigy!
Miko: You can build Creativity, dear! I’m off to prepare us something to eat for later.

Akira: I’ve been on the computer for hours, so it feels great to rest my eyes and mind like this!
I could really get into fishing. For one thing, it gets me out of that cramped apartment!

Darling: I’m off for a jog, folks. I really want to get promoted out of that llamacorn outfit!

Liberty: We’re not only here for some fresh air and open spaces, of course!
After learning the woodworking schematic for camping mascots, I gather herbs.

Magnolia Blossom Park has a few garden planters, I hear.
Gardening would be fine hobby for Mot someday, since he loves the outdoors.

Cirius: Grrrr, someone make that bear go away! It’s making me tense!
Mot: Hang on, Cirius! We’re so close to maxing Creativity now!

Dud: Haha, I only have Creativity 5 but the bear throws a tip to me!
Bear (internally): I so love winding up the tourists! *giggles

Liberty: Congrats, you two, on finishing Artistic Prodigy during our Free Day!
Mot: Feels weird to rush to earn points, just so they won’t count. But now we’re Whiz Kids!

Akira: Why so serious, Cirius?
Cirius: Eh, I’m still feeling tense from that bear!
Liberty: By the way, buy the Night Owl reward right now before you two forget. I need to find four more herbs before we leave.


Liberty: This Slimify potion is already tested, but would you mind drinking it for me, Nina?
Nina: Why me? Are you suggesting that I need to lose some weight? *glances suspiciously

Liberty: Psh, of course not, girl. Everyone knows you have the perfect body!
It’s just that you’re my fave co-worker and I trust you the most.
Nina: Well, since you put it that way…

Akira: Sweetheart, I realize Cirius and Mot need to play 3 games of chess but I’m feeling ignored. *shares his insecurities
Liberty: Doll, if you would play chess with the boys, I’d have the free time to shower you with affection and a little more.

Darling: You must be the new nanny! Welcome to our home, even though it’s already 10 pm.
Nanny: Why did I get hired so late? Shouldn’t the children be in bed already?

Darling: Liberty and I both got promoted today, so you were probably hired for the point deduction.
Liberty (from upstairs): Darlene, please ask the nanny to cook a meal then you can dismiss her.

Darlene: You heard the boss. By the way, how do you like my outfit?
Nanny: I was just going to say that you look very nice! (I don’t get paid enough…)
Darlene: Right? I’ve never worn a skirt before, but this is so much better than the llamacorn suit!


Liberty: I’m so disappointed in you, Mot!
Mot: I just got bored and didn’t have anything better to do.

Liberty: You know I need to play chess with Cirius. It’ll be your turn next, son.
Or would you rather stay here with Dud and your parents after Cirius moves out?
Mot: Nooooooooo!

Liberty: Then you better behave, young man! Also, the puppy-dog eyes don’t work on me, Mot.
Mot (internally): Busted…

Dud: Thank you for helping me with my homework, Auntie Miko. You’re the only one who notices me.
Miko: That’s not true, Dud Lee.

Dud: Yes, it is! Mama spends all her time with Cirius cuz he’s the heir.
Our watcher’s always going on about how adorbz Mot is. It’s like I’m not even here!
Miko: Welcome to my life, Dud. Don’t forget that Darling and I are here for you, too.

Liberty: Phew! Now that everyone’s gone to bed, I have a little time for myself.
Perhaps it’s a good thing that the household can all slow down and relax a bit.

I, on the other hand, still need to hustle and churn out the you-know-whats!

Besides a trust fund for Cirius, we need to upgrade our furnishings, especially the cheap beds.
We may live in a small apartment, but we still deserve nice stuff!


Cirius: Oh puhleeze, Mot. Would you can the drama? We’re brothers!
Mot: I’m not sure why I’m reacting like this myself, honestly.

Cirius: Well, now you’ve invaded my privacy and embarrassed me!
Mot: Sorry about that! But hey, we earned B’s at school yesterday? Why didn’t Dud?
Cirius:  Dud’s fine–he’s just moving slower than us. It’s probably a points thing.

I’ve since added a wall between the shower and toilet with separate doors. *sighs

Liberty: Who me? Of course, I’m NOT the jealous type!
I’m just trying to get Miko to stop slacking and start cleaning. *zaps Mind Control: Clean

Miko: Hehe, not jealous my plumbob!

Liberty: A rare shot of the household sitting down for a meal!
Cirius: Well, we only became children on Sunday so it hasn’t been that long yet!
Akira: Thanks to Darling sleeping in, there’s a seat for everyone!

Mot (internally): Poor Auntie Miko, living here after Papa rejected her. Maybe I’ll have to marry her!

Cirius: Mama, did you cook this? It’s yummy!
Dud: Kiss up!
Cirius: Am not!


Liberty: I’ve had the most horrendous time since coming home from work last night!
The other adults kept distracting the boys while I tried to get them to do homework, shower, then sleep.

Poor Dud ended up sleeping on the couch in the foyer outside our apartment.
When Akira sat on Dud’s bed in the middle of the night to eat something, he woke Dud up.
Why won’t everybody just eat in the kitchen?

Sorry, Akira, but I’m locking you out of Dud and Mot’s bedroom. It’s your own fault!

All three boys got very little sleep last night. Lucky for everybody, today’s Friday!

Everybody’s skipping breakfast this morning, it seems, so I pack all my boys a sack lunch.

Liberty: I’m determined to defer our fourth Free Day until tomorrow!
Before work, I order a pizza so our Free Day won’t start while I’m at work.

Today is Alien Day at The Lab, and I’m required to abuse alien tourists visiting The Lab.
When tasked to give a tourist a serum, I give this fellow a Rose Serum.

A Rose Serum is only supposed to make you flirty, but he spontaneously burst into flames. He’s just that hawt!
Naturally, I immediately move in to dampen his ardor.

You could have blown me over with a feather when Brycen Spear showed up at The Lab!
Did I ever tell you that this alien is my secret first crush?

I was all ready to throw in my lot with this gorgeous man but, alas, he’s a not-in-the-world alien.
And that’s when I turned my sights on Akira Kibo, a decision I don’t regret in the least.
Erm, well, maybe just a wee tiny bit…

Why’s he wearing his swim trunks, you wanna know?
Duh, I had to use “Mind Control: Change Outfits” on three sims at The Lab. It’s my job!
(And don’t you dare blab to Akira–he would skin me alive!)

Liberty: Congrats on being the first of the boys to bring home an A, Mot!
Mot: Thanks, Mama! I honestly thought Cirius would be first.
Liberty: I’m not sure why, but you already have Mental 6, while Cirius only has Mental 3.

Mot: Hey, is that a new uniform?
Liberty: You noticed! Yes, dear. Mama got promoted to Laboratory Leader today!


Liberty: Well, I’ve been able to schedule our Free Day better this time.
I wait until morning to finish this math diagram and reach Logic 9. Booyah!

And our fourth Free Day begins around noon, with 8 more days until the boys become teenagers.
Now, if we can just delay our fifth Free Day so that Cirius takes over as a teen.


Fourth Free Day (9 points + 1 carried over)
Skills (2): Liberty/Logic 8-9
Good Friends (1): Dud Lee
Promotions (4): Liberty/Scientist 6-7, Akira/TechGuru 5, Darling/Athlete 4
School Grades (4): Cirius/B, Dud/B, Mot/B & A
NPC hires (-2): Nanny x1, Pizza delivery x1

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