SB 2.8: The Good-Luck Toolbelt

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Benicio: After returning from the dream, I start taking stock of the various tasks that a new generation entails.
As a memento of my first encounter with our watcher, I’ve changed my everyday outfit.
It’s a more rugged look, which means I can keep the toolbelt, hehe.
Mariko: I finally get a makeover, too! You’re only as pretty as you feel, right?

Week 4/Wednesday

Alejandro: Go ahead! Take yet another boring shot of me on the computer or reading!
I didn’t have enough points to buy Connections, so I had to start at Tech Guru 3! Bah!
Jose: Your Programming and Video Gaming skills are almost 10 already.
You’ll be done with Computer Whiz in no time, son!

Jose: Benicio, on the other hand, needs one more level in Cooking.
Then, he’ll finish his third aspiration since his teen birthday.

Benicio: And, once again, I’ll be passing over Archeology Scholar.
I’d counted on spending 5 days in Selvadorada during Mariko’s pregnancy and the nooboo phase.
But since you and Mama haven’t maxed your careers, I need to stay home.

Jose: Sorry about that, son. The smart thing would have been for Sherilee and I to explore Selvadorada while it was just the two of us.
But we wanted to start a family right away so that’s the path we chose. #NoRegrets

Jose: While Benicio leaves to seek out Mariko, I take advantage of the traveling Japanese food stall.
I’m well aware that excellent-quality nigiri-zushi can’t cause poisoning.
But a sim with zero cooking skill still needs to learn to prepare the dish before they can make a poor-quality version.
Ahhhh, if only I had some fresh wasabi!

Mariko: Things are heating up between Benicio and me!
Since I’m a medical doctor, I have the romantic option to “Check hotness.”
As if I needed to check whether Benicio’s hot or not!

Mariko: Oh, you poor dear! You seemed flushed!
Benicio: I agree, Dr. Okada! My temperature keeps rising.

Benicio: I’m starting to feel feverish now, Doctor. What do you recommend?
Mariko: You should absolutely go lay down, Benicio.
I also suggest removing that shirt to lower your temperature. No, no, not the toolbelt! The toolbelt stays on!

Benicio: I’m already feeling better, Dr. Okada!
Mariko: For some reason, your temperature hasn’t dropped at all.

Mariko: Benicio and I pass an eternity of perfect moments!
I have never been happier!

Mariko: Gentle readers, would you pry your eyes away from Benicio’s gorgeous abs for a sec?
I want to share my baby bump with everyone. Yes, I’m eating for two!

Mariko: You probably take me as a fool for not insisting on a big wedding.
Don’t forget that Benicio is a young adult and I’m an adult.
Have you any idea how I’ve feared he’d moved me in for my traits and career?

But he didn’t cast me aside for a younger, prettier spouse.
He hasn’t used me to fulfill a legacy’s grisly death requirement.
No, Benicio and I are having children together and now I am his wife!

My life is perfect now. Almost perfect, that is.
He needs to wear that toolbelt with every outfit and throw out the Yoda poster!

Jose: As soon as my son marries, I reach the last tier of Big Happy Family.
We are a five-sim household, so Mariko can have no more than 3 children.
However, I’m not putting Benicio’s marriage at risk for my aspiration.

It’s well and good that Alejandro mastered Vampire Lore this afternoon.
But I’m going to need him to put aside his books and computer for a bit.

Alejandro (whispers): I can’t believe my good luck!
Papa tells me I must give him at least one grandchild.
Feigning reluctance, I joyfully invite Yumiko Ishikawa over.
My lazy, materialistic dog-lover, Yumiko! *impresses her with video gaming prowess

Alejandro: I cautiously romance Yumiko while avoiding socials that would trigger my unflirty trait.
You know, like, crudely compliment appearance, futile flirt, or unflirty kiss.
You’d like an example, you say?
Well, being unflirty has no impact whatsoever on trying for baby!
I even tried it several times, you know, just to make sure.

Alejandro: I know it sounds crazy, but I wait until after we try for baby to ask Yumiko to be my girl.
Papa thinks I’m doing this for him, but I’ve had my eye on Yumiko for months now!
When things settle down, I plan to propose to Yumiko.

For today, though, I ask her to go home. Things are kinda hectic around here.
Benicio and I just became young adults this morning, remember?

Benicio: After Renaissance Sim, I insta-complete Mansion Baron and switch to Bodybuilder.
Might as well, since I need Fitness for my Astronaut career.

I start with zero fitness yet my muscles somehow remember how to use a climbing wall.
What am I to make of that crazy dream, my Yoda T-shirt, and the Yoda poster?
I’ve heard of the notion of parallel realities–does that mean somewhere in other simverses, other Sharebears are living their lives?
But how does my recent dream fit into that concept of multiversality?


Benicio: I need to work out at a gym for Bodybuilder so we go to Oasis Springs.
Mama is still working on Angling Ace and she can fish near the gym.
Of course, a vampire breaks into the gym during my workout.

At first, he wears a look as if he has something important to tell me.
But the moment passes, and I end up picking a fight with the creepy vampire for being rude.

He despises me for giving him the smackdown he deserves.
Eh, the only downside is that now I can’t be the one to invite him to our grill out…

Jose: After Sherilee and Alejandro leave for work, I invite Vlad over.
Since I’m the resident culinary aficionado, it’s only fair that I host the grill-out.
I’ve queued up seven chess games with Vlad, but he starts sizzling during the first game.

Jose: As soon as he starts waving his hand, I make my exit.

Grim: Freaking incredible! The Sharebears did a number on Vlad, the official vampire welcomer?

I hear the new heir visited Dagobah and all that recently.
Don’t they realize that stuff likes that happens on a separate timeline?
In my time, I was just here 2 days ago to reap an elder who drowned.
*feels overworked and underappreciated.


Jose: There’s a new restaurant in East Newcrest opened by a Selvadoradan.
Why don’t we all go there for breakfast?
Benicio: Great idea! We have so much to celebrate lately!
Sherilee: I’ve been hearing good things about this Jungle View Restaurant at work!

Mariko: I’m a glutton vegetarian, so I’m ecstatic with my Beet Noodles but…
Jose: You’re wondering why we aren’t eating Selvadoradan cuisine, right?
It’s because we need to start collecting Experimental Food Photos.

Bencio: Congrats to Mama for maxing Scientist yesterday and to Alejandro for his first promotion!
Sherilee: You’d have maxed Mixologist, too, dear, but you aged up in the middle of your shift.
Jose: The best news, Sherilee, is that we’ll become grandparents tomorrow!

Sherilee: Having our own resident doctor is so amazing!
I invite Yumiko and Evie Delgato over so Mariko can determine the gender of their babies.
Mariko: They’ll both be having baby boys this weekend!
Sherilee: Too bad you can’t do that on yourself, eh?


Mariko: After going into labor, I touch Benicio’s toolbelt once for good luck.
Then I waddle over to the sitting room.
My father-in-law Jose has optimistically taken three bassinets out of storage.
Benicio and I reward his optimism with three grand-daughters!

Mariko: Happily, I’d already picked out three girls’ names at Benicio’s request yesterday.
This legacy follows an alphabetic naming scheme for natural-born children.
So I’ve chosen to name our girls after Japanese foods.
*Chacha: for Chasoba (noodles made from buckwheat, wheat flour, and fresh green-tea leaves)
*Dango: we sims can order this snack from any Japanese food stall
*Edamame: steamed and salted young soybeans in the pod (a familiar appetizer in sushi restaurants)


Legacy score: 47/103 points (+3 points)
*Knowledge/Mastered 55 skills
*Food/Benicio serves one max-quality meal during a date
*Food/Jose serves a meal and a drink, both max-quality, during a social event

Custom Content
*Yoda poster by Fuyaya (TSR)
*Jungle View Restaurant by SarahAmina (Gallery)

Vladislaus Straud:
In another story, my sim cured Vlad. When my sim later turned into a vampire, human Vlad didn’t text to welcome my sim into the vampire community.
Who will welcome new vampires in this legacy, now that Vlad is gone?
All I can say is, I hope they’re cute! lol

Sharebears 2.9: Selvadorada Lite

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