TD 3.19: Assets and Liabilities

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 14/Saturday

Merri: Aaahhh, the start of our second free day!  How marvelous!
One of this free day’s main goals is to boost everyone’s Parenting skill.

Jet relentlessly and repeatedly asks Nimb to teach him.

Lone enjoys the attention from daddy and the other adults at home.
He’s woefully behind in his skills, but I can help Lone now that Jet’s Level 3 in all 5 skills.

Masato: So far, I’m batting 4 out of 5 as a pollinator.
On this free day, I’ll only spend time with two ladies. Lila Alonzo lives in a roomy house in Willow Creek.
This brunette is Diamond, Masaya’s daughter with Luna Villareal.

After that, I’m going to be taking it easy. No use wasting my energy on homeless ladies.
Anyway, unless new families move into Brindleton Bay, Adelynn Mandir is a good option.

Merri: Theresa needs to work on her aspiration (Botanist) and daily task (painting).
When not at work, she only watches TV or wanders around in a grungy state of exhaustion.

Just between you and me, there’s always been something strange about Theresa Fyres.
Whenever she walks, she does a weird one-step walking, one-step sunk into the ground thingy.
Check out her feet peeking out from her knees and the weird position of  her hands. Bizarre!

I’ve never seen a sim with this kind of glitch before. So glad that Garrison doesn’t have it.

Merri: Since Theresa never paints autonomously, the free day is a perfect opportunity.
I ask Papa to mentor her while she starts her daily task. What would I do without you, Papa?

Because you’re a negligent father unless I’m controlling you, I’m sharing this shot of you breastfeeding.
Nimb: No, you wouldn’t!
Just did!

Nimb: Pris receives her birthday notice during the feeding, so I age her up immediately.
She also gets a message that someone named Senior Pollinator Technician #3 has sent her a gift.
Who the heck is that and how’s she related to my Pris?

More important, how did SPT #3 get a hold of my custom content hair? Grrrrr!

Nimb: Her skintone is just slightly darker than that of her human disguise.
Just as I’m wondering whether Pris should be who she is or pass as a human, I remember.

Our watcher dislikes the high-pitched voices of aliens. Human disguise it is, Pris!

Garrison: Thankfully, I find Grim at Salty Paws Saloon (again) and am able to complete my Grilled Cheese aspiration.
I also meet Caleb Vatore, a resident of Forgotten Hollow.
What a surprise to learn that Caleb’s a vampire–he’s so courteous and sophisticated.

Garrison: Since I’ve switched to the Bodybuilder aspiration, we make a short stop at the gym.
That’s when Count Vlad breaks into the gym and heads our way.

Merri: I encourage him to work out, which he does, but we still can’t go home. Darn break-in!
We’re here with all 3 toddlers and don’t want to spend the rest of our free day here!

Garrison: The last straw is when Vlad gets flirty and tries to engage me in a suggestive conversation!
Nobody treats me like some floozy in front of my family!
Vlad: Oh? So if you and I were to go somewhere private together? Hmmm? *waggles eyebrows

Garrison: That’s it! After treating Count Chrome Dome to a few mean socials, I choose to “Fight Vampire.”

Merri: Of course, my perfect husband beats that nasty ole vampire to a pulp. Hmmmph!
The break-in ends with the fight, allowing Garrison, Nimb, the toddlers, and I to go home.

Garrison (whispers): I check my relationship panel but have no pink bar with Vlad. Whew!

Week 15/Sunday

Merri: Our second free day comes to a very productive close!
Both Garrison and Nimb reach Parenting 6, to my delight!

Nimb won’t change overnight but, now and then, I see him socializing with his daughter.

Merri: Once the kids wake up from their afternoon nap, Jet and I throw a toddler play date.
Masato tells me all his children are now toddlers, but I’ve only met Evan Hayashi.

The party goals are much too time-consuming for one lone sim to handle.

Merri: There are moments when Jet looks so much like my perfect husband!

Merri: Just before the party ends, Garrison earns a promotion (21 points). Way to go, darling!
We earn a silver medal for our efforts, but the kids all seemed to enjoy the park immensely.

Lucky for us, a group of cosplayers arrive and clean up after us. Thanks!


Pris and I become good friends, while I’m bathing her (22 points).
My heart goes out to the little girl. Her father is neglectful and her mother is absent.

Jet maxes his thinking this morning (24 points). He’s such an asset!
I go to put him to bed when I see him pouting from exhaustion, but he trots off on his own.

Jet’s going to be a great heir! He’s already earned more points than his Uncle Nimb!

Merri: Today, I want to be selfish, Garrison. Will you humor me?
Garrison: Well, that depends, doesn’t it?

Merri: Now that the kids are all sleeping, will you accompany me while I write my reviews?
First, we’ll go to Creekside Bar then swing by La Bovine.

Garrison: It’s been a lovely day, Merri.
Would you cool it with the parenting and repair tips, though, honey?
They spoil the romantic mood here in Shimuzu!

Merri: Oops, sorry, love. I accidentally slipped into Heiress Mode there!
Oh, where did the time go? We left in the morning and now it’s 7 pm!
Did Nimb also message you about his promotion (25 points)?

When they get home, they find a house full of starving, grungy, sleep-deprived sims.
Why didn’t they take care of their needs while Merri and Garrison were out? (Is this yet another bug!?)


Merri: It is never too early to scout new talent! This is my new clubmate, Tetsu Yamamoto.
It’s good for a club to have new blood! (Also, I’m removing Papa from the club this afternoon.)

I hire a nanny because it’s going to be another busy day with three toddlers (24 points)

Honestly, I’m at my wit’s end with Nimb and Garrison’s sister Theresa.
They wouldn’t sleep or use the larger bathrooms upstairs, so I made them bedroom downstairs.
Last night, they both stayed up all night, never stepping foot in their bedrooms.

After work, even though I call her indoors, Theresa of course passes out (23 points).
She’s passed out after each of her last three work shifts. Dead weight much?

Next free day, Theresa must quit her job because she’s dragging our score down.
I foresee her living in a basement room with a cooler, toilet, bed, and shower.

Merri: Naturally, right after I complain about Nimb and Garrison, they head straight for their beds and crash!

Anyway, I max cooking tonight (25 points) while baking my boys’ birthday cakes.
Then Daichi Tanaka and I become good friends (26 points)

I’d noticed Papa slip away quietly this morning. I didn’t try to stop him.
And when I check my relationships tonight, he’s passed away.

Visiting my old home, I find my parents’ urns by the front door.
Uncle Mot is too busy with his video game to chat.


Past midnight, I notice an unknown lady walking through our house toward our “front door” in the back.
I don’t know if she plans a friendly visit or a break-in but only Garrison is sleeping right now.

Hastily, I relock all our doors and she walks off without ever knocking.
As if I’d let her anywhere near my perfect husband’s neck!

Later that morning,  Lone maxes Imagination (28) so I hire a nanny (27 points)
Soon after, I get promoted to Level 8 Expert Epicurean (28 points).

In the afternoon, Theresa earns her Level 4 promotion (29  points).
And late that night, Jet maxes Communication right before his birthday (31 points).
We’ll be celebrating their birthdays soon after starting our third free day!

Jet: Come back next time to see Lone and me as children!
Pris: Why does Jet get all the attention? *glares


Free Day #3 (11 points)
Promotions (4): Merri/Fcritic 8, Nimb/Sci 6, Garrison/Ath 3,Theresa/Paint 4
Maxed skills (8 ): Merri/Cooking, Jet/Thinking & Communication, Lone/Imagination
Good friends (2): Pris Lee, Daichi Tanaka
Passed out (-1) Theresa x1
NPC hires (-2): Nanny x2

TD 3.20: Cuz This Is How She Rolls

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