TD 2.11: He’s Just a Love Machine

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 8/Monday

Masaya: Our second free day finally arrives and I eagerly consider how to spend the next 24 hours.
Mizuki #2 phones immediately to invite me over but I ask her to visit me instead.

Lucas Munch enters my boudoir while my flirty paintings and I are waiting on Mizuki #2.
That’s how he ended up as Kiss No. 3. I’m a serial romantic, remember?

Masaya: It would be so fabulous if you could have a son, Mizuki!
Mizuki #2 (suspiciously): I don’t know if I want a son, frankly.
If I had a son and Merri Lee moved in with us, your watcher would probably change my name.
Masaya: *whistles innocently

Mot: Now that I’m a Technological Innovator, we can finally get some cloning machines at home!
I make Cirius a SimRay, too, which I hope to have time to upgrade later!
How I love a free day!


Cirius: Our little boy Nimb Lee becomes an independent toddler around 2 a.m.

Mizuki: Look at this old polaroid shot I found of Cirius! Nimb is a spitting image of his father.

Tetsu: I try having another bowl and a half of Taste of Diet, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
Oh well. I might retire soon so today’s a good time to improve my parenting.

Sofia: Really, Masaya? A tent on the front lawn? Is this the best you can do?
Masaya: Awwww, c’mon, Sofia. Don’t be like that!
Why should we waste time walking up and down the stairs when we could be…*waggles eyebrows

Masaya: When I first met Masami Hayashi last week, I wondered if she might be related to one of the Mizuki’s.
But they’re not related at all. I guess the game’s just getting lazy with family names.

Normally, Masami is not the kind of woman who attracts me, as you might guess.
Hey, Watchette, I’ve tried for baby with Masami twice today, because you say she lives in a plush penthouse.
But she’s aged up to an adult since I last saw her. Isn’t she too old to raise a son for Merri?

Darn it, you’re right, Masaya! Send her along, then. *puts on thinking cap
There presently aren’t any boys Merri’s age in the simverse. Who else is available? *checks everyone’s relationship panels 

Masaya: Why did you bring me here, Cirius?
Cirius: There’s someone living here who I’d like you to meet. Her name’s Alysha Alonzo.
Masaya: Sure thing. Let’s cover all our bases, bro!

Tetsu: You’ll be glad to hear that Taste of Diet had a delayed effect for me! Check me out!
From the front, I appear much slimmer!
From the side, I still haven’t managed to lose my under-the-skin belly pudge.

I don’t mind. I look and feel so much healthier now! Thanks reggikko!

Tetsu: And I’m blessed with a grandson who’s like the son I never had.

Masaya: Thanks for coming over, Alysha. With two toddlers at home, we try to stay in as much as we can.
Alysha (internally): What a catch! Handsome, filthy rich, and even cares about children!

Alysha: Wait till the girls at Mobwives hear that I snagged myself a younger man!
Masaya: Um, I’m pretty sure I was the snagger and you were the snaggee, but okay.
Also, you’ve got only three more days to brag, girl! My adult birthday’s on Friday.

Cirius: I take a photograph of Tetsu teaching flash cards to Nimb.
By the time Merri’s a child, Tetsu will already be an elder.

With this photo, she can decide later whether she wants to paint her grandfather’s portrait as an adult or elder.

Luna: So nice of you to invite me over. May I ask why you’re standing out front in your boxers?
Masaya: These aren’t my boxers, Luna dear! They’re my, erm, recreational shorts!

Luna: And what kind of recreation do you mean, exactly?
Masaya (changes subject): Hey, what a coincidence! We both have the childish trait!

Masaya: After Luna leaves, I only need three more kisses for my aspiration.
I prey on two walk-bys whom I’d never seen before in my life. Whatevs.

I invite Cat Ears over, too. Because she’s a young adult female, she gets a little extra attention.
Who knows? She might eventually move into a house like Mizuki #2 and her father did!

Cirius: I leave for work at 4 pm and our Free Day ends at 5:30 pm. It’s so obvious our Free Day is over!
Grandpa Tetsu has gone indoors to eat, leaving behind the starving and exhausted Nimb. Poor little guy!


Tetsu: Around 4 am, my son-in-law has me come down to blow out my birthday candles.
I’m surprised but delighted that he remembered.
Compare Cirius to my daughter, who sleeps through my caking up. Hmmph!
I guess Cirius as well as Nimb are the sons I never had!

Cirius: I love seeing my children grow older and bigger.
On the other hand, it’s so hard watching my parents age.

Cirius: Great job on maxing Potty, Nimb! You’re doing great!
Mizuki: Why so eager to read to Nimb, darling?

Cirius: I’ve started Successful Lineage as my second aspiration. Just one more hour of reading left!
Mot: Lucky you with your fancy beret! We both got promotions recently, but I only got safety goggles!


Cirius: I can’t believe my little angel will start grade school next week!

Merri: Papa, how can I be sure that’s really a picture of a dog?
What’s that on the back of the card, Papa? Lemme see!

Cirius: By the way, I’ve invited this teen fellow into my Good Timers Club.
(Yes, the original members have all passed away.)

Masato Ikeda is a perfectionist insider. He’s too old for Merri but he’s homeless anyway.
When she eventually moves out, perhaps he can become her “gardener.”


Cirius: The house has been in chaos all morning.
While I’ve been busy cooking and repairing, the others have ignored the toddlers who are now hungry and tired.
Would it be too much to ask for them to help out now and then, especially Mizuki?

When it’s time for Merri’s birthday, her Hunger and Energy are both deep red. Poor thing!

Merri (after some food and sleep): Hey, I’m now an Artistic Prodigy who loves the outdoors.
I don’t have school today but don’t really know what I should be doing here at home.

When Papa gets home from work, I’m sure he’ll help me figure out what to do.


Cirius: I’ve been working hard to earn another free day so my little girl can work on her aspirations.
Yesterday, I earned our eighth and ninth points by reaching Writing 7 (my designated skill) and making a wish at the Wishing Well.
I wished for a promotion but didn’t receive the promised promotion. *shrugs

Then, after hours of woodworking and upgrading various objects around the house, I max handiness.
Our third Free Day begins this morning at 11:12 am! Huzzah!


Cirius Lee’s Free Day #3 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (1): Writing 7
Maxed skills (6): Cirius/Handiness; Merri/Communication; Nimb: Potty
Good friends (1): Masami Suzuki
Promotions (3): Mot/Scientist 6; Cirius/ArtCritic 7; Masaya/Business 4
Wishing Well (1): Promotion wish x1
NPCs hired (-2): Gardener x2


Author’s Note

Humming on the potty
Is it just me? Whenever a toddler sits on the potty, I swear it sounds as if they’re humming “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
Listen carefully next time and tell me what you think.

Title of This Update
While putting Masaya through his paces, I suddenly had Love Machine by the Miracles stuck in my head (it’s a disco tune from the 70s).
Made me go watch the music video on Youtube for the first time yesterday, lol. A classic!

Since this dynasty is only on its second active heir, I’m still trying to figure out how this challenge “works.”
Pollination differs greatly in this challenge; it’s restricted to five free days per generation.
Though Merri is our Gen3 heir, Masaya’s pollinating on Free Day #1 produced only two daughters.
I believed just having Masaya pollinate again on Free Day #2 would be fine.

I’ve since realized that any boy from that second batch would be around 8 days younger than Merri.
To marry and move in with him, therefore, she’d need to live at home at least that many days past her young adult birthday.
Oh, incidentally, Masaya’s second batch includes two (housed) sons so far.
We’ll be waiting to reconsider Merri’s prospects when she and Masaya’s boys are all teens. That is, we will if this story can continue…

Possibly Failed Challenge
Even more dire than my faulty pollination planning is my misinterpretation of the scoring rules.
I posted about it in the Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty Challenge thread, so I won’t repeat my situation here.
Consequently, I’m putting this story on hold until I hear back from the Challenges Team on whether or not this is a failed challenge attempt. *sniffle, sniffle
In the meantime, I’ll start planning for the first challenge in this forum’s 2018 Building Tournament.

As always, thank you very much for reading!

TD 2.12: Good Things Come in Threes

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