TD 2.7: Seriously Tedious Teendom

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 5/Sunday

Liberty: My last Free Day begins just before 7 am and will end Monday morning, exactly as I’d hoped!
This time tomorrow, the boys can down a moodlet solver or Need Fixer then head for their first day of high school.

Liberty: I know I’ve complained now and then about Miko over the past weeks.
Frankly, I’ve been a bit jealous of all her free time and the friendship between Akira and her.

She’s never ever complained about having to stay at home, though, and our sons adore her.
This morning, she’s on a cooking marathon to help Cirius during his first days as heir.

Miko’s been a tremendous help and the reason I’ve been able to keep working.

Cirius: We’re just staying home long enough for me to learn how to paint portraits.
You already know that I’m self-assured like Papa, and now I’m also a perfectionist.

You’d think, since I’m the heir, that I’d get to paint on the balcony like that lucky Ojo Zest!
But no, my parents turned the balcony into their Focused Space long ago.
It’s where Papa works with his computer and Mama does woodworking and gardens.

I don’t really mind. I’m not planning to stay home in this apartment all the time like Mama did.

Cirius: Besides being a bookworm, Dud is also outgoing. Seems like a conflict of interests, doesn’t it?
He also aspires to become a Friend of the World, but seems to have poor taste in acquaintances.

Cirius: The outdoor-loving Mot is now a geek, and he’s not faring much better than Dud.
He introduces himself politely to the prettiest girl he sees, but she lies about her career.

Akira: I’m glad to see he’s gotten serious about his character values.
Cirius: Thanks for motivating him, Papa. I need a sidekick who’ll support, not distract, me.

Cirius: The first place we go is a photography studio where I take a few shots of my parents together.
I’ve decided to start a new tradition for the Lee Dynasty.
Besides individual portraits, each heir will include a photo of their parents together in their museum space.
Such photos won’t be added to the value of the portraits or museum collection, but they offer loads of sentimental value.

This isn’t the photograph I’ve chosen for the museum, but it’s still a great shot of the ‘rents.

Cirius: At Magnolia Blossom Park, the household takes turn posing for their portraits.
Don’t you think our middle brother, Dud Lee, looks the most like Mama?

As much as I’d like to ask both brothers to live with me, I’ve decided against it.
My future wife would be spending most of her time with my brothers while I handle dynasty duties.

I know Mama gets sad when Papa hangs out with Auntie Miko while Mama looks after all of us.

Cirius: Hey, remember me, Mizuki? The little guy you mercilessly slaughtered playing Party Frenzy?
Mizuki: Oh, you had a birthday! (He’s kinda cute now but doesn’t have his father’s sizzle…)

Mizuki: *suddenly becomes very angry
Cirius: *gets confused and pulls out his slablet

Mizuki: You invite me all the way out here to watch you play video games?
Cirius: Not at all! I’ve only been a teen since this morning, remember?
I was googling to learn why you got mad so suddenly. Mood swing? *calms her down

Cirius: Once Mizuki’s feeling better, we all head to Desert Bloom Park.
We’re friends but I have high hopes she’ll be my girlfriend before long.

Meanwhile, Mama (who maxed Handiness this morning) attacks the boarded-up cave entrance.


Mizuki: Why yes, Cirius! I’d love to be your girlfriend! *squees
Cirius: Watchette, would you mind looking after the rest of the household tonight?
True to my name, I take my duties as the heir very seriously.

Cirius: Very seriously, indeed!
Who knows when Mizuki will age up to a young adult, right?


After school, Cirius invites Mizuki and his friend Masaya over to the house.
Masaya is a childish geek who works as a short-order cook.

Masaya: Dude, your girlfriend just aged up to a young adult! Whatchu gonna do now?
Cirius: Well, Mizuki is still my best friend, girlfriend, and soulmate, but my birthday isn’t for 11 days.
Masaya: Dang, 11 more days? Good luck with that!
Cirius: At least, her third trait is Outgoing. I can live with a neat, outgoing dog-lover!


Cirius: This is my third day as the new heir, but I’m still living at home. *sighs
I’m trying to speed ahead to my young adult birthday, I really am.
Then, something important happens that I need to share.

Like, when I get home from school today, Mizuki phones to invite me over.
Her house is incredibly spacious!


Cirius: I finished everyone’s portraits earlier this week.
And today my collection of paintings is done, too. What do you think?

Cirius: Do you remember I took photos of my ‘rents at the photography studio in Newcrest?
This one occupies pride of place at the very center of my wall. They sure look happy together!

Cirius: The Museum’s third floor is reserved for portraits of the founder and heirs.
The Gen10 Lee heir will place their museum collection here as well.

Did you notice? I made a copy of Mama’s portrait to hang with my other portraits on the first floor.
Papa’s portrait didn’t look right without Mama’s portrait nearby.
Akira: Thanks, son!

Cirius: Besides my household, I’ve also invited Mizuki along to the Museum.
Before I propose, I want her to fully understand what it means that I’m a dynasty heir.

But my birthday isn’t until next Saturday, so we still have to wait another week.
Lucky for me, Mizuki’s been amazing and phones me each and every day.

Week 6/Sunday

Cirius: Today’s our last trip as a household to the Flea Market.
Mizuki and Masaya meet up with us, too.

By the way, asking my group to “shoot around together” only results in chaos!

Cirius: Um, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be kissing me like this since I’m still a teen.
Not that I mind, of course. Please be my guest and smooch away!

Just to be clear, I’m not using a mod that permits romance between a teen and a young adult.
Apparently, Mizuki’s feelings toward our heir overwhelm the game’s normal mechanics.


Cirius: Remember my other dog-loving friend from grade school, also named Mizuki Hayashi?
She invites me out to a café in Windenberg and I naively accept.

Oddly, she gained the Neat trait on her teen birthday, also just like my Mizuki.
Is the game playing tricks on me?
The major difference, though, is that this teen Mizuki remains a not-in-the-world sim.


Cirius: It’s past midnight when my brothers and I head out to Windenberg with the two Mizuki’s.
Mot: So the younger Mizuki’s with me?
Cirius: Where’s Dud?
Mot: In the closet, crying to himself. He really is a Dud! *shrugs

Cirius: We’re all in dire need of some fun, so we enjoy the dancing, DJ’ing, and socializing.
I spy Cirius autonomously kissing his Mizuki here, but I miss the chance to document it! And I can’t direct Cirius to kiss her, either.


Cirius: With only a day left to go, I’m trying to remember all I need to do before moving out.
I ask Mama to mentor me in Handiness for a while, because she can.

Liberty: Before transferring control to Cirius, I’d set up a mini-lab at the Future Past Museum.
For one thing, our apartment is just too small for a home science laboratory.
But, also, my descendants will have access to my inventions this way.

Cirius: We add Mama’s second cloning machine and satellite dish to her mini-lab, since I can’t take them with me.
Liberty: If only I could have fully upgraded that wormhole generator!

Cirius: Let’s go home, Mama. I’m still not done remodeling the apartment for a 5-sim household.


Cirius: I’ve been waiting for hours, ready to leap out of the house as soon as our birthday notices arrive.
When they do, I grab the cakes and take everyone–including my Mizuki–to Myshuno Meadows.
Now, I’m a self-assured perfectionist who’s a snob. Sounds like an Art Critic, yeah?

Cirius: My lovely Mizuki, thank you for waiting for me! And now, I can finally ask you…Will you be mine?
Mizuki: I was expecting a more passionately romantic proposal since I’ve been on ice for the past two weeks.
But….yes, of course!  Why else would I phone a high school student every evening if not for love?

Cirius and Mizuki get married right afterwards, with only the moon and stars as their witnesses.

Cirius: Oh, my beloved Mizuki! You are perfect just the way you are! (Well, except for those skimpy shorts. They must go!)
Mizuki: I feel exactly the same way about you, darling Cirius! I wouldn’t change a hair on your head.
(That hat, however, is a buzzkill…)

Cirius: After eloping, I move into Mizuki’s home at Yuma Heights.
At last, I can turn the first page of a new chapter as the second-generation Lee heir.
And so my new life with Mizuki commences at last!

Mizuki dearest, I hope you like strawberries!
Oh darn! We need a free day and fast!


Cirius Lee’s Starting Stats

Satisfaction: 1,760 points
New Lot: Yuma Heights (Acquisition Butte, Oasis Springs)
Household funds:  $19,959
Designated Skill: Writing (currently Level 1)
Secondary Skills: Painting 10, Handiness 7, Logic 5, Cooking 4, Gardening 3
Aspiration:  Painter Extraordinaire (Tier III)
Job: Critic/Art Critic (Level 3)

TD 2.8: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

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  1. That aging up time difference is always a burger with teen romances! Are usually am very casual about those because they never seem to age up within a reasonable distance of each other. Oh and LOL on the strawberry remark … hmmm who wants a girl

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