TD 4.25: Scamp the Scalliwag

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 18/Thursday

Jet: This is Scamp, the Akita puppy I adopted earlier today.
Scamp: I am a canine yogi!

Jet: No, he’s not. He’s still learning to run!
Anyway, we’re here at the Pupperstone Park in Brindleton Bay.

Right after we arrive, I meet a dog named Genji Mori. Genji is soon joined by his owner Yumiko Mori.
Yumiko needs to fire her fashion consultant, imho.

I’ve noticed a lot of new young adult females around lately. Are the Powers-Above trying to help the Lees find spouses?
Well, then, how about moving more young adults into houses, huh?

Genji! Stop sniffing my behind!

Meet my new clubmate: Aarohi Anand.
She’s a Niche Broadcaster at (Level 6 Social Media).
But that’s not why I’ve invited her to my club.

While I was a starving fledgling vampire in Forgotten Hollow, Aarohi did me a huge favor.
Even though we’d just met, she agreed to let me drink from her wrist.
For that kindness, I feel deeply indebted to her.

She’s a childish, cheerful, bookworm. I wish she’d move into a house in Brindleton Bay already!

Jet: I’ll have to wait for Scamp’s adult birthday to train him, but he’s an adorable pup just the same!
Well, he did learn to pee outside while we’re at the park today!

I’m so happy to see Scamp getting love from my clubmates, too.
Saanvi is a dog-lover so her fondness for Scamp doesn’t surprise me.
Aaradhya, on the other hand, is a cat-lover.

Naturally, Scamp is eating up all the attention!
Saanvi: Oh, is that how it is? I see I have some competition for Jet’s affections…

Jet: Speaking of competition, my good friend Caleb also shows up at Pupperstone Park.
Saanvi: “Speaking of competition”? What’s that supposed to mean?
Jet: *gets autonomously hugged by Caleb

Caleb: Tsk, tsk, Jet. That was a dreadful choice of transitional phrase. Saanvi will misunderstand.
Jet: *shrugs
Caleb: And have you explained to her the history between you and me?

Jet: You see, when I was in grade school, Caleb was my first adult friend for Social Butterfly.
He’s the first vampire I ever met and, since then, we meet up every so often.

My puppy Scamp is a natural celebrity!
He’s already gained 25 Simstagram followers!

Saanvi: So this is what my future looks like?
Married to a husband who’s constantly surrounded by adoring fans plus a dog who’s an attention hog?

Jet: If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m planning to eventually run a vet clinic.
I take Scamp to the Vital Vet Clinic in Newcrest for a checkup, but learn they don’t treat puppies.

Scamp: Wan! Wan!
Jet: What do you think, Scamp? Should we try to buy out this clinic or build our own?

When Lone texts me that he and Pris are back from school, I take everyone to Magnolia Blossom Park for homework.
My offspring Medhi Mandir also turns up there, undergoing his transformation the moment he arrives.
Check out his magnificent handlebar moustache.

After escorting Medhi home, I go check on Charity who also transforms right away.
Now here’s someone who looks she enjoys being a vampire!

I phone Vlad and ask him to meet me at the Cadenza Lounge in Oasis Springs.
Frankly, I think he owes me BEEG time for his new dark form!
Not only does he have hair but he’s also dressed like one of the Village People.

Caleb phones and I’m pretty sure he wants to turn me (again).
While I wonder aloud if he could just lick my neck without the biting, he hangs up.

Vlad: Excuse me, Jet. I couldn’t help overhearing.
Vampires do not lick necks as a sign of affection; it’s strictly to soften up the skin…
Jet (changes subject in denial): Hey, how can we be friends but still strangers?


I’ve been trying to level my Vet skill today with no luck.
Despite being able to create three types of “calming” medicines, I can’t learn the skill at all.

Is it because I’m a teen? Then, when I try doing Lab Work, the skill appears and starts rising.
And though I’ve since learned to craft treats, doing so doesn’t affect my Vet skill at all.
So annoying!

In the evening, I take everyone to the Spice Festival.
The Lees have attended every Spice Festival since this dynasty’s inception.
That’s nine Spice Festivals over 18 weeks, but still no UFO plant. Phooey!

Scamp is smart. He doesn’t even bother to visit the festival area.
He curls up in a karaoke room until we’re ready to go home.


Scamp aged up to an adult today around noon, while I was laboring at the crafting machine.
Yo dawg, it’s time we started some training. Handsome devil, ain’t he?

Scamp takes forever to learn how to sit, but he really wants to run the obstacle course.
I’m only Pet Training 2, so the course takes Scamp 45 minutes to complete, with 2 faults.

Check out Scamp, looking all proud after he finishes the obstacle course.

As a reward, I take Scamp for a walk at Crystal Cove.
Sorry, Scamp! I really wanted us to live by the beach but it didn’t work out that way!
I hope you’ll get to live on beachside property someday!

Back at Pupperstone Park, Scamp learns to heel and tries the obstacle course again.
I notice an option to set that hoop on fire, but I’ll wait until Scamp and I are more experienced.

Week 19/Sunday

Where did the day go? I mostly pass the hours preparing to move out.
Lone and I age up early Tuesday morning, so I don’t have much time left.

I paint some portraits of Scamp from photos I took at the beach yesterday.
There’s one I like enough to hang in our museum, so I’ll do that later tonight.

While I’m painting I get repeated messages that Scamp got bit by a squirrel.
Aspiring vet that I am, I decide to buy some vet equipment because my family can afford it.

The recommended post-exam treatment is to give a Feelgood Serum Shot. Not for me!

At the Surgery Station, I perform Extract Excess Cuteness Surgery on Scamp for $50.
It may seem not that much more than the $25 Feelgood Serum Shot.
But don’t forget that, at my future clinic, I’ll also charge $60 more for three types of diagnostic scans.

Good to know that, once I can afford to build a clinic, I can open for business right away!

You know you’re homies with Vlad when he calls to ask you out for Guys Night!
I’d never figured Vlad for the “party down” type so I invite Caleb along, too.
To my utter embarrassment, the bartender says I don’t qualify for the Guys Night discount.

Oh well. I order my favorite drink to find out what it is.
Vlad: Your favorite drink is Sea Splash? That’s classy, Jet!
Caleb: It is! Don’t you hate when a sim orders their favorite drink, then it turns out to be water?!


Our simverse is so dangerous at night! If it’s not a vampire break-in, it’s an alien abduction.
Uncle Nimb gets abducted for the second time.
Including Papa’s abduction, that makes three abductions within four weeks.
Senior Pollination Technician #3 really likes our family, I guess.

Lone: I can’t believe this is our last day of high school, Jet!
Pris: You two are so lucky! I still have until the end of this week!
Jet: I’m so done with high school!

Lone: Hey, Jet! Aren’t you worried about Scamp being home alone with Theresa and the butler?
Jet: Nah, what kind of trouble could Scamp get into anyway?


Jet: Scamp and I max Pet Training then I spend the hours until my birthday cleaning up the household inventory.

When 5 am rolls around, I blow out my candles but nobody cares except Papa and Scamp.
Look at Lone, busy taking a selfie. Sheesh!

Whatever! After I move out, I’ll remember that you cared, Papa.
Now, where is Saanvi Joyson? We need to talk!

Author’s Notes

*When Vlad transformed, Jet’s relationships with him were Friends, Strangers, and Master.
Three days later at Guys Night, I checked again and the Strangers title was gone.
*I’m not sure when it happened but all my sims in this household have lost their “special relationships” that came with the Parenthood pack.

Moving Out
Jet and Saanvi Joyson are already good friends, so I expect to be playing the Tudor Bungalow real soon! Nooboos incoming!

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