TD 4.23: Jet Propulsion

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 17/Wednesday

Jet: Mama and Uncle Masato want me keep tabs on Aaradhya and her kids.
That’s why I choose their son Johnathon to be my third friend.
Okay, I’m done with Social Butterfly. Lone, it’s time for us to age up!

By the way, here’s a later shot of Jonathan doing homework with his dad.
That’s his mom, Aaradhya Anand, helping Pris with Artistic Prodigy.

Garrison: I’m more than pleased that our twins have aged up so nicely!
Merri: Agreed! Jet looks a lot like you, and Lone resembles his Great-Uncle Mot!

This is Jet’s collage for the Stats post on page 1.
The puppies are so cute, I replaced one portrait then enlarged the image for sharing here, too!

Theresa: Right, the puppies…

Jet: I’ve aged up into a dog lover who loves the outdoors.
But I’m indoors reading because I’m an aspiring Renaissance Sim. *feels cooped up

Lone: I’m a creative loner and an aspiring Painter Extraordinaire.
Auntie Theresa is helping me start out, so we can go to the art museum together.

Jet: Watchette suggests I join a teen career for Renaissance Sim, so I pick Retail.
I have to level to Charisma 2 and get energized before leaving for work at 6 pm.

After a boring shift, I have Mama mentor me in painting some.
I even try painting her portrait but it’s only worth $289.
Looks like I need a higher painting skill. And I’ll be using my photos after all!


Jet: Yay! I earn an A on my first day of high school, though my brother does not.
Checking on everyone in the household, I see Mama’s maxed the Food Critic career.
We didn’t even get a notice about that, either!

What’s even worse, though, is her career uniform. After all her hard work!
That’s not a fitting outfit for a sim with impeccable culinary discernment!

Jet: I’m thinking our watcher needs to get with the program.
Today, it hits me!  As an A student, I’ll start any adult career at Level 3.
I don’t need to mess with teen jobs, since I’m stuck at Tier II until my birthday anyway.

Two hours before my shift starts, I quickly phone in to quit my retail job. Sheesh!

Well, now that I don’t have to work tonight, I can get started on my portraits.
I snap a photo of brother Lone and will take Pris’s photo when she’s a teen.

Do I paint any faster, I wonder, at higher painting levels?
Just in case, I ask Mama to mentor me.

Lone: Why are we having dinner at 11 pm? I was about to go to bed!
Jet: I was in the middle of my portrait marathon when some vampire broke in.
Lone: So we’re eating?

Jet: No, Papa and Nimb were outside so I used “Call to Meal” to get everyone indoors.
Once I lock all the exterior doors, the break-in ends. Break-ins are such a pain!


Jet: It’s particularly fun being the controlled sim after the last free day.
I can go about doing whatever I want, without worrying about points.
Mama stood on the street for hours after work, then didn’t quite make it to the sofa.

Jet: By the time Pris’s birthday notice arrives, everyone has gone to bed, even Pris.
Pris: Thanks for waking me up, Jet!
Jet: No problem, cuz!

Jet: Since no one else is up, I end up becoming her makeover consultant.
Pris: I’m not sure, Jet. What do you think?
Jet: You definitely want to lose your human disguise, Pris!
And thanks for posing for your portrait! Very cute!


Jet: I’m finishing up my eighth portrait when my future wife stops to say hello.
What’s that you say? No, this isn’t Adelynn Mandir.
Didn’t you get the memo?

It’s a bit late to explain everything tonight, but perhaps we can go a-visiting tomorrow.

Jet: This is the 3-bedroom Tudor Bungalow, located on the Summer House lot.
It’s down the street from us on the other side of the Shrieking Llama Bar.

Anyway, the morning after our last free day, we’re getting ready to step out for a break.
And we notice that, for the second time this past week, we have new neighbors.

It’s so strange! No new move-ins since Great-Grandma Liberty’s generation.
Then, bam! Two move-ins within one week, both in Windenberg Countryside.

Jet: Mama says she vaguely remembers seeing the family around.
The one standing is Ananya Joyson. She has two kids: Saanvi and a son.
I invited Saanvi to my club two days ago. I haven’t met her brother yet.

When I met Ananya 2 days ago, she was an adult so her grey hair is a surprise!
Sssshhhhh, not so loud with the questions. Saanvi doesn’t know yet that she’ll be marrying me.

Jet: You’re prob wondering how I’ve switched to Saanvi so easily.
Though she’s already a young adult, she’s a dog-lover like me.
She’s also a cat-lover and childish which are both okay traits, right?

Anyway, Watchette’s always wanted her sims to live in the Tudor Bungalow.
You knew that we’d been hoping to move Aaradhya Anand into this house, right?

Since the game doesn’t let us move sims into houses, I’ve decided to marry the girl who moved in.
Makes sense, doesn’t it? As for Adelynn, more about her later. *winks

Jet: I must confess I’m slightly envious of brother Lone.
The last free day, he burned through two aspirations and almost finished a third one.
That’s a lot of reward traits! Meanwhile, I’m still at Tier II of Renaissance Sim.

I’m glad to note that Lone has started practicing yoga on his own initiative.
In fact, Loner Lone has come outside to destress from Stranger Danger.

Week 18/Sunday 

Gotta love how this Tiki Bar spews flames from both ends!
It’s 2:11 am, and I do believe that I’m done with all my museum stuff!

I can’t wait to have the time to do other non-museum-y activities!

Here’s my museum area! My eight portraits come out to $26,721.
My ten vampire cures are worth $79,309.
At $106,030, I have the most valuable museum contribution so far!

Edited to add: Lee forgot to hang Theresa Fyres’ portrait, so he’ll have to go back to add that to his wall.

Grandpa Cirius started a tradition of adding a copy of the founder/heir’s portrait.
That way, the whole household’s portraits would be in one place.
I don’t have room in my museum area to attractively place all eight portraits, though.
So here’s a shot of the dynasty wall. Who knew Grandpa Cirius was such a hipster?

Jet: I’m really lucky to live in a house with so many mentors!
Once I hit Writing 3 (to write excuse notes),  I’ll be asking Papa to mentor me in  fitness.

Okay, Watchette, I can see how Renaissance Sim makes sense for me.
Still, I wish I could buy more reward traits before moving out!

Jet: What’s wrong with this picture? It’s the family tree of Uncle Masato.
For one thing, his father is long gone and shouldn’t look alive. That’s a bug!

What I want you to notice, however, are his children.
(He has two more with the mean-as-a-snake vampire who don’t show up here.)
All five children on the right became teens in the past 12 hours or so.

Masato: They’re my children from Free Day #1.
Jet: Yes, they were conceived roughly 12 to 36 hours after Lone and I.
BUT, they aged up to teens four to five days later. Why?

Merri: My guess? No pregnancy test plus cakeless age-ups into toddler, child, and teen.
Jet: My point exactly! Pollination timing is tricky when limited to free-day pollination.
Townie sims will always age more slowly.

Merri: You’re telling me! I waited for Garrison, remember?
I didn’t have 13 days to prepare for moving out, like your grandpa and you.
And then I had to wait so long before Garrison aged up! You were born just in time.

Jet: Here’s a collage of four out of Uncle Masato’s five Free Day #1 teens.
Noel (mean, cheerful) and Theo (vegetarian, hotheaded) are my cousins, because we all share the same grandpa (Masaya Yamamoto).

But I’m not blood-related to Adelynn (genius, geek) and Johnathon (vegetarian, jealous).
I tried adding all 4 to my club but kicked everyone except Adelynn because…traits.

So, yeah, I’ve decided not to wait for Adelynn like Mama waited for Papa.
What if I waited for Adelynn then she aged up into a mean or evil sim?


Jet: By the way, Papa gets abducted around 3 am in the morning.
Nobody gives a hoot because we already have 8 sims in our household.
Garrison: That’s cold, son! I got zapped and jolted and came back dazed!

Jet (not listening): Maybe I can get a dog once I move out in 8 more days! Maybe even sooner?

Author’s Notes

*It’s so nice being able to ignore the troubles of the contrarian uncontrolled sims.
*Hope this update wasn’t too boring. I wanted to share some of my (futile) attempts at moving through this challenge.
*Anyway, Project Saanvi solves several problems for now.
-Jet won’t have to wait nervously for Adelynn to sloooooowly age up in time..
-Saanvi adds a layer of unrelatedness between future Lees and pollinated kids.
-I get to play Jet’s household in the lovely Maxis-created Tudor Bungalow.
*Jet’s been all about taking care of business this week. He’s hoping to have more fun next week, his last week as a teen.

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