TD 2.8: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 6/Saturday

Cirius: We’re hoping for two kids so we travel somewhere that promotes multiple births.
That’s when it hits me: I’d rather have Mizuki give two single births instead.
Mizuki: Easy for you to say, dear. You won’t be the one going through pregnancy twice.

Cirius: Since you’re 11 days older than me, I want to shorten that gap as much as possible, my love. So, no multiple births, please!
Admittedly, it will be a hardship having to try for baby on two different occasions. *winks
And so Cirius persuades Mizuki to head home…

Cirius: Being a male heir has its drawbacks. I wish I could take a pregnancy test on Mizuki’s behalf!
I did see her cover her mouth once, though, as if she were nauseous.
Mizuki: I’d say finding me cleaning the toilet like this offers pretty solid evidence.

Cirius: Will our child arrive four days later without a pregnancy test?
Don’t know. Pregnancy times seem different since the Parenthood’s release.

Cirius: Allow me to introduce the rest of the household, starting with my father-in-law.
Tetsu Hayashi is a Pro Gamer (eSport Gamer 8 ) with zero video gaming skill. *stifles laugh

He’ll be an elder in 10 more days, but I’m going to ask him to keep working since he’s so unskilled.

Cirius: On your right sits Mot who, of course, needs no introduction.
Mot: When’s our next free day? I’d like to get a job.

Cirius: On your left sits my buddy, Masaya Yamamoto.
To my delight, he’s a serial romantic which jibes perfectly with my envisioned role for him.
Masaya: A cinnamon roll?
Cirius: Not that kind of role, silly. That’s food for thought, but you’ve spelled it wrong!

Masay: A synonym roll?
Cirius: No, dingus! I’m talking about a pollinator.
Masaya: Is pollinating a real job or more like a side gig?

Mizuki: You do remember that I’m a dog-lover?
And did you know that the Japanese name for flowering dogwood is Hana mizuki?

That’s why I absolutely refuse to let anyone change my name.
If anyone should change their name, it’s that younger copydawg Mizuki!

Cirius: Our watcher loves flowering dogwood and even made one into a bonsai during her Tokyo years.
Mizuki: Wow, that’s an amazing bonsai! Watchette actually grew that?

Cirius: Nah, it’s just a photo from an online Japanese shop.
Watchette could never get hers to flower then it died of neglect and loneliness.
There’s a reason why, in Japan, bonsai is a hobby preferred by the elderly!
It’s still an fantastic photograph!

Cirius: We’re all happy to hear about Mizuki’s name but can we get back on topic, please?
Here’s a shakedown of our household right now:
• Mot in green: Loves the outdoors, geek, active (The Curator)
• Wifey Mizuki: Dog-lover, neat, outgoing (Leader of the Pack)
• Me: Self-assured, perfectionist snob (Painter Extraordinaire)
• Masaya in red: Childish, geek, neat (Serial Romantic)
• Tetsu: Goofball, jealous, neat (Master Vampire)

Tetsu: So when’s our first free day again? I’d like to get started on my aspiration.
Cirius: Master Vampire? Sorry, but dat ain’t nevah gonna happen!

Mot: Wow, look! Mizuki, Masaya, and Tetsu all have the neat trait!
Cirius: I sure hope they’re the likes-to-clean neatniks, not the complains-about-filth neatniks!
And we all get make-overs! Well, I only switched from bermudas to slacks.

Cirius: Ever since I maxed painting at my parents’ home, I’ve avoided viewing art at a museum until today.
At the art museum, I earn 2,000 satisfaction points and become good friends with Masaya.

Mizuki: So I had to lose my short shorts and crazy hair for a more subdued style.
Meanwhile, Cirius gets to keep his stupid hat look.

Cirius: Hey, you did NOT just call my hat stupid! Also, admit it, Mizuki!
With classier threads, a new hairdo, and less makeup, you’re even lovelier than before.

Cirius: In an effort to socialize my household, I take everyone with me to Windenberg.

After wasting an hour trying to knock on the front hour, I discover that the front door is in back.
Odd, I’ve never played this household but have often visited it. Their front door has always been, well, in front.

Cirius: I’m the most selfless heir, don’t you think?
Here I am, learning to write on a subpar computer so Masaya can meet people.

Do you think it would be rude of me to take a Thoughtful Shower here?

Leaving behind my new good friend Morgan, I visit The Wishing Well.
The Well arranges a guaranteed promotion after my next shift, which is great news.

I’m not sure what to think, though, because my job performance bar doesn’t budge.
Hmmmm, we’re at 9 points now. How can I earn my tenth point tonight?

Week 7/Sunday

Cirius: Well, no, we don’t earn any points for woohoo in the closet.
In fact, I gained my 10th point by boosting my Writing skill to Level 4.

Would you have preferred to see a shot of my back hunched over a computer?
I didn’t think so.
Anyway, my first free day begins at 2:43 a.m. Yippeee!

Mot: The first thing I do is join the Scientist career then try to get breakthroughs.
Masaya: I join the Business career then work on my charisma.

Mizuki: I dash to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. Yes!!!
I’d been wondering how Cirius would get me to eat strawberries.

Good job, Cirius! You earned the first 10 points all by yourself.

Cirius: I’d taken over Mama’s garden as heir, so I moved here with many seeds.
Mot: Once it’s light out, some of us join the Garden Gnomes Club to plant and water those seeds.

Mizuki: It’s a huge garden, Cirius. How will you tend it alone after the free day?
Cirius: Only sparingly, love. Gardening isn’t my jam but it might suit a future heir.

Cirius: I’m delighted to report that Masaya has gotten his cinnamon buns in gear.
Those flirty paintings are my contribution!
Masaya: Oh yeah! Cuz this is how I roll.

Morgan: What? You’re taking me out for sushi?

Cirius: As afternoon turns to evening, some of us are developing our parenting skills.

Tetsu: I’ve acquired the video gaming skill for the first time in my life.
It’s about time!
And while Cirius and Mot are feeling lucky they now live in such a luxurious abode…

Elsewhere, there’s another sim who’s getting lucky.

Morgan: Hey, wouldn’t you rather come live with me in Windenberg?


Cirius: An hour before work, I thoughtlessly choose to work from home today. Darn it!
For one of my tasks, I have to talk to a vendor in the Spice Market while they’re serving food.
Lady, I just want to introduce myself. No need to close shop for that!
How can I talk with a vendor without introducing myself first? Or could I have just ordered food?

Cirius: By the way, on my way to the Spice Market, I clicked on Ye Olde Salt House by mistake.
That’s how I know that teen Mizuki Hayashi #2 lives there with her father now.

Hmmm, I wonder if she’ll be a young adult during our next free day?

Cirius: Since I’m not at the office today, I figure I can take my Mizuki to the park.
We’ll be getting out less once the little one arrives.

Check out my lovely wife with her second-trimester baby bump!

Cirius: I ask Masaya about Mizuki #2 and he replies he’s never met her. We need to fix that!

When I run into Mizuki #2 there, I try talking up Masaya to her. She seems interested!
Oops, I notice my Mizuki is flagging, so we all hurry home.

Cirius: I watch after Mizuki to make sure she goes to our bedroom, then I go out back to garden.
For some reason, Mizuki feels the need to come downstairs to talk to me.
Though I try to lure her back upstairs with woohoo, she of course doesn’t make it. *sighs

Cirius: While cleaning up after everyone, I find Masaya in the kitchen.
He looks really sleepy, so why is he drinking coffee?
Oh good, he’s gone to bed. I’m glad someone has some sense around here!

Cirius: Hey, congrats on your Level 4 promotion, Mot!
Mot: I actually got the promotion last night from The Wishing Well.
Cirius: Awww, too bad!
Mot: Why? A promotion’s a good thing, right? Points or no points!

Cirius: Mizuki passed out after the free day, before we’ve earned any more points.
That means we need 20 points until our second free day.
Mot: Look on the bright side, bro! Mizuki #2 will probably be a young adult by then.
Cirius: But I’d worked so hard to earn our first free day within a day of moving in! *sniffle, sniffle


Cirius Lee’s First 10 Points

Skills (3): Cirius/Writing 2-4
Satisfaction points (2): +1,000 x2
Household funds (2): +$30,000 x1
Good friends (2): Masaya Yamamoto, Morgan Fyres
Wishing Well: Promotion wish x1

…and Cirius started off so well, too! *stifles a sob (lol)

TD 2.9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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