TD 2.10: Step Nimbly, Young Lad!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 7/Friday

Cirius: It’s not that I love my wife less lately. I still love Mizuki, I swear I do.
But I confess that my heart’s been stolen by another. Please don’t judge me, cherished readers.
How could I help but fall headlong in love with her?

Everything about my little Merri captivates me!
I can’t bear to part from her, not even for a second.

If I’m not working, I rush to her side whenever she awakens.
Then, with two hearts beating as one, we explore her new world.

Cirius: Papa rushed home from work as soon as he could, Merri Lee.
Did you have a good time while I was gone?
Merri: No! *pouts

Cirius: You want to tell me why you’re standing here at the top of the stairs, sugar?

Merri Lee can barely talk yet, so allow me to explain, Cirius.
As soon as you leave for work today at noon, Mizuki enters the room.
The two of them dance toether. So far, so good.

Although Merri isn’t hungry yet, Mizuki sits her in the high chair downstairs.
Poor Merri sits forgotten in that high chair for 3 and 1/2 hours.
(The Baker’s Cousin Display Case is upstairs for a reason!
Also, that high chair has since been moved to family inventory.)

Mizuki finally returns to take her out of the chair at 4:30 pm. Then, leaving Merri downstairs, Mizuki goes upstairs to play with the dollhouse.
Upstairs, where Merri’s bed, potty, dollhouse, plushie animals, and all her other toys are.
Though Merri has never seen stairs before, she bravely climbs them for the very first time.
And when she reaches the top of the stairs at last, that’s the moment you arrive home, Cirius.

Cirius: Just as I’m thinking the day can’t get any worse, Mizuki #2 starts a fire in the kitchen (-2 points).
Who asked her to cook in the first place?
Masaya and I earned promotions today, but the fire drops us back to 10 points. *sighs

Before calling it a day, I play the violin for a while to prepare for my next promotion.

My parents show up and throw me tips then start making out right next to me.
I’m just grateful that I’m not an unflirty sim!


Cirius: For a charmer, Merri is quite the defiant little toddler.
If she’s not playing or learning with me or asleep, she likes to make messes.

Look at my little cherub!
I discipline her firmly for her defiance, but she knows very well that my heart’s not in it.

Cirius: Hey, Masaya! Have you heard from your other lady friend?
Masaya: Yes, she also had a daughter. Sofia named her Charity Bjergsen.

Cirius: What about Mizuki #2? You realize she’s a young adult now, right?
Masaya: I haven’t really gotten to know her, but what’s her third trait, bro?

Cirius: Besides neat and dog-lover, she’s also hotheaded.
Masay: Hmmmm…..
Cirius: I didn’t hear you complaining that Morgan Fyres is hotheaded, but let me give Mizuki #2 a makeover.
She looked a bit jaundiced before, so I’ve chosen a warmer skintone.

Masaya: Admit it, Watchette! You dig me even more because I’m neat!
I confess that I do have a soft spot for sims who clean autonomously.
But I’d worship you if you would produce some spouse prospects for Merri!

Week 8/Sunday

Mizuki: It’s a few hours past midnight when I  give birth to a little boy.
Because he seems so agile and active, we name him Nimb Lee.

Do you think he will grow up to share his father’s skintone?

Cirius: Hello, little man! Sorry I couldn’t welcome you to the family right away.
But your big sister Merri has finally gone to sleep after maxing her potty skill.

I’m so pleased to have a son, Nimb Lee, and you seem like such a happy fella!

While caring for Nimb Lee, I max parenting.
And now I can perform super efficient baby care for Nimb’s remaining two days as a baby. *drips sarcasm

That evening, I bring home a promotion then become good friends with Nimb and Mizuki #2.
My second Free Day is just two points away now!

By the way, Papa aged up to an elder while he was visiting tonight.
Mama will follow in three more days, I guess.
All the more reason to hurry for a Free Day so our children can get to know their paternal grandparents.


I’d been somewhat rushing to help Merri max Imagination for our last two points.
But then, I decided having an extra point of insurance isn’t a bad idea.
So I’m giving Merri a break from power-skilling (lol) and I’m writing a novel instead.

And, yes, I’ve taken over the previously-unused third-floor room as my personal studio!

I feel a little bad now for having monopolized Merri.
Looking out the window, I see her grandfather asking her for a hug.

Tetsu’s elder birthday is tomorrow. He’ll want to retire immediately, I bet.

Ding! I’ve gained another level in writing!

At 5:30 pm, not long after Masaya gets off work, I complete Painter Extraordinaire.
The two additional points boosts us to 21 points!

I simultaneously earn 1,250 satisfaction points for painting my fifth masterpiece.
But the rules only mention carrying over a single point, not two, so we’ll be ignoring that third point.

I must let the others now that our Free Day has begun!

But before we go, please accept warm wishes from the Lees for a Happy New Year!
The year 2018 is the Year of the Dog, represented by the red character in the top right.

May 2018 bring you and yours an abundance of joy, laughter, prosperity, and success!

Note: The family name “Lee” can be Korean or Chinese, so Liberty wears a traditional Korean hanbok.
Akira Kibo is a Japanese name, so all the boys are wearing kimono.
Merri Lee has decided to go for the unsmiling, stick figure look. 


Cirius Lee’s Free Day #2 (21 points)

Designated skill (2): Writing 5-6
Maxed skills (8 ): Cirius/Cooking, Gardening, Parenting; Merri/Potty
Maxed aspiration (2): Cirius/Painter Extraordinaire
Good friends (4): Hugo Villareal, Merri Lee, Mizuki Hayashi #2, Nimb Lee
Promotions (6): Masaya/Business 2-3, Cirius/ArtC 4-6, Mot/Scientist 5
Satisfaction points (2): +1000 points x2
Passed out (-1): Mizuki #1 (wife) x1
Fire (-2): Mizuki #2 x1

TD 2.11: He’s Just a Love Machine

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