TD 3.21: Tempora-Lee Displaced

A Townie Dynasty/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 16/Wednesday

Merri: Our fourth free day runs from around 8 am Wednesday until the same time tomorrow.
For Jet the heir and brother Lone, the first goal is finishing Whiz Kid.

Jet: Hello there! My name’s Jet Lee. What’s your name?
Yellow shirt: Hello yourself! I’m Hakim Mounib. So, you want me to be your friend, right?

Jet: Honestly? No. I only need to introduce myself to five sims for my new aspiration.
I’m a social butterfly. See ya!

Theresa: I finally complete Freelance Botanist today! Please, may I buy Steel Bladder for myself?
Merri: What? We bought you that trait during last week’s free day. Buy Marketable instead.

Theresa: *buys Marketable and switches to Painter Extraordinaire

Masato: I kiss my 9th and 10th sims, but I’ll never try for the three gold-medal dates.
And yes, my 9th kiss is with the nanny–she’s the one who throws herself on everybody, anyway!
As an extension of my 10th kiss, I also try for baby with Grand Master Lilith Vatore.

Masato: Lastly, I pollinate another Grand Master vampire named Kailee Kidd.
Gah, she’s such a handful!  Talk about a diva!!! Plus she’s mean as a snake.

I wish my final pollination could have been a more pleasant experience.

Jet: I invite Adelynn Mandir over and we become friends.
All I need to finish Social Butterfly is two more child friends, but I’m done with this aspiration.

By the way, what do you think of my mother’s plans for me to marry Adelynn?
Adelynn’s mother is not so pretty. What if I’m not attracted to Adelynn when we’re teens?
If only I had multiple options! Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

Jet: I take everybody to Casbah Gallery to take photos of Uncle Masato.
When I’m old enough to paint portraits, I want to memorialize him as an adult, not an elder.

Jet: Papa, would you please stop making such corny poses? What’s wrong with you?
Garrison: I’m a Great Kisser who’s been smooching with your mother to build charisma.

Jet: By the time I have a nice photo of each household adult, I’ve maxed photography.


Merri: Just past midnight, we try to go home but discover a vampire’s breaking in. Not again!
I learn that a break-in cannot be ended by freezing the offending vampire.

Garrison: Chatting with the vampire doesn’t work either.
First, Merri fights the vampire and loses. Next, I fight the troublesome vampire.
I’m also defeated but, at least, my fight ends the break-in at 2 am. Sheesh! What a nuisance!

Garrison: After sunrise, the twins phone in for a vacation day and I have the day off.
How shall we spend the day?
Right before our free day ends, we all take moodlet solvers then head for Brindleton Bay.
Do you think Jet’s looks favor me or Merri?

Garrison: In the afternoon, we visit Seaside Stories at Dachshund Creek.
Unlike the other libraries in our simverse, this one is designed with toddlers in mind.

Merri: I wish we’d brought the twins here when they were toddlers!

Jet: Uncle Masato, may I ask you a personal question?
Masato: Uh, sure. Why not?

Jet: Why do you live with us instead of having a family of your own?
Masato: You can ask your father that question, Jet, after your young adult birthday.

Jet: Do you miss not having a family of your own?
Masato: Not really. I’m a member of your family, am I not?

Merri: We head home after learning that Pris earned an “A” at school (42 points).
While everyone gets some rest, I rehire our butler. (41 points)
She’s been a tremendous help around the house!


Jet: At the Spice Festival, only Mama and I pass the Spicy Curry Challenge.
Since I’m a kid, though, only Mama gets the champion’s t-shirt.

Pris: Judging from the look on Adelynn’s face, she might have passed the challenge, too!
Lone: Why does Mama invite that Adelynn everywhere we go?

Masato: Some sims need a T-shirt for others to recognize that they’re hot.
Can’t say that’s ever been my problem. *smirks quietly

Merri: This is Trace Bheeda, son of Arun and Jesminder Bheeda.
I introduce myself and get to know Trace, hoping to learn the secret to his longevity.
Ahhhh, he’s an active sim! No wonder he’s outlived all the premade sims!

Jet: Thanks for laying vampire knowledge on me, Mama. I never knew that about frogs!
Later, I find Merri autonomously sharing vampire knowledge with Lone as well.

Jet: Mama takes us all to La Bovine to celebrate Uncle Masato’s elder birthday.
Nanny Ellen arrives at the same time as we do. There’s something wrong with her. I just know it.
How is she not an elder yet? I hear Uncle Masato beat her up while he was a teenager.
Also, Grandpa Cirius once said that Nanny Ellen was his nanny, too. Is she immortal?

Merri: A very happy birthday to you, Masato!
Masato: Thanks so much, everyone. I wasn’t expecting a fancy dinner and a birthday cake!

Garrison (whispers): So, tell me, Masato. What was it like being the pollinator?

Masato: Why are you whispering, Garrison? I have 14 kids total: 8 girls and 6 boys.
In San Myshuno, Mizuki Hayashi #2’s fourth pregnancy finally produced a girl! (She had 2 sons with Masaya and 1 with me.)
As for the vampires, Lilith had a girl and that meanie Kailee probably had a boy.
And don’t bother asking: I refuse to see Kailee again!

Garrison (whispers again): I’m not asking about your results! I want to hear about the process!
Masato (whispers): You’re asking me here and now, with your wife glaring at us?
Garrison (sighs): What Dresden House needs is a man cave.

Merri: When we get home, I make a beeline for the dresser to dye Masato’s hair black.
I’m surprised to find that his hair is black already.
Even more surprising, he’s reverted back to an adult again with 0 days to elderhood.

Strange! I ask Masato to change into his lovely party outfit then cake him up for the second time.

Nimb: On the occasion of Masato’s double elder birthday and makeover, I get a makeover, too.
As a teen, I’d aged up with very thin eyebrows and funky hair.

I’m no Garrison or Masato but I’m looking pretty cute now, if I do say so myself.


Nimb: A little past midnight, Watchette joins our butler in the garden (40 points).
Next, she buys a few violins to avoid adding another $30,000 to our household funds.
But we earn 2 points anyway because those violins make me complete Mansion Baron. *stifles laugh (42 points)

Then, while checking my traits to switch to a new aspiration, I discover it’s my adult birthday.
Yep, I never even noticed my birthday message! Now Garrison’s the only young adult left.
And in four more days, Jet and Lone become teenagers!


Current score: 42/50

Author’s Note
I have no idea why Masato aged back down to an adult when the household returned home from La Bovine.
Since then, I’ve deleted my game cache files, Origin cache files, and repaired my game (like I do every day, anyway).
Whatever the problem was, I hope it’s gone. (famous last words)

TD 3.22: The Wind Cries Merri

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