TD 3.20: Cuz This Is How She Rolls

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 15/Thursday

Merri: Our third free day begins just before midnight.
And soon after, the twins celebrate their birthdays.

Both our boys earn the Happy Toddler trait.
Jet Lee becomes a dog lover, while Lone Lee becomes a loner.

Garrison: Watchette uses “Change Sim” to give Jet my green eyes!

The twins begin with Artistic Prodigy, which they hope to finish during our free day.
Since Daichi’s a snob and a critic, I figure he will serve well as a mentor.

Merri: During our free day, Pris also qualifies for the Happy Toddler trait.
She’s a surprisingly resourceful toddler.
Yesterday, she surprised me by autonomously asking me to teach her flash cards.

Garrison: Since I’m an active sim, the Bodybuilder aspiration is perfect for me.
I’m working hard to complete it before the free day ends.

Theresa: I quit my job as Painter but I already brought home the Easy-Breezy Easel yesterday.
I’m not sure why I don’t sleep. Maybe it’s a form of stress-related insomnia?

Merri: Stress over what? If anyone deserves to be stressed out, it’s me!
Anyway, good job with the easel, Theresa!
You’ve done well today with Freelance Botanist, too! You reached Gardening 8!

Theresa: Congrats to you, too, Merri!
Merri: Yeah, I’m not sure if it was a good idea, but I’ve maxed Vampire Lore and Painting today.

Merri: Our pollinator Masato has been busy as a bee.
Free Day #1: 2 girls (Noel Bjergsen and Adelynn Mandir)
3 boys (Theo Hayashi, Johnathon Anand, Brook Mandir)
Free Day #2: 1 girl (Kari Alonzo), twin boys (Jamel/Octavio Villareal)

Masato: I arrange trysts with three of the four ladies who’d given birth to boys previously.
And this a new “love,” Kerry Alonzo. She’s the younger sister of Kari Alonzo’s mother.

Daichi: Being a tad overzealous, aren’t we? Kerry’s sister already has a daughter…
Masato: Yeah, I only wanted to kiss her for my Serial Romantic aspiration, but “someone” forgot.
Oh, THAT was the reason we invited Kerry over! Not that you seem to mind all that much.


Merri: Today is a new (non-free) day! I look through my relationships in search of a new clubmate.
I notice Vlad hasn’t changed out of his dark form since his fight with my perfect husband.

Thinking he wouldn’t come over, I add him to my club for a lark. But he arrives! *starts insulting Vlad

Garrison (the llamacorn): As I leave for work, I see Merri arguing with that Vlad.
I briefly contemplate helping out and arriving at work late, but Merri seems to have bested him.

Merri: Cuz this is how I roll!
Did I mention that I’d mixed my first vampire cure before Vlad arrived?

Vlad: How utterly humiliating to be cured of my vamprism? How will I ever face the other vampires?
Merri: Sorry, dude! I’d like to move households into vacant homes in the future.
But you’re taking up valuable space while not being a viable space option!

Vlad: So you’ll be curing Caleb as well?
Merri: Um….no, not Caleb.
Thanks to @reggikko for reminding me about curing Vlad.

Merri: Funny thing about the relationships of Nimb and his daughter Pris.
Senior Pollination Technician #3 appears among Pris’s relationships, described as her mother.
But she doesn’t appear among Nimb’s relationships. Was Nimb’s memory wiped or is he in denial?

More importantly, why does SPT #3 continue to poach my custom content hair? It’s not for you!

Lone: Mama! The teacher gave me at “B” at grade school! (32 points)
Merri: Nice work, Lone! (Jet’s Mental skill is higher but, oddly, he’s still a “C” student.)

Merri: Brother Nimb earns his second promotion this week!  (33 points)
Then, while I’m busy with my work-from-home assignments, Uncle Mot pays us a visit.
Right away, I buy a gaming console to occupy him while I prepare three gourmet dishes.

Darn it, I hadn’t planned on it, but my Gourmet Cooking rises two levels (35 points)
Uncle Mot quietly plays a game by himself, then leaves without saying good-bye.
I realize that Uncle Mot has outlived both of his brothers.

Stranger: Good evening, kind sir! I see you’ve been promoted out of that llamacorn uniform! (36 points)
Garrison: And who might you be? I would have noticed a beautiful stranger like yourself in these parts.

Stranger: I am a traveling salesman, always on the move, never staying in one place. A tragic lifestyle!
Would you care to sample my wares and warm a lonely heart, kind sir? *gives suave kiss
Garrison: I’m very flattered, ma’am. But my extremely possessive wife beat up a notorious vampire this morning.
You and I would never escape with our lives, lovely stranger!

Merri (comes out of character): Darn straight, you wouldn’t!
Garrison: Nice try buying me the Great Kisser trait during our recent free day.
Sadly, you kissing me doesn’t raise my Charisma! But wait until our next free day, Merri!


Merri: We’re earning points too fast so I hired a butler yesterday morning (34 points).
She’s a creative, cat-loving foodie. Nice traits but still an odd duck, for sure!

Speaking of odd, I find Theresa crawling upstairs on her hands and knees.
And, naturally, now that she’s quit the Painter career, she’s started painting autonomously.

Merri: In the afternoon, I take Masato and my boys out visiting.
The little girl on the left is Noel Bjergsen (Sofia’s grand-daughter).
She’s my acquaintance but, sadly, she’s Jet’s cousin.

Next, we visit the Mandir residence in Oasis Springs.
Who’s the little boy, Masato?
Masato: That’s my son with Aya Mandir, who’s an elder now.

Merri: Aren’t you coming inside the house, Masato?
Masato: No, thanks! The little girl Adelynn (right) is my daughter with Aya’s daughter Yasmin.
Merri: You’re joking, aren’t you?
Masato: Hey, in my defense, Aya and Yasmin looked like sisters at the time, not mother and daughter!

Merri: Now that I’ve met my future daughter-in-law (?!), I take the whole household to the park.
I’m hoping that Jet will develop a love for fishing.
Pris maxes her Imagination all by herself! (36 points)

Week 16/Sunday

Merri: We visit the Pupperstone Dog Park this morning for the first time.
We find no dogs inside the park, but I finally find one walking around outside for Garrison to meet.

Awww, my perfect husband gets a Happy +2 Doggie! Moodlet for meeting a new dog friend.
I called over Jet the dog-lover, too, but he shows no interest in the dog.

Pris aged up last night. As pretty as ever, Pris is a perfectionist now.

My clubmate Tetsu Yamamoto also aged up last night, apparently.
Sorry, Tetsu, but I’m removing you from my club. Your pear shape disqualifies you as the next pollinator!

And in case you’re wondering, our new butler is working out fine. (35 points)

After Garrison leaves for work, I take the twins out fishing. Both boys reach Level 8 Mental.


Merri: So many points lately!
Yesterday, Masato maxed dancing (37 points), so I’ve hired nannies yesterday and today (35 points) in addition to our butler (34 points).
This afternoon, both Jet and Lone bring home “A” grades, and Pris brings home a “B.” (37 points)

My perfect husband also earns a promotion and branches to the Bodybuilder career (38 points).
If I can finish this book, I’ll be promoted tomorrow, too.
Looks like we’ll have another free day soon, so I take a moment to write excuse notes for our twins.

Merri: Meet my new clubmate, Parker Shimizu. He’s a young adult replacing the pear-shaped Tetsu Yamamoto.

The creative Parker is a snob, just like me, so we’re good friends in no time (39 points).
Uh, my Papa who art in Heaven, would you mind explaining why Park turns out to be my half-brother?!

Cirius: Oh that! While I was doing Painter Extraordinaire, I’d initially planned to do Big Happy Family next.
Merri: I thought your last (incomplete) aspiration was Successful Lineage?
Cirius: That’s right, Merri. I realized that I could milk more satisfaction points from Successful Lineage.
So when I finished Painter Extraordinaire, I didn’t choose Big Happy Family after all.

Merri: So why all that drama about Mama flirting at the Romance Festival?
Cirius: Oh puhleeze! I’d believed that a third child was my dynastic duty at the time.
Your mother was flirting with a stranger on a random whim.

Merri: Anyway, I guess that means Parker can’t be the next-gen pollinator…Shoot!!!
Cirius: Um, he has a twin brother.


Merri: I’m in the garden, waiting for my Level 9 promotion to trigger our 40th point.

I’d just aged up naturally to an adult.
No, I didn’t cake up! Even with my pregnancy, my perfect husband is 5 days younger than me.
And Garrison is not only an Active sim but also Long-Lived!
(Active Uncle Mot, who’s not even long-lived, has outlived his two brothers by 8 days now!)

Anyway, with only an hour to go before my promotion notice, Jet maxes Mental in the observatory!
Way to go, Jet! And now, we can begin our fourth free day!


Free Day #4 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (2): Gourmet Cooking 7-8
Promotions (8 ):
Careers (3): Nimb/Sci 7, Garrison/Athl 4-5
School (5)  : Jet/B & A, Lone/B & A, Pris/B
Maxed skills (6):
Jet/Mental, Masato/Dancing, Pris/Imagination,
Good friends (1): Parker Shimizu
NPC hires (-7): Butler x5, Nanny x2

TD 3.21: Tempora-Lee Displaced

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