TD 2.14: The Romance Festival Goes South

2.14: The Romance Festival Goes South

Week 11/Wednesday

Cirius: How would I run this house without my clubmates?
Masato and Aaradhya keep our home clean and help out in the garden whenever needed.

I’m shocked to discover that Nimb can’t earn an A because he only has Level 1 skills.
While helping Nimb with Video Gaming, my clubmates and I take a well-deserved break.


Cirius: Merri will only be the controlled sim at this house for roughly half a week before moving out.
To help out, I’ve been working on raising our home’s worth for Merri’s Mansion Baron aspiration.
It means I spend less time with the household, but I want Merri to have a strong start.

Nimb is such a trooper, though, and does his homework all on his own.
I wish there were two of me, so I could spend more time with my son.

The fourth gardener is still around. I’m not even bothering to have him eliminated. *sighs
His poor hygiene is his own fault. He’s been standing there for four days now.


Cirius: Last night, I wrote an excuse note for Merri, thinking she might spend today learning skills.
Instead, she spent all night moping around the house in a bad mood.
As a result, she slept most of the day and got nothing done at all.

I don’t remember my teen years being that rough…

Masaya informs me that his three sons are all teens now, so I invite them over.
They’re all handsome lads and I give each one only the slightest makeover.
I can’t have my daughter dating a boy with overplucked eyebrows, right?

In alphabetical order, this one is Duncan Hayashi. He’s a cheerful kleptomaniac.
I’m thinking Kleptomaniac is not a great trait for a mostly-uncontrolled sim…

I agree. He’d need access to a computer to troll the forums and the Carefree trait.
Otherwise, he’ll be constantly tense. And buying Carefree early on might be impossible.

Garrison Fyres is Watchette’s current favorite. He’s an active dance machine.
My outdoor-loving Merri would thrive in his Countryside Windenberg neighborhood.

Herbert Bjergsen is a materialistic genius.
The Lighthouse would also be a great place for a sim who loves the outdoors, like Merri.
Well, Herbert has a sister so maybe Merri could have a pollinator to….hmmmm hmmm hmmmm.

Cirius: I’m so looking forward to Merri becoming the heir.
This has been a difficult generation and I feel like I’ve shouldered the burden of two heirs!

Then there are moments when the ducks line up and all my efforts seem worthwhile.
Merri has already reached Painting 6 with my mentoring. *beams with pride

Cirius: By the way, Merri, congrats on preparing excellent-quality Mac and Cheese!
Merri: About that, Papa, don’t you think a dynasty spouse is a sweeter gig than a dynasty heir?

Cirius: How can you say that, Merri?
Merri: Well, just look at you and Mama! You cook, do repairs and upgrades, garden, and generally look after everyone.
You also pull in more simoleons than everyone else in the household combined.
But Mama? She dances, plays video games, and watches TV all day.
And she’s always waiting for someone else to cook. She even does that to me, her daughter!
When I prepared that Mac & Cheese she’s eating now, she was 12 hours from ravenously hungry.

Cirius: That’s not fair, Merri. Your mother has her good points!
Merri: Such as?
Cirius: Give me a couple of days, daughter dear, I’ll think of something.

Garrison: Hey, pops! It’s great to see you! What are you wearing? Is that your everyday outfit?
Masaya: Uh yeah, something like that.


Cirius: Anyway, I added the boys to my club last night so we can all get to know each other.
It’s nice for Nimb to have boys his own age around, too.

Mot: Wait, where’s Duncan Hayashi?
Cirius: I’m not that comfortable with having a klepto around the house, Mot.
I thought we could invite him along whenever we go on an outing. You know, away from the house?

Mot: I’ll have to agree. Duncan’s not as attractive a spouse prospect as the other two.
Cirius: Does that make us “traitists”?

Cirius: Merri needs to become friends with her spouse options before her next birthday.
Somehow, she hasn’t even met any of them yet. I’ll ask them to join me in a multi-player game!

Cirius: Gentle readers, please note this particular point in time.
This is the exact moment where Watchette abandons all pretense of even remotely considering Herbert as a spousal option.

Well, okay, Cirius. Video gaming is a good start but we need a bit more oomph!
I think you know what I mean…

Cirius: Then, you figure something out, Watchette. There’s a limit to how much I can control those two!
Leave it me, bruh. You go influence Merri to play chess while I relocate the chess table.

Cirius: I’m really looking forward to playing a game of chess with you, young man!
Garrison (internally): A bit dodgy if you ask me but, hey, he’s Merri’s father.

So what do you think, Cirius?
Cirius: I knew you might use the flirty paintings I made for Masaya, but the incense is a nice touch!
Eh, it’s probably not going to work. Look! Their friendship bar is practically non-existent. *sulks

A few hours later…
Cirius: Wow! They’re not quite friends yet, but already lovebirds!

Merri seems to like Garrison. And, except for the occasional sit-up, he was quite flirty, too.
Anyway, I can’t control the sims but I can interact with the room’s objects. *winks

Merri: Rawwrr! Go limpo!
Garrison: Um, what does that even mean?!

Masaya: Cirius invites Mizuki, Merri, Garrison, Yuki Behr, and me to the Romance Festival.
She became an elder last week so I’m happy to spend some time with my girl!

Unfortunately, Yuki gets jealous when an ex walks up and flirts with me.
And I was just standing there, minding my own business! Way to ruin everything, Cat Ears!

Masaya: Meanwhile, Cirius declares his heat of the moment passion to Mizuki, trying to patch up their relationship.
That man is a saint!

Masaya: But then, not 10 minutes later, she goes and flirts with a random stranger.
And Cirius? He has the 24-hour Flirty Spouse (Angry +3) moodlet. Good move, Mizuki.

Week 12/Sunday

Cirius: In the morning, I add “Fix objects” to my club activities for the first time ever.
When a speaker breaks, Garrison is the first one there to repair it, surprisingly.

We enjoy a lazy Sunday. First, we (except Mizuki) visit the Flea Market where we have a late lunch.
Next, we spend a few hours at Skye Fitness to work out together.

Returning home, I discover I can influence Garrison to practice woodworking then mentor him.
What a satisfying end to a relaxing day.


Cirius: It takes Nimb an entire week to go from a B to an A grade, but he finally succeeds.
He enters a Loud phase as soon as he returns home, though, so I stash the speaker in family inventory.

Cirius: I’m so proud of you, Mot, for reaching the Extraterrestrial Explorer rank!
Mama must be feeling so proud of you now for maxing the Scientist career!

Mot: I hope so! Hey, don’t let me forget to upgrade her wormhole generator on our free day!
Or maybe I should just make a new one to leave at Desert Bloom Park…


Cirius: As if that darn gardener was not annoying enough!
Since yesterday, he’s started singing as he stands by our garden.

Yes, that’s right. If he’s not gazing longingly at my garden, he sings…all day and all night.


Merri: Today’s my young adult birthday!
Papa wakes me up in the morning so I can go blow out my birthday candles.
I add the Snob trait to my previous Loves the Outdoors and Slob traits.

Checking my relationships, I see that I remain lovebirds with Garrison who’s still in high school.
Ssssshhh, no one else must ever learn that I’m in love with a teenager!


Author’s Notes
I’m elated to report that the next free day is planned for three days later on Saturday.
By then, Cirius will have been the controlled sim for seven sim-weeks (50 days).
As you can imagine, he’s very eager to hand the reins to Merri and step down.

We are currently at 42 points. Not having the NPCs around so often will be a nice change.

TD 3.15: Waiting for GoDo(t)ldrums

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