TD 4.26: Hello Kitteh

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen 4, Jet Lee

Previously with the Lees:
• Midway between his teen and young adult birthdays, Jet asks Caleb to turn him;
• During his 24 hours as a vampire, Jet turns Sofia’s daughter Charity and totally unrelated Mehdi Mandir, then re-turns Vladislaus Straud IV;
• After the death of the prolific Masato Ikeda (rest his soul), Jet adopts a male Akita puppy and names him Scamp;
• Many joy-filled days without tracking points ensue, then Jet and Lone celebrate their young adult birthday.

Week 19/Tuesday 

Jet: Have you ever noticed how much I resemble both of my parents? Probably not.
From the front, you can see I’ve inherited the devilishly handsome look of Papa Garrison.
But from the side, you might recognize Mama Merri’s low-bridge button nose.

Lone: What are you doing, standing in the hallway and eating Tajine? I’m ready to move out, bro!
Jet: Hold your horses, Ranger! I’m trying to learn a few San Myshuno recipes before I leave.
Just got to eat some Pho. Don’t you wanna be a Spice Hound?

Aarohi: Notice me senpai! I’m gorgeous, a Level 6 Internet Celeb, and I clean autonomously!
Pris: No way Jet would leave me behind but move in Aarohi with him! Way!?

Since Jet and Saanvi are already good friends, their relationship zones quickly into romance.

Jet: Could the Pollinator’s Parlor be any uglier? Why didn’t Watchette ever redecorate?
Read my lips, Jet…five free days. 

Saanvi: Huh, I was expected a more romantic setting but…I’ll take it!

Jet (internally): Seriously? She wears pink bunny slippers to bed?

Saanvi: Uh, Jet? Aren’t you supposed to put a ring on it first?
Jet: Hey, nothing like a lil sumpin’ sumpin’ to make our romance bars soar!

Jet: Now that you seem nauseous, I’d like to take you somewhere special, Saanvi.
Saanvi: Is that why you’re dressed like Sebastian Michaelis, the demon from The Black Butler manga/anime?

Jet: No flaming my formal wear, girl. Would you please change into your formal wear, too?
Saanvi: Uh, you’re looking at it…

Scamp: Whoopee-doo! I get to be the witness!
Yeah, yeah, I know. This is where all the Lees have proposed to their spouses.

Scamp: Do you mind speeding it up a bit, you two?
It’s been over an hour now and nature’s urgently calling me. *howls painfully

Jet: Hurray, Scamp! We did it! We got married and moved down the street.
Scamp: So, where’s Saanvi?
Jet: Oh, her? You and I moved into her house, so we’re here but she’s still back at the Lost Garden of Healing.
Scamp: *snorts

Jet: Here’s my twin Lone, watching TV with my brother-in-law Advaith.
By the way, here’s the rundown of our household, from oldest to youngest:
• Saanvi (1 day to Adult): Dog-Lover, Cat-Lover, Childish (Serial Romantic)
• Advaith (15 days to Adult): Loner, Gloomy, Squeamish (Fabulously Wealthy)
• Jet Lee (23 days to Adult): Dog-Lover, Loves the Outdoors, Genius (Renaissance Sim)
• Lone Lee (23 days to Adult): Loner, Creative, Foodie (Painter Extraordinaire)
• Scamp Lee (Adult): Adventurous, Glutton, Troublemaker
• Plus one more member you’ll meet real soon!

You are not surprised, I’m sure, that I first lay out garden planters and place my seeds in them.
Then, I summon my club to plant and water the seeds.
Selling my harvestables, my photos, and paintings adds $30,000 to our household.  (2 points)

Since Saanvi’s in my household and Aaradhya’s an elder, I’ve added two new clubmates.
I’d initially planned to move in the young adult Dhruv Nair (left) as a pollinator.
Now I’m thinking there’s no need to move in a pollinator right away.
He looks like the boy Tessie recently met at the Romance Festival, lol!

We’re hoping the insider Finley Alonzo (right) gets acceptable traits as she ages.
She shows very strong promise as a future spouse candidate (translation: Watchette loves her house).

Advaith: So, what did Jet say when he learned you have the Serial Romantic aspiration?
Saanvi: To my surprise, he hasn’t mentioned it at all though I’m sure he knows.
Should I be worried that he doesn’t seem at all jealous?

Advaith: Hah, that’s one aspiration that you will never finish, sis!
I have the Fab Wealthy aspiration which is one of the easiest to complete, even with just free days.

Jet: Before I start earning points for our first free day, I make an important call. Yep, we’re adopting a kitteh!

Initially, I’m excited about seeing three kitties, but am only allowed to choose two.
I guess that means that Saanvi is pregnant for sure!

The ASPCA rep shows up without any kitties.
But each time I try to “end the adoption evaluation,” she simply places another carrier.

I’ve even cleared away all the living room furniture in a futile attempt to find the kitties.

When I notice a carrier on our front porch, I know that our ASPCA rep is doing it wrong.
I travel with the ASPCA rep to downtown Windenburg, leaving her behind at Haversham. Sheesh!

I return home to find not a single carrier in sight! Hallelujah!
At this point, I save/exit the game, delete the game cache files, and repair the game. *sighs


I’m going to try to adopt a kitty again. Hopefully, we can succeed this time.
It’s 12:30 am when Peanut Butter (left, male) and Noodle (right, female) arrive.
After getting acquainted with both kittens, I’m ready to adopt Peanut Butter.

But then, both kittens mysteriously disappear.
The ASPCA rep (a different one this time) informs me that my evaluation has ended.

When I phone to adopt a cat yet again, I’m relieved that Peanut Butter is still available.
I’m done fooling around! This time, I only request to see Peanut Butter.
Even though his traits differ from the last time, I adopt the little guy anyway.

I rename him Gent Lee.
Gent’s a friendly prowler. He’s also a glutton, just like Scamp.

It’s then I realize that I still haven’t ended the adoption evaluation.
Where’s that dang ASPCA rep go anyway?
ASPCA rep: So, you decided to adopt him after all? Lovely pool you have!

Adopting Gent took a whopping eight whole hours!
I began the process yesterday at 7:30 pm but didn’t finish until just now at 3:30 am.
She will pay for this with her life! *shakes fist

In my capacity as the watcher, I sentence the ASPCA rep to death at the pit for incompetence.
I laugh gleefully as the pit beast gobbles her up and Grim arrives to reap her pathetic soul.

Oh wait! That’s Grim from The Sims Medieval. What are you doing here?

Thankfully, I’m a young adult and no longer stuck on Renaissance Sim!
Joining three careers at Level 3 earns me 3,000 satisfactions points. (5 points)

My Cooking and Handiness are both Level 7, so I only need one more level each!

Poor Scamp looks so miserable!
It’s no doubt a combination of getting used to a new home, meeting Gent Lee, and my being so busy.

Scamp: *whimpers sadly
Lone: I don’t know what to tell you, Scamp. Jet’s responsible for taking care of all of us.
He won’t have the time to chill with only you all the time like at our old house.
And you know he can’t take you with him to his future vet clinic, right?

Maybe you could take up knitting?

Jet: And I’ve completed Renaissance Sim! (7 points)
Boosting a sixth skill to Level 8 also nets me another 1,000 satisfaction. (8 points)
My new aspiration is Friend to the Animals, natch.

Finally, I go back and max Cooking. (10 points)
It’s 9 am, folks. Let’s all get started on our first free day!

(I can’t believe it took me longer to adopt a kitty than to earn a free day…)

Lone: So, from one helper to another, you got any plans for this generation?
Advaith: I’d just like to NOT be the household member who’s always passing out and wetting their pants.

Lone: Ah, your ambitions are lofty ones! Me, I’m joining the Painter career.
Why don’t you join the Scientist career?
Our watcher absolutely dotes on Scientist sims, you know!


Jet Lee’s Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 2,380 points
Household funds: $27,015
Designated skill: Herbalism
2ndary skills: Gardening 9, Charisma 8, Cooking/Handiness/Logic/Writing 7
Aspiration:  Renaissance Sim (Tier II of IV)
Job: None

Free Day #1 (10 points)

Satisfaction (4): +4,000 points
Household funds (2): +$30,000
Maxed aspiration/job/skill (4):
Aspiration (2): Jet/Renaissance Sim
Skill (2): Jet/Cooking

TD 4.27: A Gentleman and a Skedaddler

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