TD 3.22: The Wind Cries Merri

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen3, Merri Lee

Week 16/Saturday

Merri: Did you hear both Uncle Mot and Trace Bheeda passed away last night?
That leaves only seven other occupied homes in our simverse.

We’re excited, especially Masato, about moving Aaradhya Anand into a house!
She’s not only my homeless clubmate but also Masato’s favorite lady.
They have a grade-school son and a girl toddler together.

Imagine our disappointment to learn that someone’s already beat us to the punch!
At first, his grey hair gives us hope. But no, he’s an adult, not an elder.
Just what we wanted: a pear-shaped neighbor.

Readers, meet the cheerful goofball Walter Sharma and his dog Monka. *cries

Merri: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Aaradhya.
Aaradhya: Not to worry, Merri! You’ve done so much for me already.
And we can just wait for that ole vampire you cured to kick the bucket, right?

Merri: About that. Count Vlad’s got white hair but he’s actually a young adult.
Also, I was researching immortal nannies on EA Answers HQ last night and…
Aaaradhya: And?

Merri: Vlad’s a “special sim” in charge of introducing new vamps to the vampiric life, so he never ages.
However, if I hadn’t cured him, he might have burned up in the sunlight.

Gah! This challenge of mine is like a comedy of errors!

Merri: Oh well. After that, we spend most of the day at Desert Bloom Park.
I’m determined to obtain a UFO plant to complete our garden collection.

I finish the Space Rock collection, but the UFO plant continues to elude me!
Where is that Green Man when I need him?

Jet: I’m playing space explorer with Brook Mandir, who’s the bruncle of Adelynn.
Garrison: Bruncle? What does that mean?

Jet: Brook says he’s Adelynn’s half-brother because they share Uncle Masato as their father.
But Brook and Adelynn’s mother share the same mother, so he’s also Adelynn’s uncle.
See? Brother + Uncle = Bruncle.

Garrison: Okay, that’s pretty complicated. Uh, can you explain, Masato?
Masato: *coughs

Merri: When we get back from the park, we’re all tired, hungry, and grungy.
Since nobody in the household cooks except me, I order a pizza (41 points).

By the time I get out of the shower, that pizza’s history!

Merri: The household gets bored staying at Desert Bloom Park all day.
And I don’t really want to sneak over there with my club while everyone’s sleeping.
That’s why I’m having Daichi and Aaradhya help me build a rocket ship at home.

UFO plant or bust!

Week 17/Sunday

Merri: Mentoring Theresa, former Queen of Pass Outs, in painting was not time wasted!
This morning, she autonomously maxes her painting skill (43 points).

And did I mention that I love having a butler?
Unlike my clubmates, our butler tends the garden without harvesting! (42 points)

Garrison: Um, did you miss me while I was at work, sweetheart?
Merri: You bet! And I want you to join my club right now!

Garrison: Merri, you’re scaring me! The rules say we can’t be in a club together…

Garrison: Best club ever!


Merri: We’re nearing our last free day, so I had to dismiss the butler last night.
Thankfully, I can still count on my clubmates to help out.

Daichi and Aaradhya are both adults now, so Jet will want to add a younger member or two.

Lone: Welcome home, Uncle Nimb!
Jet: Did you get promoted to Mad Scientist today?

Nimb: Not today, but I have very high hopes for tomorrow!

Merri: I’ve just tried 3 different hookah flavors for my work assignment.
Sitting here reminds me of that moment at Yuma Heights, when Garrison suddenly aged up into a young adult.
Was that really only four weeks ago?

Merri: Darling, it’s your adult birthday tonight!
You need to put down your beloved grilled cheese sammie and blow out your candles!

My perfect husband is now an adult, and just as gorgeous as ever!

Merri: I feel so bad about Aaradhya, Garrison!
Garrison: I know. We should have kept closer tabs on how many occupied houses we had.
Hey, in my defense, Sharma moved in right after I installed the Laundry Stuff Pack!

Nimb: I can’t believe you’ve left the dog bowl there all this time! Trying to guilt me?

Masato: Do you have a moment, Merri? I’ve been wanting to talk with you.
Merri: I always have time for you, Masato. What’s on your mind?

Masato: I’m 88 days old, Merri. I probably have about a week more to live, you know.
I’ve had a good life but I’m worried about Aaradhya and our children Johnathon and Theresa.

Merri: I know you’re worried about your children because Aaradhya’s already an adult.
But Johnathon’s only 3-4 days younger than my twins. He’ll be a teen by the weekend!

Masato: Yes, I know that Johnathon can look after Theresa as Aaradhya ages.
Still, I’d like to ask you a big favor. Would you please keep an eye on my kids?

Merri: The thing is, my twins become teenagers tomorrow night.
And I plan to start our fifth and last free day before they age up.
I won’t be the controlled sim much longer, Masato.

Masato: Oh, right! Jet’s going to become the active heir tomorrow.
Then he’s the one I need to talk with, but I hope you’ll put in a good word for me, too.
Merri: Of course, I will. And you know Jet’s always thought the world of you.


Merri: Early the next morning, I invite Johnathon over to get to know him.
He’s a vegetarian and I’ve added him to my club with his mother and Daichi (behind us).

Here’s hoping that Johnathan ages up with positive traits so Jet will want to keep him around.

Merri: Brother Nimb and I both earn promotions today.
He’s now a Level 9 Mad Scientist. (43 points)
I also reach Level 9 in my career, but will I ever get a career uniform? (44 points)

Nimb: Sis, have you even visited your office yet?

I’ve been crazy busy today, knowing that Jet will soon become the active heir.
Besides upgrading various appliances, I’m also stockpiling meals in family inventory.

I even replaced our fridge and stove with the high-end Snapple models.
Imagine my delight to note that my previous upgrades reappeared on the new appliances!

Merri: *influences Lone to practice the violin
Lone: Thanks for mentoring me, Mama! (46 points)


Merri: It’s past midnight so you and Lone should be getting your birthday notices real soon.
And we’re close to the last free day, too!
Jet: But Mama, I only need one more child friend to complete Social Butterfly!

Merri: I know, son, and I only need two more levels for my designated skill.
Once our last free day starts, you can make a third friend for your aspiration.
As soon as you complete Social Butterfly, though, you two need to blow out your candles, okay?

I’m ready to perform my last act as the controlled sim and Gen3 heir.
The moment I transfer my Meatless Monte Cristo Sandwiches to a platter, I max Gourmet Cooking. (50 points)
It’s time to commence our fifth and final free day, folks!


Free Day #5 (10 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (2): Gourmet Cooking 9-10
Promotions (3): Merri/Food Critic 9 (1), Nimb/Scientist 9 (1) Pris/A
Maxed skills/aspirations (8 ):
Skills (6): Merri/Gourmet Cooking, Theresa/Painting, Lone/Violin
Aspirations (2): Nimb/MansionBaron
NPC hires (-4): Butler x3, Pizza x1

Merri Lee’s Total (50 points)
Designated skill (7): Gourmet Cooking 2-4, 7-10
Promotions (22):
Career (16): Merri 6-9, Nimb 5-9, Garrison 2-5, Theresa 2-4
School (6): Jet/B,A; Lone/B, A; Pris/B, A
Satisfaction pts (1): 1,000 sp x1
Household funds (2): +$30,000 x1
Good friends (6): Aaradhya, Jet, Lone, Pris, Daichi, Parker Shimizu
Maxed skills/jobs/aspirations (34):
Maxed skills (32): Merri (12), Jet (8 ), Lone (4), Nimb (2), Pris (2),
Masato (2), Theresa (2)
Maxed aspirations (4): Merri (2), Nimb (2)
Passed out (-3): Theresa x3
Bladder failure (-1): Nimb x1
NPCs (-19): Butler x3, Nanny x8, Dog adoption x1, Chef x1, Pizza x1

TD 4.23: Jet Propulsion


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