TD 4.28: Born Under a Bad Sign

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Jet maxed Gardening, finished Renaissance Sim, and became good friends with Iconica and Unru for a total of 5 points.

Week 20/Monday

Jet: I’m so glad you’re back, Gent!
Everyone in the house (except Scamp) missed you so much!
Gent: *grins

Jet: *feels the love
Gent (plotting): The question is how do I keep Jet focused on me without having to run away?
Leaving home was rather inconvenient, to say the least!
And I see Jet’s given me a second bowl!

Scamp: I didn’t mind Gent running away at all!
While looking for Gent, Jet took me on walks all over Brindleton Bay.
How long has it been since Jet and I spent hours together like that, just chilling?

But now I’m back to begging Lone for a little attention. *sighs

Scamp: My favorite sim around, besides Jet, is Dhruv!
He’ll play with me without me even having to ask him first.

Jet: Still several hours to go before the twins age up, so I take the gang to Perfect Balance Spa.
Saanvi stays home with the girls, since she reached Wellness 7 from while she was in my club.
Scamp stops by to express his yogic solidarity.

Gent: I’m a prowler! A prowler’s gotta prowl!
You’d think Jet could have sent me prowling before the yoga class started!

We stop by Brindleton Bay for breakfast on the way home, where I run into Noodle. Remember him?
During my frustrating adoption process, Noodle visited our house with Peanut Butter.
I ended up adopting Peanut Butter and renaming him Gent.

Still, I’m happy that Noodle remembers me and becomes my friend.

We rush home as soon as I’m notified of the twins’ birthdays.
Iconica and Unru are practically identical twins, except maybe their lips.

Unru Lee, our second-born, is a wild toddler.
As you can see, she is in the most horrid mood because she’s dead tired.

That’s partly my fault. I should have returned home an hour before the girls aged up.
Then I could have ensured that they were fed and rested before their birthdays.
Why only partly? Because I hadn’t imagined that their mother would fail to feed them.

Iconica Lee, our Gen5 heir, is a clingy toddler.
After she eats, I have a terrible time putting her to bed.

Advaith, who’d been standing outside after work, decides that HE would pick her up.
As a result, I’m blocked from picking Iconica up and tucking her into bed.
And after waiting hours on Advaith, all he does is pick her up then put her right back down.

A begrudging congrats, Advaith, on your promotion to Apprentice Inventor (6 points).


Iconica (to herself): It’s the middle of the night and I’m still exhausted, but I’m too hungry to sleep.
Why is Mama watching me instead of giving me something to eat?

Gent: Pssst, Iconica! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Gent Lee, prowler par excellence.
You’re starving, right?
Iconica: *nods

Gent: Your mother never breastfed you even once while you were in a bassinet.
So don’t be expecting much from her now. You see that case in your bedroom?
Iconica: *nods again

Gent: Your father will keep that case supplied with meals for you and Unru.
You can go and grab a serving for yourself. Go ahead and try it.
Iconica: *waddles off

Gent: And because things around here aren’t hectic enough, we have a vampire breaking in.
I’m just standing there like a Tonkinese in headlights when, to my great relief, Jet summons me.

Jet: I relock all the exterior doors to allow only the household and my clubmates access.
As soon as the vampire reaches the porch, she turns back around and leaves.
Crisis averted!

Gent: Look at Scamp, sleeping so peacefully!
Is it bad if I want to disturb his happy slumber by waking him up?

That’s right, Advaith. You are locked out of the toddler’s room!
You’ve no need whatsoever to take the toddler’s food when there’s so much other food in the kitchen.
Likewise, you’ve no need to read–of all places–on a toddler’s bed.

Jet: I haven’t decided who’s worst yet. On one hand, Saanvi has been no help at all.
Meanwhile, Advaith tries to help but often ends up interrupting me instead.

Jet: Yes, I’m bathing Iconica on the front porch. There’s only one bathroom on the first floor.
When I placed a bath in it, everyone wanted to take a bubble bath then got playful.
So now the bath only comes out when the girls or Scamp need a bath.

Jet: I roll a 75-point whim for woohoo, which adds another 1,000 satisfaction points (7 points).

Jet: No, I haven’t opened my vet clinic, although I dearly wish I could.
When I’m away from home, even with Saanvi at home, the toddlers’ needs go unattended.
Saanvi manages to look after her own needs but the girls’ needs plunge deep into the red.

That’s why, when Scamp wasn’t feeling well, I brought home my vet equipment.
Anyway, he has a simple case of fleas which can be easily treated.

Oh and congrats to Lone for earning a promotion to Imaginative Imagist (8 points).

Jet: And what’s wrong with you now? *sighs
Oh? You need some attention from me? Doesn’t everyone?
First you need hugs and then you’re hungry? *checks the bowls
Okay, I see you can only consider one bowl at a time as “yours.” I just can’t win.


Early in the morning, I become good friends with Dhruv. (9 points).
Quite unintentionally, I also max charisma in the process. (11 points).

It’s been exactly a week since our last free day.
Looks like it’s time to start our second one!


Free Day #2 (11 points)

Promotions (3): Lone/Painter 5-6, Advaith/Scientist 2
Satisfaction (1): +1,000 points
Good friends (3): Iconica Lee, Unru Lee, and Dhruv Nair
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (4):
Skill: Jet/Gardening and Charisma

Author’s Note

At this point, I’ve begun to believe that my game is seriously bugged.

There’s something constantly wrong with my pets. I ask each one “What’s wrong?” several times each day.
Also, the toddlers’ needs continue decaying whenever Jet is away from home.
The girls are always sad, starving, angry, or asleep.
Aside from potty training, Jet has not been able to help Iconica with skilling at all.
So, after two full days, all Iconica’s skills are still Level 1, except for her Level 2 Potty skill. Unru’s exactly the same.
I’ve never experienced this much trouble with toddlers before in any game.

Oh well, time to go delete my Origin and game cache files, then repair my game.
Cross your fingers for me that Mr. Pear doesn’t decide to move back into the neighborhood!

TD 4.29: Oh, Puh-Lees

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