Sharebears 1.5: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go

A Sharebear Legacy: Gen1/Sherilee Sharebear

Jose: Any time you need help with an aspiration, honey, just let me know!
You’re a Great Kisser!
Sherilee: Thanks, sweetheart, I know. I’m also done with Serial Romantic. Good riddance!

Jose: I earned a point for completing both Food aspirations in one generation.
Sherilee: Yep, now I’ve earned a point for one sim completing both Love aspirations!
Jose: Noooo, stop tickling me!

Week 3/Saturday

Jose: I take photos of our boys to use for painting portraits.
They’re neck-to-neck in the polls! It’s really close!

Well, they’re identical twins so whoever wins, the Sharebear genetic pool doesn’t change much.

Jose: Our nanny hasn’t left for several days now, it seems.
I take advantage of her presence to have her mentor me in guitar.

Sherilee: Colt becomes an elder on our next birthdays, Jose.
Shouldn’t you be learning painting instead?

Alejandro: I’ve started designing a mobile app.
Once that’s done, I’ll be stuck on Computer Whiz until my birthday.
Maybe I’ll learn a skill nobody’s finished yet.

Benicio: Mama and I just finished building a rocket ship.
I’d like to take it out for a spin, but it’s time for work! Shoot!

Sherilee: After both boys leave for work, Mama Bear (that’s me) gets busy.
Before their young adult birthday in three days, we’ve got to have a plan!

Let the spouse hunt commence! *leans back and blows a hunting horn
After checking the sims in our household’s contacts, these three stand out.

Yumiko is the sole female teen in our simverse.
Thing is, a teen can suddenly acquire a non-unique trait on her young adult birthday. Risky!

Altman, Altman…why does that name sound so familiar?
Colt: Because Christine is my daughter.
Sherilee: You never told me you had a family!
Colt: You never asked!

Sherilee: Anyway, Christine shares two traits with my Jose. She’s not primary spouse material.
Mariko, however, is perfect!
Attractive, unique traits, and I learn she works as a Chief of Staff.

To recap:
• Yumiko Ishikawa (Teen): Lazy, Dog Lover (2 unique)
• Christine Altman (YA, unemployed): Bookworm, Cheerful, Self-Assured (1 unique)
• Mariko Okada (YA, L10 Doctor): Ambitious, Glutton, Vegetarian (3 unique)

I ask you: Is there any need to continue this spouse hunt? I think not.

Jose: The twins reach Level 3 in their teen careers.
Benicio: I max mine first! The fast food industry is the worst!
Alejandro: Retail wasn’t bad but why did it take us three days for one promotion?
Benicio: Whatever, let’s quit!

Week 4/Sunday

Colt: Hedging your bets, eh, Jose?
Jose: You know it! We’ll be happy with whoever wins, since they’ll both be staying.
And thanks for mentoring me to Level 8 painting, Colt.

Gregorio: There’s only two children I can be befriend in our simverse, so Social Butterfly is out.
How else can I contribute to this legacy! *starts being repeatedly mean to the nanny.
Filly: Gregorio’s trying to get the Insensitive trait, while I’m aiming for Compassionate.
Oh wait, never mind! You two won’t be living here until your young adult birthdays.

Sherilee: We’re finally at the Flea Market!
You’re The Curator, dearest. Which MySims do we lack?
Jose: *pulls out a list then starts buying the missing ones

Sherilee: Nice! We only need the rare “Carl” to finish our MySims collection!
Jose: We were super lucky! The vendor sold me three out of the four rare MySims trophies!!!

Sherilee: When we get home, Watcher declares she’s going to tear down our house and rebuild it.
Before she’s done, I unexpectedly get notified that I’ve completed Mansion Baron.
Jose: Cool! We didn’t even have to buy any violins!

Sherilee: Anyway, with so many satisfaction points,  I buy 2 more Potions of Youth.
Colt: Me, too! I buy Entrepreneurial and 5 Potions of Youth. That makes eight PoYs total.

Sherilee: Half the rooms in our new home still lack flooring and wall coverings.
At this point, though, I like this family room the best.

Sherilee: I invent a few serums while Alejandro works on a school project.
Both twins will grow up to be responsible with good manners, I’m sure.

Benicio: There! I’m done with Nerd Brain!
I so want to start Archeology Scholar but I can’t just take off and head for Selvadorada.
Since I’ve already finished Renaissance Sim’s first milestone, I choose that instead. *sighs

Sherilee: I have Handiness 10 and Fishing 7, so switching to Angling Ace seems like a good decision.
First stop, Forbidden Grotto. Uh, I mean, Forgotten Grotto!

I bring all my boys along to catch bait for me.
We haven’t brought any food or moodlet solvers, so we’re going home when our needs get low.


Sherilee: I caught five new fish at Forgotten Grotto, but our collection still lacks five.
The good news is that I’ll only need three more for Angling Ace, when I reach Tier IV.

Sherilee: Oh, no! Benicio crash lands and gets Dazed. Quick, son, to the garden!
Benicio: Huh, what?
Sherilee: Eat the cowplant’s cake then milk the cowplant for your Essence of Dazed.

Benciio: Why, Mama?
Sherilee: The operative word is not “why,” dearest son of mine, but “for whom”?
Essence of Dazed will be quite useful for the death by electrocution.

Jose: Once everyone’s left for school or work, I check my contacts for elders.
What lousy timing! All the original adults have already passed on!
There is, however, one non-nanny elder still alive in our simverse.
*mutters: I just hope she isn’t one of those San Myshuno weirdos…

Eh, enough of that! Have I told you that my daughter Jordyn is now a toddler?
I’m surrounded by redheads!

Filly: I cake up as soon as I get the notice, not waiting for Papa Colt to come home from work.
Nobody’s home except me and Uncle Jose, who’s mysteriously busy.

I’m a perfectionist snob with the Mansion Baron aspiration which I insta-complete.
After doing the first tier of Musical Genius, I have enough to buy five Potions of Youth for a total of 13.
(The legacy total, not “my” total.)
No use hoarding those points. I’ll be moving out tomorrow after Gregorio’s birthday.

Alejandro: Mama is chomping at the bit to move in Mariko Okada asap.
Benicio and I both know her from somewhere. She’s a nice enough lady and very smart!

Since our birthdays come tomorrow, we’re both going to make friends with Mariko tonight.


Benicio: Yesterday, after Alejandro and I both befriended Mariko, I asked to take her photo.
This morning, I have Colt mentor me while I paint her likeness in that photo.

The portrait on my right doesn’t count because I was only Painting 7 when I started it.
But I’m Painting 8 now, so my current portrait of Mariko will definitely count!

Meanwhile, in a far corner of the lot…
Guadalupe: I know Sherilee plans to move me out later today with Filly and Gregorio.
I never completed Friend of the World, nor have I maxed any unique skills.
I’m a Level 7 Chef but don’t work for three more days. I’m just a slowpoke, I guess.

Until this moment, I’ve never done anything especially great for this legacy.
With my 2,125 satisfaction points, I buy one Potion of Youth and a moodlet solver for the legacy.
Farewell, my Sharebears! Know that I loved you deeply though ineptly.

Colt: Is that going to be my fate, too, Watcher?
Not at all. Unlike Lupe, you’ve maxed 4 aspirations and donated 9 Potions of Youth.
You’ve also mentored Jose and Benicio until they could paint memorial portraits.

Colt: So, do I keep living here?
There won’t be enough room in the house, Colt. You’ll simply move out.
Colt: Cool. I can live with that, literally.

Grim Reaper: You know, I’m really torn about having these Sharebears on my turf!
On one hand, I don’t get paid overtime. Would someone please tell them that?
On the other hand, the Sharebears are doing wonders for my quota.
The Big Boss has noticed all my extra reapings and she’s extremely pleased!
Kowloon the Cowplant: Moo?


Legacy Score: 40/103

Author’s Notes

At some point soon, this family will be buying an additional lot to use as a museum to house collections.
I recall reading Pinstar’s comment that we leave all our collections on the lot, but I’m going to store mine on a separate lot to minimize lagging.

The Gen2 Heir Vote
The twins have been tied for votes since the poll started two days ago.
Either twin will make a great heir which is why, I guess, they’re equally popular.
If you haven’t voted yet, please take a minute to cast your vote by clicking the link below.
Voting is anonymous, by the way.

Edited to add: The Gen2 Heir Vote closed Friday morning, March 16th.

Sharebears 1.6: The Founder’s Farewell

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