TD 2.12: Good Things Come in Threes

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 8/Saturday 

Masaya: I just wanna give a shout out.
Here’s to all the lovely women who don’t wear skimpy clothes to get a man’s attention! Stay classy!

The rest of you… come with me.

Masaya: In all seriousness, I have great news about my latest pollination efforts.
All the ladies and their babies are doing well.

I have 4 more daughters: Reagan (penthouse elder), Lila Alonzo (Alysha), and Diamond Villareal (Luna). Only Juliette Suzuki (Cat Ears) is homeless.
Plus three sons: Duncan Hayashi (Mizuki #2), Garrison Fyres (Morgan), and Herbert Bjergsen (Sofia).

Cirius: You got so much done in 24 hours, Masaya!
Masaya: It helped that 3 were my girlfriends and the rest were already friends.
Cirius: Let’s hope that saying proves true: Good things come in threes.

Merri: This morning, I meet Papa’s clubmate–Masato Ikeda.
We go to the same school, which is based on the Japanese escalator school system.

That is, it’s a combined grade school + high school, which is a good thing. Why?
Cuz I won’t need to take the usually required high school entrance exam!

Merri: It’s our third Free Day, wheeeeee!
But Watchette’s foolish mistake causes me all sorts of problems!
Like, instead of working on aspirations, I’ve started on my museum stuff!

I take everyone to the Point & Click Photo Studio but  I’m too short to use the camera there.
What a bummer! Lucky for me, Papa gave me a camera for my birthday!

Merrri: Wow, forget about Masato Ikeda, ladies! I found myself a real man!
Question: Do I absolutely have to call him Uncle Masaya?

Masaya: Don’t fall too hard for me, baby girl! I’m probably your future father-in-law.

Merri: Point & Click gets so crowded that we relocate to the Lee Museum.
Surprise! I max Creativity and earn 2 points in Photography while taking these photos!

I’ll need to wait on Nimb’s portrait until he’s a teenager.
And I plan to paint Papa’s portrait later so it will be the same size as the painting of Grandma Liberty.

Merri: Uncle Mot promises to help me with Whiz Kid once he maxes Logic so next stop’s Desert Bloom Park.
Don’t let my nanny’s facial expression fool you, folks. My playing is flawless!

Nimb: Hmmmm, that thing sounds like Mama, but…
Mizuki: It’s me, Nimb! I joined Knights of the Hedge for my Leader of the Pack aspiration.
But tonight, I’ve realized that I’ll never finish it. *sighs

Masaya: Hey girl, feel my sweater.
Yuki Behr: Sure. Okay, it’s very soft. So what?

Masaya: Know what it’s made of?
Yuki: I’ll take a wild guess. Let me see….wool?
Masaya: Nope, boyfriend material!

Yuki: Aren’t you that dude with a bunch of kids born out of wedlock?
Masaya: Hey, unfair! Pollinating was forced on me as a dynastic duty!
I only fulfilled my role under extreme duress and threat of harm to my family!
Yuki: Yeah, uh huh.

Masaya: Anyway, my pollinating days are over. I’m hoping you’ll be my girl for real!
Yuki: What fool would ever believe your blatant lies?

Week 9/Sunday

Yuki : Erm, I’m a believer, apparently.

Masaya: You know I’ve always wanted to be with you and only you, Yuki!
But our watcher denied my feelings, saying your house was too small!

Yuki: On your next free day, I expect you to be breaking up with everyone else, you hear?


Tetsu: Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. I’ve joined the Scientist career.
Cirius hasn’t been thrilled with my Goofball trait and silly jokes.

I’d actually retired soon after our free day started on Saturday.
But later that day, I made Merri feel very playful when she needed to be focused.
That’s when I got strong-armed into rejoining the workforce.

Oh well, at least I’m on the same early schedule as everyone else now!

Mizuki: I can’t believe you locked me out of the new area for the microscope and telescope!
Cirius: Darling, you and your father have yet to contribute a single point!
You don’t even need Logic. Can’t you help me run the household instead?
Try looking after the kids or cooking, for a change. You might like it!

Mizuki: Mot and Dad have access because they’re scientists, but why you?
Cirius: I’m the only one who can do upgrades and repairs, remember?


Cirius: Nimb receives his birthday notice around an hour past midnight.
He’s aged up to an outgoing Artistic Prodigy.
If he manages to complete even one childhood aspiration, it will be a miracle!


Cirius: The nanny we hired Monday morning has yet to go home.
I fire her, hoping that our next nanny will be younger and prettier.

During rotational gameplay with 3 households, there were 3 different nannies.
Do I need to play multiple households to get multiple nannies? We’ll soon find out.

Cirius: The longer I’m married to Mizuki, the luckier Mama appears to me.
Our father Akira was a very proactive parent, always there when we needed him.

My “neat” wife neither cooks, cleans, nor looks after the children much.
Was Papa a better parent because our apartment was tiny?

As an experiment, I move all the neglected trash around the house near my wife.
Nope, she just continues to play video games on her phone.

Where am I right now? I’m at work but I can still “see” my household and move trash.
After 3 hours, she’s still sitting there feeling uncomfortable because she’s a “neat” sim. *rolls eyes

Cirius: Merri earns a “B” at school today!
Then, just as Masaya and I bring home promotions, Papa arrives for a visit.

For the past several days, I’ve been single-handedly taking care of the household.
I deserve to take a break for some gaming, don’t you think? Bring it on, Papa!


Cirius: The next evening, I discover that Papa and Auntie Miko have passed away.
I dash over to the house for the first time since I’ve moved out.

Then, I click on Papa’s urn to strengthen his connection to the physical world.

Cirius: How are you doing, Mama. It must be hard without Papa around.
Liberty: I’m only slightly younger, Cirius, so we’ll be reunited by the weekend.

Cirius: I’m sure Papa’s waiting for you with open arms. Wait, did you say reunited?
Liberty: There’s a Buddhist belief that the bonds of marriage span two lifetimes.
Cirius: Really? Uh, what does that actually mean?

Liberty: It means Akira and I will be reborn then find each other and marry again in another lifetime.
Cirius: That’s pretty cool for you and Papa, but do I have the option to pass on that?


Cirius: Something bizarre occurred in the early morning hours.
First, I overhear the elderly Nanny Ellen acting flirty toward the much younger and usually gentle-mannered Masato.
Next thing we know, they’re having a knockdown drag-out brawl.

Mot: You’re just a high-schooler, Masato! Don’t let that cougar nanny objectify you!
Cirius: Um, Mot? You’re not helping. How about we try to pull them apart?
And why is teen Masato feeling very happy?


Mizuki: Dad’s outside doing his science stuff while we’re all inside watching a movie.
That’s when we hear that doom-and-gloom music that signals the Grim Reaper has arrived.

What can I say? Dad’s humor wasn’t appreciated in this house but he made friends with everyone.
He loved being part of a big family, adored his grandkids, and died a slimmer, happier man.

And then, things get worse!
I cake up to an adult a few hours later and don’t merit a single birthday screenshot!

Week 10/Sunday

Masaya: Hey, Cirius! I want you to know that my sons are children now. Let’s go meet them!
Cirius: Yeah, I want to invite them to my club. Merri, you coming?

Masaya: Duncan and his mom Mizuki Hayashi #2 live in Ye Olde Salt House.
Garrison’s green eyes tell you he’s Morgan’s son. He has an older sister, too.
Herbert lives with his mom Sofia, his older sister, and Auntie Elsa.

Ciirus: I’m already partial to one, but we’re waiting to learn all their traits.
Also, we want to see whose company Merri likes best.


Cirius: Around 2 am, I look outside and see my brother Mot getting beamed up to a spaceship.
We only have a six-sim household but Mot will surely return unharmed.

Mot: I better get paid overtime for this!

Cirius: I got a phone call from a ghostly Mama, Dud, then we rushed over as soon as we could.
Dud: Thanks for coming over tonight, guys. It means a lot to me.

Cirius: Wait, why can’t I take her urn with me? Because it’s in the foyer?


Mot: Thanks for waking me up when my birthday notice arrived!
Cirius: No worries, Mot. Mine arrived at the same time.

Mot: We should be blowing our candles out with our brother Dud, no?
Cirius: Normally, yes. But remember he invited us to his birthday party last week?

Mot: Yeah, I remember. But I forget why we couldn’t go to his party.
Cirius: Whatever. Happy adult birthday, Mot!
Mot: Same to you but more of it, Cirius!


Merri: Yay! I age up early enough this morning that I don’t start high school until tomorrow!
Besides loving the outdoors, I’m also a slob and a Mansion Baron.

I love how Merri shares features with not only her mother but also Liberty Lee.
She aged up with that short hair and it’s perfect, so she’s keeping it!


Cirius Lee’s Current Score
We’re trying to postpone our fourth and final Free Day at 50 points for 2-1/2 more weeks.
So, after starting at 41 points:

Designated skill (1): Writing 8
Good friends (2): Masato Ikeda, Aanya Srivastava
Promotions (6): Cirius/ArtC 8-9, Mot/Sci 7-8, Masaya/Bus 5, Tetsu/Sci 2
School grades (4): Merri/B & A, Nimb/B & A
Maxed skills (2): Merri/Mental
House funds (2): +$30,000
NPCs (-15): Nanny x6, Gardener x4, Massage x3, Maid x1, Pizza x1
Passed out (2): Tetsu, Masaya

We earn 17 points, lose 17 points, and end again at 41 points. (Cirius loves his Free Services trait.)

TD 2.13: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary

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