TD 2.9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 7/Tuesday

Cirius: I understand that you love cleaning, my lovely neat Mizuki.
But would you mind terribly waiting until a time when I’m not trying to write?
Mizuki: I just feel so bad about passing out!

Cirius: Not your fault at all, darling.
“Someone” unintentionally clicked “Work from Home” instead of “Go to Work” for me yesterday.
Oh, I wonder who would have done something so foolish ? *coughs

Cirius: Cooking for the household helps me max cooking, so that’s two points!
Hmmm, maybe I don’t need to worry so much about those 20 points!
We have a nooboo on the way. Won’t they earn points like crazy as a toddler?

Mot: Um, I think a single toddler won’t be the same as triplets…

Cirius: This evening, my gardening advances enough to allow me to graft.
Surprisingly, I reach Gardening 9 while I’m merely attempting to downsize the garden!

At this rate, I’ll max gardening by tomorrow!
Cirius has been leveling skills faster than any sim I’ve seen in a while.
Must be the combination of his bonus traits and reward traits.


Mizuki: I go into labor in the wee hours and immediately leave for the hospital.
My little one deserves a birth certificate!

The usually calm-and-collected Cirius goes into a full-fledged panic, waving his arms and what not.

I give birth to a precious little girl, whom we name Merri.
Merri Lee, not Merri Hayashi.

Cirius: Merri obliges by falling asleep as soon as she arrives home.
This frees her parents to devote themselves to crucial dynastic duties!

Cirius: When hunger awakes Merri, her Uncle Mot is there in a flash!
He has zero parenting skill but his natural instincts are spot on! Thanks, Mot!

Mizuki: Isn’t there a more civilized way of proving that I’m pregnant?

Cirius: I’m going to pretend I never saw Mama blowing Mizuki #2 a kiss.
No wonder Papa’s always feeling tense and insecure!

Cirius: Soon, you will be a toddler, Merri Lee! I just know you’re going to be a little charmer!
You will wear dresses, you will have hair, you will have toys…but no boys yet.
I think waiting until you’re 20 to start dating would be the wisest.

Cirius: I haven’t had many appliances breaking on me this first week.
I’ve been trying to gradually upgrade everything to minimize future repairs.

Mizuki: Tonight, a stranger appeared at our door and asked to be invited in.
Asking around, I find that nobody in the household knows her. Nobody!

Because we’ve concluded that she’s a vampire, Cirius has started learning Vampire Lore.
Masaya: Hey, does she live in a house because…


Cirius: Today’s my day off so I invite my parents over. It’s always great to spend time with them.
They’re as publicly affectionate to each other as always.

Cirius: My poor father-in-law Tetsu, however, is the jealous type.
He spends a lot of time envying my parents as well as Mizuki and me.
He’s never shared with me what happened to Mizuki’s mother, so I’ve politely never pried.

Today, I get the great idea to help him slim down for both his health and his love life.
By the way, he didn’t get those tiger stripes from the Taste of Diet ice cream.

Cirius: I follow Tetsu around Desert Bloom Park, waiting for the ice cream’s effect to kick in.
Erm, does he look any slimmer to you?
Apparently, our watcher can’t distinguish an overweight sim from one with a “robust” body shape.
Sorry, Tetsu. We tried!
Foiled again!

Masaya: Morgan phones to say that she gave birth to a girl and named her Theresa. I’m a father!
Nice work, Masaya! It’s ideal to have at least a girl-child there, but you’ll need to go back.

Masaya: Until Morgan gives birth to a boy?
That’s right. Brawn AND brains, huh? And let us know what happens with that other lady.


Cirius: Merri Lee’s birthday notice arrives early in the morning and she becomes a toddler.
She is too lovely for words, my little charmer!

Cirius: She initially rebels against having a bath, but I win her over.
Then I calmly ask her to lose the emotional meltdowns.

Cirius: My sweet little angel, leaving for work today will break my heart!
How can I trust your mother and grandfather to look after you while I’m gone?
They’ve paid hardly any attention to you since your birth!

Mizuki: While Cirius is upstairs reading to Merri Lee, I’m downstairs.
I’m having breakfast, suffering from morning sickness, and watching a movie with Mot.
Why do I get the feeling that someone’s talking trash about me?

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merri Lee, Merri Lee, Merri Lee, Merri Lee,
Life is but a dream.


Cirius Lee’s Free Day #2 (20 points required)
Currently at 10 points

TD 2.10: Step Nimbly, Young Lad!

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