TD 4.24: Lee-thal Weapon

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 18/Monday

Garrison: Jog like you mean it, Jet!
Jet: Why are you so angry, Papa? You know I have zero fitness.

Garrison: I’ve been locked out of our home gym for days.
Then, I suddenly have access again tonight, but only to mentor you.
Jet: Take a good look at yourself, Papa. You need to stop working out for a while.
You have no neck, bulging thighs, and your upper body resembles The Hulk.

Garrison: So, what’s wrong with that?
Jet: Watchette tried so hard to keep you from bulking up while you maximized your body potential.
But then you spoiled that by unnecessary workouts. You are so not Watchette’s type anymore.

Garrison: I’m not? Are you serious, Jet? Could our watcher be such a fickle mistress?
Oh come on, look at yourself, Garrison. Who would blame me?

Jet: Oh no! My workout is interrupted by the news that I’m missing a museum portrait.
It’s back to the Lee Museum.

After adding Auntie Theresa’s portrait, I also have room for a copy of Mama’s.
So, here we have all eight portraits but no vampire cures. Embarrassing, right?
After taking a shot of my wall last Sunday, I threw out all the vampire cures.
They would have spoiled within 6-8 hours and I didn’t know I’d forgotten a portrait.

(We heirs will be placing the previous heir’s portrait on both our personal wall and the dynasty wall, but only counting its value once.)

Jet: Our household seems to running into vampire break-ins quite often lately.
My parents have made a few vampire enemies, after fighting them to end the break-ins.
At this rate, the Lees will become a target of hatred among the vampire community.

Traveling to Forgotten Hollow for the first time, I visit my friend Caleb for advice.
Caleb offers various suggestions, one of which I rather like.
As our discussion stretches on, I phone to take a day off from school.

After everyone’s back from work, I take the household to the park for homework.
Mama prepares Franks and Beans, of course.
But she’s a slob and doesn’t need special food to constantly pass gas. *rolls eyes

Auntie Theresa is up to her usual, weird tricks.
Uncle Nimb earns his last promotion tonight to Extraterrestrial Explorer.

Jet: I’ve heard of obsessed kpop fans worrying about pregnancy after watching a particularly marvelous video of their favorite performer.
I confess I’ve always been quite smitten by Caleb. Do you think…?

Jet: It’s quite late when we hit the scene at Narwahl Arms.
In fact, Lone, Pris, and I have never been here before.

Uncle Masato’s age bar is full though not bubbling yet.
I’d like to do some fun things with Uncle Masato while we can.
By the way, I’m not sure why everyone looks so miserable. I’m the only one with zero dancing skill!

Jet: It’s a great night for Lone and me, cuz both our grandfathers show up.
We vaguely remember Grandpa Cirius (blue) around when we were really small.
But Grandpa Masaya (pink) had passed before Lone and I were born.


Uncle Masato really loves to dance! He was the first in this house to max dancing.
Today, he literally spends all day dancing in the living room.

Lone and I are waiting for Mama to come home so we can go volunteering.
Oh please, Mama. You can cut the surprised act!
I hear your classmates in high school used to call you Musical Merri…

After two volunteer missions, I’m suddenly swept into the air in a swirl of pink mist.
So this is what Caleb meant when he said I need to understand what it means to be a vampire!

Quite frankly, when Caleb suddenly licked my neck and kissed it, I immediately passed out from the pleasure.
I have no recollection of what happened after that kiss, but now I have a clue.

My dark form isn’t the best, but I like the facial details.
I can always change the outfit later. I  mean, a vampire in a t-shirt!?

My clubmate Aaradhya agrees to let me drink from her wrist.
Uncle Masato would die if he saw the two of us like this.

And now it’s time to go to Forgotten Hollow for some training!
Jet: I know you and my parents despise each other, but that’s got nothing to with me, right?
*high fives Vlad
Vlad: Welcome to the vampire community, Jet. What’s with the high-five, dude?
Ain’t nobody taught you the vampire dap yet?
Jet: Huh?

Vlad: Whatever. What can I do for you tonight, dawg? Vampiric training?
Jet: Yasssss, train me, please! Wait, why can’t I request training from you?

Vlad: I was just kidding. Your mother cured me, remember?
Jet: Oh, right. Doh.

Caleb: Hey, you waited for me to get off work? Nice to see you!
Jet: Nice to see me? I thought you were kissing me but I ended up a vampire!

Caleb: Get real, Jet. We’re not in the same age group. I’m not “allowed” to kiss you.
So you’ve been waiting outside my house for who knows how long to tell me that?
Jet: Well, that plus I was wondering if you could train me since, you know, you’re my master and all.


Once Caleb trains me, I think I’d like to have vampire offspring of my own.
So, after this and that as well as a second training session with Caleb, I’m ready.

First, I turn Sofia Bjergsen’s daughter Charity.
She is Papa’s half-sister but, if enough generations pass, that won’t matter.

Second, I turn Mehdi Mandir. Remember Adelynn Mandir, who I’d initially hoped to marry?
Medhi is her uncle and entirely unrelated to the Lees, so he brings in fresh genes.
On the other hand, Adelynn will be half-siblings with all of Uncle Masato’s kids.

Third, I return to Count Vlad’s manor to turn him.
When Mama cured him, she hadn’t realized the important role he played in the vampire community.
I don’t know if turning him back to a vampire will put him back in that role or not.
But I’m all about building bridges with the vampires, you know?

Hey, Count! Has anyone ever told you that your blood tastes divine? *smacks lips

Vlad: I don’t know which is worse!
Being kicked off the Vampire Council or wondering if I’ll get my seat back.

Caleb: Do you think your vampire rank and powers will be reset?
Vlad: Gah, who knows? I would really hate to be a fledgling vampire again!

Caleb: Hey, what are neighbors for? I’m always ready to train you! *gloats
I hope turning Vlad back into a vampire doesn’t destroy my game… 

I hurry home and begin mixing a vampire cure, hoping to be back to normal in time for school.
Just as I’m almost done mixing the drink, it suddenly disappears. What the heck?

Apparently, I’m not supposed to be mixing a vampire cure while Uncle Masato is dying.
“Someone” has locked me out of the house, too, so I wouldn’t have been able to witness his death, anyway.

The entire household is plunged into sadness, except me and (oddly) Auntie Theresa.
Rest in peace, Uncle Masato. You did what you did with class!

By the time Grim is done reaping Uncle Masato’s soul, it’s already light out.
My skin sizzles in the sunlight while I rush to mix another vampire cure.

And I’m back to normal just in time for school!
Oh, one thing I hadn’t anticipated about this Vampire-for-a-Day lark.

My age got reset to a Day 1 teen. But,  lucky for me, I have a twin brother.
After Lone gets his second birthday notice, I’ll make sure to cake up right before him.

When evening comes, I decide it’s time to adopt a puppy!
Because we’re a seven-sim household, the adoption agency will only showcase one dog at a time.
At one point, I nearly adopt a golden retriever pup named Woofers.

We get off to a rocky start but then he shows me just how cute he can be.
Unfortunately, he is a playful, aggressive troublemaker.
I’m sorry but an aggressive troublemaker dog would be too much for me to handle!


I phone several more times, each time seeing only lapdog puppies.
Then I wait until after midnight, hoping all the dogs would reset. They do!
I’m surprised to see that someone’s put up an Akita for adoption!

Right then and there, I resolve to adopt Diamond the Akita, regardless of his traits!

This puppy is friendlier to me than the golden retriever had been.
I’m surprised to get a “Give a Big Treat ($10)” option and wonder if the puppy’s a glutton.
Yep, his traits are Adventurous, Glutton, and Troublemaker.
The Powers-Above obviously believe that I need a troublemaker in my life. *sighs

Meanwhile, the adoption agent is beside himself with worry.
His only concern is whether I’m qualified to adopt the puppy or not.

Actually, the agent has been clutching that controller for dear life ever since he arrived.

I pay the $200 to adopt the little fella.
Then, I give my adventurous, gluttonous troublemaker a new name: Scamp.

Yo, Scamp! I called in “fake sick” for today and I’m taking my last vacation day tomorrow.
We can spend your puppy stage together, day and night!

This update’s silly title references the Lethal Weapon film series, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as a comedic cop duo.
The fourth and last film in the series, Lethal Weapon 4, features Jet Li as the antagonist.

Credit for the vampire idea goes to:
@MarianT for first implementing it in her wonderful Straud Dynasty, her Long-Lifespan version of this challenge; and
@reggikko for reminding us that it’s a viable strategy for the official Townie dynasty challenge.
When reggikko first mentioned the strategy of keeping housed spouse prospects on hold by turning them, I thought it was too late for my dynasty.

Populating the Simverse
True, I no longer have a dozen-plus households at my disposal, but I did find two good spouse prospects.
So, I will be continuing this challenge through a combination of pollinating and vampirism.

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