TD 1.6: Liberty’s Liberation

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 4/Sunday

Cirius: We’re all at Desert Bloom Park when our fourth Free Day ends.
Now that I’m more or less done with power-skilling, I look around to check out the girls.

What? I’ll be a teenager in another week, so it’s a healthy interest, right?
Still three more weeks before my young adult birthday, but maybe I’ll luck into a high school sweetheart!

Earlier, I met Billy Jang and Krishna Bheeda. They’re both nice enough, but…
NO WAY I’m living in another small apartment in San Myshuno.

I quite fancy the pale Mizuki Hayashi. She’s a dog lover, she says, and lives with her father.
But when I ask where, she replies she’s a not-in-the-world sim. How very unfortunate!

Liberty: To reward everyone for their hard work this past week, we go to La Bovine in Willow Creek for dinner.
I don’t want our party to get seated separately, so I click “Request Table” on that table for eight.
It took me long enough to figure that out!

Mila Munch is also an invited guest.
She and I both belong to the Good Timers and Upper Crusts Clubs.
I spend more time with the Good Timers, but still want to thank her as club rep for the support.

By the way, doesn’t Akira look dashing tonight?
Seeing him in that tux brings back fond memories of our first date at Shimuzu.


Liberty: I spend a few free hours before work writing my first children’s book.
No big plans for achieving literary greatness or anything like that.

I’d just like to be able to write excuse notes for the family, especially for Akira and Cirius.
Perhaps Akira and I can go out on one more brunch date at Shimuzu before Cirius takes over.

While rereading the rules for this challenge, I note that vacation days and excuse notes are only permitted for use on Free Days.
Liberty: Thanks for making me write two novels for nothing, Watchette! This next book’s for you!


Liberty: Akira and Miko have their birthdays today. They’re aging up to adults.
After work, I plan to throw them a birthday party at the Shrieking Llama Bar.

Oh, and Nanny Ellen, you are dismissed.
We really just need you to show your face here for a few minutes for the minus point.

Today at The Lab, I invent my first Wormhole Generator.
Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to upgrade it for group travel to Sixam.

Akira: Wow, you really cooked up a storm after work for my birthday, sweetheart!
Liberty: I only wish I could do more for you, my love. And congrats on your promotion today!

Cirius: Hey, you only invited a bunch of old people, Mama!

Liberty: Hosting a party with uncontrolled sims is much harder than I thought.
Maybe Akira and I can go out for a date instead!

Besides the party guests, the bar attracts a random assortment of visitors.
For some reason, our nanny shows up in her nanny uniform but I can’t dismiss her.

Liberty: The party ends while I’m still trying to complete a party goal. Ugh, that was sheer torture!
Oh well, a silver medal is better than nothing, I guess.


Cirius: Isn’t your adult birthday tomorrow, Mama?
Liberty: Yes, it is, Cirius. And the three of you celebrate your birthday late Saturday night!
Do you feel ready to become a teenager?

Cirius: I’m excited about becoming the controlled sim, Mama, and I have an idea for my brothers!
Liberty: What’s that?
Cirius: Well, I can’t influence them like you do, but we can go to the park and do homework together!


Liberty: For my birthday, I invite Akira out on a dinner date to Shimuzu, our fave restaurant.
As luck would have it, we can’t reserve the table we had on our first date.

And that Don Lothario keeps chatting with Akira when I’m trying to enjoy our last romantic evening together!
Just stop it, Don! Sheesh!

Liberty: Akira, I could not love you any more than I already do!
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, caring father, and the bestest of best friends!

Akira: I should be the one thanking you, Liberty! (Is “bestest” even a word?)
You’ve believed in me, despite my jealousy and my serial romantic roommate!
And we’ve been so blessed, darling, with our triplets!

Liberty: I can only hope that Cirius takes after you, you devilishly handsome man!

Back home, I quickly and quietly age up to an adult.
Well, not quite quietly, since Miko’s in the living room singing country music!
Arrggh, country music!


Liberty: Miko, it’s morning! How can you still be singing country music?
Miko: *shrugs
Darling: *keeps dancing

Akira: I know one thing I’d like for us to do, Lib, before Cirius assumes the helm.
Liberty: Awww, Akira! This is why I’ll always love you!

Liberty: Back home, I invite over Mizuki Hayashi, a teen who lives in Oasis Springs.
The Good Timers are ageing, and Mizuki appeared while I was looking for a younger member for the club.
Her make-up’s a little excessive, but she’s neat, a dog-lover, and very pretty!

Akira: How’re you doing today, Mot?
Mot: Okay, I guess. Just waiting for our birthday tonight, you know.

Akira: I know you think you’ve got it made because the readers think you’re cute.
But Watchette has decided to wait until later then choose between you and Dud to move out with Cirius.

Mot: That can’t be true, Papa! When did that happen?
Akira: When Dud came in range to earn the Responsible trait while you were busy making messes.

Cirius (internally): Mizuki’s so cute that I’m too nervous to concentrate on playing!
How will I ever impress her if I keep losing?

Akira (whispers): I wonder how much older she is than our son…
Liberty (whispers): I’m thinking about a week. She was a child when I first met her at Desert Bloom Park.

Mizuki (internally): Is this some kind of matchmaking thing with little Junior here?
His father is totally a looker, though, so I might consider if there’s a family resemblance.

Akira: Dud drives Mizuki away with his atrocious karaoke, so Cirius works on his school project.

Liberty: Soon, Cirius becomes our second son within range to earn the Responsible trait.
I can influence Cirius to work on a project but, sadly, I can’t influence his father to assist him.

Mot: Hmmmph, everyone’s conspiring against me cuz I’m so adorable!
You want responsible, huh? Huh?! I can do responsible!

Eh, you know what people say: Haters gonna hate, potaters gonna potate…

Week 5/Sunday 

Liberty: It’s after midnight when the boys finally receive their birthday notices!
I rush down to place their cakes and light their candles, then wake them out of their sleep.

Here are portraits of the whole family so you can see who our sons resemble.
Honestly, I’ve been hoping and praying for three mini-Akiras, but it was not to be.

Akira: Dud and Mot look like identical twins, but Cirius–even with my lips–doesn’t really resemble me.
Liberty: I’m sad that they all look so much like me when Akira is so handsome!
Still, our sons are a good-looking bunch and smart to boot!

Mot, that little rascal, still oozes charm and makes the best faces!

We’re at 9 points now and my Logic is at 9.90. Maxing Logic will also complete Nerd Brain for me.

So now I’m going to take a short nap, after which I’ll finish this math diagram.
That will kick off our fifth and final Free Day. Can you believe how quickly time’s passed?

I’ve tried to do everything possible to ensure Cirius’s success as the heir.
Hopefully, I haven’t forgotten anything important. Just a sec, Akira, I’ll be right there!


Fifth Free Day (12 points)

Skills (1): Liberty/Logic 10
Household Funds (2): +$30,000
Promotions (2): Akira/TechG 6, Liberty/Sci 8
School Grades (2): Cirius/A, Dud/A
Maxed (6): Cirius/Whiz Kid, Liberty/Logic & Nerd Brain
Gold-Medal Events (1): Date x1
NPC hires (-2): Nanny x2


Liberty Lee’s Total Points

I’m having a bit of trouble keeping track of points and unable to get my individual free day points to add up correctly.
The figures below more or less reflect how Liberty earned her 52 points.

Designated Skill (6): Liberty/Logic
Satisfaction Points (2): +2,000
Promotions & Grades (20): Liberty (7), Akira (5), Darling (1)
Good Friends (2): Darling Walsh, Mot Lee
Maxed Skills/Aspirations (22)
Household Funds (2): +$30,000
Gold Medal Events (1): Date x1
Wishing Well (1): Wish for promotion x1
Bladder Failure (-1): Miko
NPC Hires (-4): Nanny x3, Pizza x1

TD 2.7: Seriously Tedious Teendom

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  1. Mila Such a busybody. She shows up to everything in my game. Those parties are always a mess and I’ve never really been successful at them so what I do now is use the club system and have my parties that way. Everything from weddings two birthdays to picnics to whatever. I love the club system

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