TD 2.13: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway

Week 10/Thursday

Cirius: People believe the life of a dynasty heir is so glamorous, but what do they know?
Well, okay, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that one’s family will grow and prosper.

But the rewards aren’t just handed to you, I’ll have you know.
I might be doing it wrong, but I’m constantly occupied with little time for rest.

And to prepare for the transition to Merri, I’ve been gradually upgrading all the appliances to reduce their “breakability.”
If she wants to learn handiness before moving out, I can mentor her at the woodworking table.

On weekday mornings, I help the kids get focused for school. If time permits, I pack them a lunch, too.
When they return, I praise them for their grades and encourage them to start their homework.
Merri can’t wait to start high school until tomorrow.

Whenever Masaya or Mot get home from work, I often go the foyer to call them over.
If not, they’ll stand for hours out front without taking care of themselves.

I’m not sure why they don’t come inside to shower, eat, rest, relax, or whatever they should be doing.

Cirius: Now you can paint my portrait, Merri, just like you’d wanted.
Merri: Thanks for mentoring me, Papa. You know, I kinda didn’t mind being locked in the bathroom this afternoon.
At least, you left me a violin and an easel, but why the bathroom?

Cirius: This is the only bathroom in the house with a sink and it’s locked for everyone but you and me.
I can find you here, without fail, a few times a day. But I’ll see about enlarging your bedroom to include a creative studio.
Merri: Could I have your ensuite bathroom, Papa? Pretty please?

Seiji the Gardener: Arrggh, I’m feeling so tense!
Cirius: That’s no surprise! You’ve been here for 12+ hours now.
You won’t leave even after I dismiss or fire you. What’s your problem?


Mizuki: What do you think, readers? I feel like Cirius and I are drifting apart.
I never promised him that I was the domestic sort.
And let’s face it, people. Who prefers housework to video gaming?

Still, I need to find some way back into my husband’s heart.
I wish he could influence me like he does with our children…

Cirius: Ever since my parents’ deaths and my adult birthday, I’ve been more aware of ageing.
Take, for example, my co-worker Akito Nakamura. Why does he remain a young adult?

I invite him over to see if I can discover his secret. Nope, he doesn’t seem to be a vampire.
Is he one of those living statues?

With all the fuss over Masaya’s sons on Sunday, I forgot to mention that my clubmate Masato is a young adult now.
As a birthday gift, I give him a makeover this morning and dyed his hair black.

Besides being a perfectionist insider, his new trait is cheerful. I wonder what his aspiration is.

The garden? Oh, I stashed all my plants in family inventory, hoping to drive the gardener away.
But, no, the gardener’s still here.

Merri: Back from my first day of school!
Mama, you need to step your game up!
You just stand there, so I’m helping Nimb with his homework instead of doing my own.

Merri: When Papa gets home from work, he takes us all to the Spice Festival.
It’s my first visit to San Myshuno!
Oh look, Masato colored his hair after graduating from high school!

Cirius: I find no UFO plant at the festival but invite everyone to try the Spicy Curry Challenge.
Hey, my daughter better NOT be checking out Masato!

Merri: Masaya, Nimb, and I all earn the title of Spice Curry Champion!
But guess who’s the only one to receive the champion’s t-shirt?

Masaya: Nice going, FDIL!
Merri: FDIL?
Masaya: Future-Daughter-in-Law, duh.

Masato: So, this is how old fogies spend Friday night these days?
Mot: Hey, back off! Last week, while you were a teen, the three of us were still young adults!
Cirius: Besides, how can we go out when Mizuki and Merri have gone to bed early?

Masaya: We should go clubbing tomorrow night! Show junior here how we senior citizens get down!
Cirius: Tomorrow would work! Everyone could go, including Nimb.


Cirius: My heart aches for Nimb who’s just three days younger than Merri.
But he was a toddler during our last free day, so now he’ll never complete an aspiration as a child.

He’s been easy to raise. So far, he’s been well-mannered, responsible, and good-natured.

Cirius: Surprisingly, I earn a promotion to Grand Steward of the Arts today.
This makes me this dynasty’s first sim to max a career. Go me!

Week 11/Sunday

Masaya: I thought we were all going clubbing last night? What happened?
Cirius (sighs): You and Mot fell asleep early but I was also busy dealing with our gardener problem.

Masaya: Oh, you mean that blue gardener who wouldn’t leave?
Cirius: Yeah, I got permission from The-Powers-Above to have him eliminated him from our simverse.
But right after he got eliminated last night, another gardener arrived in our yard.

Masaya: So, can’t you just get the second gardener eliminated, too?
Cirius: I did, but that only resulted in the arrival of a third gardener.

Masaya: So, now what?
Cirius: Eh, I fenced in the garden a few days ago. Everyone’s locked out except the household and my club.
I can unlock it whenever I actually want to hire a gardener. The-Powers-Above have approved.

Cirius: Arrrgggh, the gardener was looking so pathetic that I unlocked the garden for him.
But after a hour or so, he’s come into the house and I can’t ask him to leave.

Masaya: So….have your third gardener eliminated?
Cirius: Yep.
Masaya: Is that a fourth gardener standing out by the garden?
Cirius: Yep. *cries

Cirius: All the starting adult sims in our simverse passed away several weeks ago.
And even the starting young adults sims have all passed away, except the Active ones.
That’s why I take household (and my club) to Skye Fitness this afternoon.

I make Nimb take a time-out, though, for making two messes right in a row.
And here I thought the boy was well-mannered!


Cirius: I work from home today and get two assignments at this evening’s Humor & Hijinks Festival.
I take the whole household plus clubmate Masato.

But when I can’t find any performers to watch, I do what any unscrupulous parent would do.
I influence my two teenage kids to “practice a comedy routine.”

By the way, my review is rejected by my editor who insists my daughter’s stale jokes hardly count as “a performance.”

Cirius: Yes, you heard me right: two teenage kids. Nimb had a birthday late last night.
He’s now an outgoing geek with The Curator aspiration.
Nimb didn’t have a single free day as a child, so he deserves an easy aspiration as a teen.

After his comedy routine, Nimb (blue/white sweatshirt) spends most of the festival watching the fireworks.

Cirius: I’m absolutely floored to learn that Masaya has sampled over half of San Myshuno’s recipes.
When did he ever have the time to do that?

And speaking of sampling, Morgan Fyres greets him at the festival with a passionate smooch.
With our last free day 13 days away, elderly Yuki won’t live to check on Masaya’s love life.


Cirius: I level my Vampire Lore to be able to grow some new plants.
Imagine my horror to see our fourth gardener, reaching through the fence to plant my wolfsbane.
Can you help a brother out, Watchette?

Sure thing, Cirius. *moves the garden pot out of the dang gardener’s reach


Cirius: The moment I leave for work, my clubmate Masato runs outside with Aaradhya Anand.
Aaradhya’s my newest club member. All I know about her so far is that she’s a young adult cat-lover.

Looks like all those hours Masato has spent meditating and practicing yoga are paying off.
I’ve been giving him tips on cooking, repair, and parenting, too.
When Merri moves him in with her, she must tell me what his skills are!

How funny that Masato gives her yet another massage during Cirius’s five-hour work shift.

Merri: Yes, I’m still wearing my Curry Champion t-shirt! I’m also seething mad from a mood swing.
Masato: I’m just gonna sit here quietly and eat this piece of shepherd’s pie.
Nimb: Hmmmm, my homework is so interesting today…

Cirius: I return home to find my “neat” wife feeling upset about a dirty dish she’ll never clean.
Papa warned me about making a pretty woman my wife…

Merri: Thanks to Papa who suggested I redirect my anger, I’m going on my first-ever jog!
I love the outdoors so I’m feeling so much better now!

And, just think! Masaya’s sons will be teens in two days and I’ll be a young adult in another week!
As you’ve probably guessed, I’m sooooo ready to become the active heir!


Points: I won’t bore you with my scoring this time. Just know that we’re holding steady at 41 points.  😀

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