TD 4.27: A Gentleman and a Skedaddler

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 19/Wednesday

Jet: Apart from our first free day starting this very minute, I have other great news.
Remember Mr. Pear who moved into our neighborhood after the release of Cats & Dogs?

Well, after today’s patch, Mr. Pear and his canine comrade have mysteriously vanished!
It’s actually awful news for me personally.
If he’d moved a day or two earlier, I could have married Aarohi instead. *sighs tragically

When I loaded this dynasty right after the patch, he was gone from Windenburg Countryside.

You may recall my arduous ordeal to adopt our male kitteh, Gent Lee.
He looks dignified even while taking a poop!

Let’s hope that Scamp and Gent become buddies.
We now have two gluttonous pets in the house (and no room for triplets).
They get hungry even with the automatic pet feeders scheduled for 3-hr cycles!

Advaith: I seem to have made a bad first impression on Watchette.
When I’m trolling teh forums, she confiscates my slablet and stores it somewhere inaccessible.
So then I go watch comedy TV and she puts the TV in family inventory.

Sorry about the TV, Advaith, but Jet and Saanvi just got married and are expecting a nooboo.
They’re so blissed out, I can’t risk them getting playful from comedy TV and dying from hysteria.
Anyway, don’t you have any constructive pastimes? I know…chess!

Advaith (whispers): Can you believe Watchette refuses to give me a makeover until tomorrow?
She says it’s a waste of free day time. Hmmph!

Saanvi: I take a pregnancy test as soon as the free day commences. See my tiny baby bump?
It takes forever to eat the requisite 18 strawberries, but now I’m free to…
make calming medications on the crafting machine?
Jet: Hey, you’re a lover of cats and dogs! Don’t you want to support my work as a vet?
(Plus, her vet skill is still too low to craft any treats.)

Jet: Every household tends to have a loser sim.
In this house, all signs point to the squeamish, gloomy loner…Advaith.

Lone: Agreed. After watering the garden, he’s grossed out from mopping up the puddles he spilled.
Then, when Dhruv autonomously steps up to mop up the puddles, Advaith gets tense from Stranger Danger.

Jet: Forget about the Entrepreneurial reward, dude! Your first reward will be Carefree!
Incidentally, I maxed Gardening while grafting this morning. (2 points)

Jet: Now that both Saanvi and Advaith have Veterinarian 2 skill, I start them crafting treats.
Meanwhile, I unselfishly take one for the team.
Since Aarohi will soon be moving into a big house in Brindleton Bay, we don’t want her to get lonely, right?

Whoa, I almost disqualified myself there!
Just as I enabled “Freerealestate on” to move Aarohi into the Delgato house, I remembered!
Soon after Mr. Pear moved into our neighborhood, the Joysons moved in, too.
So Mr. Pear’s disappearance doesn’t allow Aarohi to move into a house. *cries

Advaith: Darn, I thought a watched sim led such a fabulous life!
All I’ve done so far is play chess, tend the garden, and craft treats! When does the cool part start?

Jet: Welcome to dynasty serfdom, Advaith! Did you say you aspire to become Fabulously Wealthy?
Since you are entirely unskilled, Lone and I will help with your aspiration if you help my future vet practice.
Lone: Hey! How did I get roped into helping with Advaith’s aspiration?


Jet: *calls Scamp over then lectures him on eating human food
Scamp: I definitely was NOT! What makes you think I’ve been eating human food?

Jet: You’re an extremely sly and clever dog, Scamp, but I have my ways.

Lone: Is that you I hear sobbing in the shower, Advaith?
Advaith: Yes, it is. Our watcher hates me.

Lone: Well, she gave you a makeover during the free day after all. Aren’t you happy about that?
Advaith: No! The only reason I got one is because she wanted to give Jet body hair.

Jet: What can I say, Advaith? What’s the point of setting priorities if you don’t…um, prioritize?
By the way, the man bun’s a good look for you.

I’ve been trying all morning, unsuccessfully I might add, to leave the house.
Gent summons me with a mournful cry, complaining that he needs a clean litterbox.
(A quick check reveals that Dhruv is diligently mopping up that bathroom where the litterbox is located.)

Then Gent starts shooting out sparkles and ages up to a handsome adult cat.

I finally make my getaway and head for the Sable Square quarter of Brindleton Bay.
Here, Watchette builds me the beginnings of a vet clinic.
*whispers: I’m ashamed to say how much she spent, considering it looks like a fairy tale barn.
Hey, it’s what’s inside that counts. For now, at least.

Because I have the Friend to the Animals aspiration, I can use the Friendliest Introduction when meeting pets.
To my delight, that’s all it took to befriend my first patient.

Dr. Jet: It seems that you have Blazing Tooties, dawg. Please come with me to the surgery station.
Patient: Awwww, no! Surgery? *trudges over dejectedly
Patient’s owner: Oh no! I knew I should have signed up for pet medical insurance!

Dr. J: After a vascular scan provides a surgical solution, I begin operating.
Part of me wants to perform and charge for the brain and intestinal scans, too.
But what greedy idiot would scan the brain and intestines for a case of blazing tootsies?

Here’s an overhead shot of my vet clinic.
As you can see, it’s not entirely furnished or functional yet.
But I have one exam room, the surgery room, an office, and one restroom.


It’s 1:30 a.m. when I finish with my last customer.
It’s the end of a long day. Not bad, considering it’s opening day.

My veterinarian skills rose two levels to 6.
And I earn enough perk points for Additional Vet #1 and Lower Employee Training Costs.
Obviously, I still need to give my clinic a name. What about….50 Shades of Spay?

Scamp: What? I’m not allowed to enjoy myself while Dr. Jet is off raking in the cash?
Oh wait, $1,300 in 16 hours is only…counts on his paws…$81.25 an hour. Is that good?
Isn’t it easier and quicker to paint, Jet?

Jet: It’s actually nice to not to worry about my uncontrolled family’s needs.
And I’ve been really stressed about the home lot’s doors not locking properly, so I escape that, too.
I miss you and Jet, of course.
Scamp: Of course!


Before dawn, I pay a quick visit to the Vatores to introduce myself to Lilith.
Then we travel together to Vlad’s home for a drink.

Lilith: I’ve been meaning to ask, Vlad. Did you resume your “Introducer to the Vampire Community” role, that role which grants you immortality?
Vlad: Well, you’ll just have to ask a recently-transformed vampire if I texted them, won’t you?

Vlad: You have GOT to be kidding me! And I so loved my new dark form, too!
Jet: No hard feelings, Vlad! I noticed you never texted me when I turned.
I’m thinking that, when you’re human, you lose the special “Introducer” trait that makes you immortal.

Lilith: And what have you got against me?
I even had a child with your pollinator, the unforgettable whatz-his-name.
Jet: You mean, Masato Ikeda. The perfect household size for a future Lee home is 2 sims, sweetheart, not 3.

Week 20/Sunday

Scamp and Gent are constantly hungry.
I’m beginning suspect that nobody feeds them while I’m at the vet clinic, either.

I prepare gourmet pet food for each of them, then buy extra bowls for them.
That should keep their gluttonous tummies full! Time to feed my “human pets” next.

Just as I start preparing Garlic Noodles, I’m notified that Gent has run away.
The little rascal waited until after I’d served him his gourmet meal!

I immediately post a missing feline alert and begin reconsidering my present lifestyle.
First, I downsize the garden by 50%. It’s too much work, even with my clubmates helping.

I’m also thinking of bulldozing and selling off my vet clinic. I’ll need to sleep on that.


I spend the rest of the evening out walking around with Scamp in Brindleton Bay, looking for Gent.
He’s not by the docks near Salty Paws Saloon nor by that fountain in Sable Square.

When we arrive home at 1:30 am, tired and hungry, I learn that Gent has returned.
He’s even brought me a gift! He looks filthy, so I take him to my clinic in case he has fleas.
But he’s fine, just a bit road-weary. Welcome home, Gent!


Gen4 Jet Lee’s’s current score: 5/10

Author’s Note

The Twins: We are about 8 sim-hours away from the twins Iconica and Unru’s toddler birthday.
Initially, I’d planned to end this update with their toddler portraits. However, Gent decided to steal the spotlight.

Unoccupied Houses: After my near-mistake with moving Aarohi Anand into a house, I asked the Challenges Team about the “8 occupied houses/apartments” rule.
Apart from the two immortal vampire households, Gen3 Merri’s household, and Gen4 Jet’s household, there needs to be three or fewer occupied houses/apartments before we can move an unplayed household into a vacant house.
This explains why Jet went after Vlad again. Also, I have no idea why I thought pollinating the Villareal would be a good idea.
The Villareal estate is nice and big, yes, but the house sits far from the lot’s entry point. That’s a recipe for sims passing out after work.

TD 4.28: Born Under a Bad Sign

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