TD 3.15: Waiting for GoDo(t)ldrums

A Townie Dynasty with Lee: Gen3

Week 12/Wednesday

Merri: Thanks largely to Papa’s help, I complete Mansion Baron today.
Everyone in the house plus Papa’s club have contributed to our home’s worth.
But I would say that Papa definitely spearheaded those efforts.

Since I’m now an aspiring Freelance Botanist, Papa’s brings me to Magnolia Blossom Park.
Did you know there’s a new community garden here, over by the playground?

Cirius: After planting most of the seeds, I influence Merri to garden.
She won’t plant seeds autonomously, but she’s gets a tiny head start with her aspiration.

Cirius: Merri and I going out without the others makes a first for us.
Discovery! We each get a “Snobbishly Surrounded” moodlet because we’re both snobs. Cool!


Cirius: Before I forget, I jog down behind the now vacant Landgraabs’ lot to break open that cave entrance.
Who knows? A future Lee heir might move into Affluista Mansion someday.

Merri: I wake up this morning worried that I’d forgotten to join a career.
Then I remember. I can’t find a job until our free day. Doh.


Cirius: Today’s my final day as the active heir. How to best prepare the next generation for what’s to come?
We start out at the Perfect Balance Spa, but I can’t persuade my kids to practice yoga.

Since they’d rather work out, we visit the new Deluxe Fitness Center in downtown Willow Creek.
I pray that Merri and Garrison enjoy a joyful married life, prosperity, and good health.
(And, yes, we’ve decided on Garrison regardless of which third trait he gains.)

Cirius: Dud shows up at the gym and we catch up on old times.
It’s unfortunate that we didn’t spend more time with Dud, but I’ve had my hands full.

Looking back, I should have invited him over more often.
Even when I was busy, he could have hung out with everyone else at home.

Cirius: My only other regret is that I couldn’t spend more time fishing.
Hopefully, the dynastic foundation we’ve built will give future heirs more leisure time.

Okay, time for me to head back to the gym and max my fitness!


Cirius: When I finish writing this novel, I’ll have maxed my designated skill and earned my 50th point.

Considering the many mistakes Watchette has made so far, I’m understandably concerned.
After our last free day ends this time tomorrow, will Garrison age up in time?
That is, will Merri have enough time to propose, move out, and give birth to an heir in 10 days?

Merri: Papa’s fourth and last free day has officially started!
I alternate between gardening and woodworking, while Nimb gets started on The Curator aspiration.
Nimb: Dad’s been great and has been planning for weeks!
That’s why I have so many dig sites to plunder wherever we go. Thanks, Dad!

Merri: In the evening, we visit Point & Click then the Lee Museum.
Strangely, the shots I take using the photo studio are worth less than the ones I took as a child.
Do you think it’s because I used an expensive camera?
And this is the shot Papa took of me so I can paint my self-portrait at home.

Week 13/Sunday

Nimb: I get my birthday notice early in the morning, just as we expected.
It’s 6 am when I grab a cake from family inventory and we all head for Desert Bloom Park.

An outgoing geek and newborn dance machine, I wanna be a scientist like Grandma and Uncle Mot!
I’m waiting to join up, though, until after I can buy Connections.

Merri: Thanks for the reminder, Nimb. And I don’t need Connections! *joins the Critic career
While Nimb continues pillaging the dig sites, I have Papa mentor me in handiness.

Papa tested pumpkin carving for me last week, and one pumpkin took him 2 hours.
At maxed handiness, Papa carved a masterpiece pumpkin for $349. I’m so jealous!
Sadly, my situation calls for a collection that isn’t quite so time-consuming.

Merri: In case you’re wondering what’s going on with Garrison, we became good friends today.
Apparently, he’s a Romantic Interest and we’re Lovebirds.
I give him what I hope other sims will regard as a friendly hug. *winks

Uncle Dud threw his birthday party 2 days before Papa and Uncle Mot got their birthday notices.
So, I’m planning to remove Garrison from my club in a few days.
If he’s at his home, maybe he’ll throw an early birthday party and send me an invite.

Anyway, let’s head out to Chez Sul Sul for brunch before heading home, folks!

Cirius: Hey, Mizuki #2, fancy meeting you here! How have you been?
Mizuki #2: Oh no! I forgot to…um…turn off the sprinklers before leaving home!
Hope to see you all again soon! *dashes off

Merri: I’m starving, folks! What does everyone want to order?
Masaya: Oh gosh! Where’s my smartphone? I must have dropped it at Desert Bloom Park.
No need to wait for me. I’ll grab a bite to eat when I get home. *walks quickly out the door

Merri: Our final free day was over in a blink of the eye, leaving me officially the active heir.
Papa has prepared me well, teaching me how to paint, woodwork, and write.

And, yes, that red arrow directs your gaze to our ever-present gardener. *rolls eyes

Garrison: Hey, Merri! I thought you’d glued yourself to that woodworking table!
Merri: Feels like it. How you doing tonight? *chitchats with her teen lovebird

Garrison: So, I wish I could tell you exactly when my birthday is, but I don’t know myself.
Merri: I think we’re doing okay time-wise. Meanwhile, wanna be my BFF?

Masaya: Hey, that’s my little boy you’re hugging! *frowns suspiciously #DoubleStandard


Merri: Nimb and I leave for our first day of work at the same time as Uncle Mot.
Look at Nimb, looking so serious and professional!

Nimb: I bear the dubious honor of being Watchette’s first sim to not complete a childhood aspiration.
I couldn’t even max a childhood skill, but I’ve become responsible with good manners.
Yeah, sorry about that, Nimb. I scheduled everything around Merri and you lost out.

Nimb: It’s cool. Uncle Mot mentored me in Logic during most of our free day.
I bet I’ll max Scientist even faster than Uncle Mot, if you don’t blow it this time, Watchette.
*coughs awkwardly

Merri: I’m promoted to Level 4 and branch to the Food Critic career.
I’m not sure if I should be happy about my promotion or not.

But maybe I’ll try to avoid more promotions until after I move out. Garrison, age faster!


Garrison: So, that’s your museum space, Merri? You’re done with it?
Merri: Yeah, I’m all finished with my museum contributions.

Garrison: Isn’t that the same painting of your father that you showed me on the third floor?
Merri: You’re right. I made a copy of it for here so the whole household could be together.
Portrait value:      $2,844
Collection value: $40,471

Merri: I have two work-from-home assignments, so I invite Garrison and the fam to Creekside Bar.
It’s that new bar in downtown Willow Creek. I only have to review three drinks.

By the way, don’t Papa and Garrison’s father Masaya look dashing in their party wear?
Masaya is 93 days old but doesn’t look like an elder because he dyed his hair.
Papa and Uncle Mot’s elder birthday is in three days on Friday.

Merri: I’ve reviewed one drink but can’t review a second drink, no matter how many drinks I imbibe!


Merri: My clubmates and I are still going strong at 2 am! (I sent Garrison home three hours ago.)
It finally dawned on me that I had to review the 3 drinks at 3 different establishments.
Here at the Cadenza Lounge in downtown Oasis Springs, I’m reviewing my third drink at last.

Watchette, how did you not know how drink reviews work?
Uh, I read somewhere that job performance stays the same when working from home.
Because of that, I almost never have sims work from home. *shrugs

Merri: I straggle home at 6 am after finally getting credit for reviewing a third drink.  Arrggghhh!

Merri: Glutton for punishment that I am, I work from home again today.
You see, I’m hoping against hope that Garrison will phone me about his early birthday party.
But no phone call from Garrison of that sort today.

At least, Papa and I enjoy meals at two restaurants while I review them.
Tomorrow, Garrison will throw a birthday party, for sure!

Merri: In other news, my stunningly beautiful Mama becomes an elder this evening.
Like Masaya, she dyes her hair and doesn’t seem to have changed much.
They only have tiny wrinkles about the eyes, but the telltale senior slouch gives them away.

Recently, my parents have lost their red romance bars and are just good friends.


Merri: Recklessly, I phone in “fake sick” to wait for Garrison’s phone call. *sighs
Then, around noon, I decide to take Papa on a trip he’ll always remember.

The wonders of Sixam defy description.
Maybe another day, once I’m done chasing after Garrison, I’ll find the words to describe the miracle that is Sixam.

Returning home, I restlessly wait until evening then begin writing a review for tomorrow.
Oh! There’s Garrison jogging down our street. And he’s heading for our front door.

Did Masaya tell his son about having received his first notice from Grim last night?

I run downstairs eagerly to greet Garrison. Nope, he’s still a teen.
Next update, for sure!


Cirius Lee’s Free Day #4 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (3): Writing 8-10
Promotions (10): Cirius/ArtCr 8-10, Masaya/Bus 6-7; Mot/Sci 7-10, Tetsu/Sci 2
Grades (6): Merri/B, A, A; Nimb/B, A, A
Maxed skills (10): Merri/Mental; Mizuki & Mot/Dancing; Cirius/Fitness & Writing
Maxed jobs (4): Cirius/Art Critic, Mot/Scientist
Maxed aspiration (2): Merri/Mansion Baron
Character value traits (2): Merri/Responsible, Good Manners
Good friends (3): Masato Ikeda, Aanya Srivastava, Garrison Fyres
Satisfaction points (2): +2,000 sp
Household funds (2): +$30,000
Passed out (-2): Masaya, Tetsu
NPCs (-31): Nanny x12, Gardener x6, Massage x4, Repair x4, Maid x4, Pizza x1

Cirius Lee’s Total Points (51 points) 
Designated Skill (9): Writing 2-10
Maxed skills/jobs/aspirations (32):
Maxed skills (24): Cirius (12), Merri (6), Nimb (2), Mizuki (2), Mot (2)
Maxed jobs (4): Cirius (2), Mot (2)
Maxed aspirations (4): Cirius (2), Merri (2)
Promotions (27):
Job promotions (19): Cirius (7), Mot (6), Masaya (5), Tetsu (1)
School grades (6): Merri (3), Nimb (3)
Character traits (2): Merri (2)
Satisfaction pts (6): 1,000 sp x6
Household funds (4): +$30,000 x2
Good Friends (10)
Wishing Well (2): Promotion wish x2
Fire (-2)
Passed out (-3)
NPCs (-33)

TD 3.16: Proud Merri Moves Out

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