TD 3.18: Merri Mucks Along

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 14/Thursday

Merri: I’m surprised I’ve never noticed those gravestones at the corner of our lot before.
They belong to Morgan’s parents Moira and Dominic and her sister Siobhan.

I’d like to have Morgan’s gravestone to place alongside the gravestone of Garrison’s father, Masaya.
But where could her gravestone have gone?

Merri: Before phoning the ASPCA last night, I’d gone ahead and bought everything a puppy could need.
I feel sad whenever I notice the dog bed but don’t have the heart to throw it out yet.

Merri: Look how attentively our angelic heir, Jet, listens while I read the boys a story.

Merri: The bearded sim is my new clubmate, Daichi Tanaka.
He’s a bonafide Restaurant Critic which is why, I guess, we’re not described as co-workers.
A Snob, Foodie, and Dance Machine, Daichi gets along well with both Garrison and me.

Garrison: *makes funny faces at Lone
Daichi: Really? You gained a level in parenting like that?

Merri: As a silly toddler, Lone obviously delights in his father’s antics.
We look forward to watching our sons grow.

Merri: Naturally, Jet receives 100% of my time and attention whenever he’s awake.
Besides cooking and housecleaning, all I can do for Garrison is pre-work massages and the occasional parenting tip.

Merri: Lone is left to shift entirely for himself. He’s at the mercy of the other adults.
At the moment, he’s crying after having destroyed the dollhouse because he’s exhausted.

I feel bad about neglecting Lone, but Jet’s the next heir and there’s only one of me.
How did Grandma Liberty ever manage to raise triplets?

Merri: I earn a promotion to Level 7 Food Critic, surprisingly (18 points).
Then to prepare for a busy day, I hire a nanny (17 points).

We’ve all missed being able to hire a vegetarian caterer!
That’s why I also buy a chef station and select its “Hire chef ($800)” option (16 points).

What a waste of $800! *sells the chef station
She stirs the pot a bit, stirs the pan a bit, rinse, repeat, then leaves without completing a single dish.

Masato: Merri, Garrison, I have some fantastic news to share! Good news or bad news first?
Garrison: Good news, natch!

Masato: Yasmin Mandir gave birth to a little girl! They live in Granada Place next to the former Caliente residence.
Merri: Excellent work, Masato! We’ll keep an eye on Adelynn and her traits as she grows up.
Masato: Adelynn’s just 3 days younger than Jet, and Granada Place is a nice 3-bedroom home.

Garrison: So what’s the bad news?
Masato: Mizuki #2 had her third son (she has two boys with Masaya).
Your clubmate Aaradhya also had a son but she’s homeless so it doesn’t matter much.
Lastly, Charity Bjergsen’s daughter and Jet are probably too closely related to marry.

Merri: Poor little Lone throws a tantrum while I’m reading to Jet and him.
Just you wait until the free day, Lone! You’ll have all the attention you want and more!

Nimb: When I go into labor at night, I decide to have my child at the hospital, alone.
Why? Because it’s faster than a home birth! And there’s one more important reason!
I’m not letting Watchette take pictures of me screaming and groaning over a bassinet!

Merri: Lone passes out from sheer exhaustion while I’m putting Jet to bed.
After giving Lone a second wind, I finally have time to give him a much-needed bath.

Merri: While I’m bathing Lone, Nimb’s nooboo shows up in the living room without Nimb.
Nimb: Her name is Pris, sis. I named her after the blond replicant in Blade Runner, my all-time fave film!

Merri: And who will go to Pris while she lies there screeching?
Not my perfect husband who is sleeping after autonomously teaching Lone to dance then cleaning.

Merri: Definitely not Theresa who comes home exhausted at 5 pm, never sleeps or naps, then  passes out at 11:30pm (15 points).

Merri: And certainly not Nimb, who decides to stay outside after returning from the hospital.
Thanks to Nimb, Watchette earns the No Excuses achievement for the first time ever (14 points).

Why is it even called that? Isn’t it more of a fiasco than an achievement?”

Merri: Daichi Tanaka to the rescue! At last, Pris is fed and changed by my clubmate Daichi!
Finally, someone realizes that we’re actually trying to earn points now!

I only hired those NPCs this morning to give me more time with the twins!


Merri: Quite frankly, I resent Nimb for neglecting his daughter.
He hasn’t gone anywhere near her since they returned from the hospital 10 hours ago!

He does make up for last night’s minus point by maxing Logic this morning (16 points).
But how can he expect anyone to care about his child if he himself couldn’t care less?

Merri: Nimb has so many important things to do that he can’t look after Pris.
Sighing, I phone for a nanny to help out so Pris won’t be taken away by Social Services (15 points)
Who does he think picks up the slack for his irresponsibility! (He even has the Responsible trait!)

Merri: My little princes, I love them so!
While tucking Lone into bed, I max parenting (17 points).

Now, if only Nimb and Theresa would stop with the negative points until tomorrow morning!

My perfect husband, Garrison, leaves for work after an aromatherapy massage!

His sister, Theresa, earns a promotion to Hungry Artist (Painter 3).
Is that why she’s dressed like she works at MacSimnolds? (18 points)

I’m not taking any chances today! Walking to the foyer, I call her into the house.

Merri: My awesome father checks to see why Pris is wailing.
On the other hand, her own father Nimb has avoided Pris completely.
Nimb has never even held Pris once. That mystifies me to no end.

At this point, though, I’m grateful that Nimb’s napping rather than passing out.

My father in sparkly Super Parent mode with Lone.
I’m so glad he got a chance to meet his grandsons. I wish Garrison’s parents could have met them, too.

Garrison: Hey, Lone! Thanks for coming all the way out to welcome me home from work.
Lone: *hasn’t learned to talk yet


Merri: I can’t figure Theresa out for the life of me!
I give her the second-largest bedroom and the largest bathroom in the house, but she won’t sleep or bathe!
Realizing she’s going to pass out in two hours, I leap into action!
After I lure her to her bedroom with a chess invite, she heads straight for bed. Finally!!!

Why won’t she take proper care of herself?
She is NOT robbing me of a Saturday morning start for my second free day!

And at 8:26 am, Jet maxes his potty skill (20 points) and our second free day commences!


Merri’s Free Day #2 (10 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (1): Gourmet Cooking 4
Promotions (6): Merri/FCritic 6-7, Nimb/Sci 5, Garrison/Ath 2, Theresa/Paint 2-3
Maxed skills (8 ): Merri/Writing, Parenting, Nimb/Logic, Jet/Potty
Good Friends (2): Jet Lee, Lone Lee
Satisfaction points (1): +1,000 sp
NPC hires (-6): Nanny x4, Dog Adoption x1, Chef x1
Passed out (-2): Theresa x2
Bladder fails (-1): Nimb x1

TD 3.19: Assets and Liabilities

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