TD 4.29: Oh, Puh-Lees

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 20/Wednesday

Jet: Our second free day has begun!

By the way, I’d begun seriously doubting being able to avoid failing this challenge.
But things seem to be back to normal today, thankfully!

Saanvi: After all this time, I finally get a makeover! That’s what I call parenting incentive!
I read to the girls until they both reach Imagination 3.

Jet: We’ve been so poor since building my vet clinic!
Our bills on Monday came to $9,600+, leaving us with around $3,000.
Today, Advaith can finally sell off all the harvestables and paintings I gave him for his Fab Wealthy aspiration.

Advaith is one of those sims who takes forever to level gardening.
I swear he’s been watering that same garden planter for the past hour!

Jet: *lectures Gent about eating human food
Gent: Who me? I wasn’t going to take a bite of this cake! Honestly, I’m just sniffing!

Iconica: Yes, Papa is teaching me to talk right next to the potty.
Since we’ve spent the last two days feeling awful, Papa’s in a rush to catch up with our skilling.
So he teaches me to use the potty, then I stay right there for the next lesson.

Unru: Same here! When do we get to go outside to play  in the ball pit?

Gent: I’m pretty sure supervising toddler training isn’t part of my job description.
Jet’s on the job. I’m not worried about him. Besides, he’s already at Parenting 8.

Saanvi, on the other hand, runs off at the drop of a hat! Tsk, tsk.

Advaith (calls over): Are you sure I should be repairing this, Jet?
I see water puddles and sparks everywhere. And I have zero handiness skill.

Jet (shouts back): What’s your parenting skill?
Advaith: Level 2.
Jet: Forget about it! You broke it, you fix it. I need to keep mentoring Iconica.

Jet: No more teaching toddlers to dance for me! No siree!
Just send them outside and let them flop around in the Ball Pit!

Scamp: My quality of life has severely deteriorated since these two arrived!

Gent, flying high in front of the house in a catnip-induced stupor

Iconica (to herself): Who is that? I’ve never seen a sim that size before!
He’s much bigger than Unru and me, but he’s smaller than all the big sims at our house.
Is he worried about something?

Iconica (to herself): I know! I’ll go babble to him. *waddles over

Iconica (to herself): I feel so shy about talking to a stranger. This is my first time!

Iconica (to herself): Oh, he likes my Mr. Meow Kitty! His smile is very nice!

Jet: I see Iconica babbling to a strange boy in the street!
Times like this I wish had Caleb’s super running power, whatever it’s called.

Boy: Gah, the little girl’s father’s come running out. Am I in trouble or something?
She chatted me up while I was just passing by…

Jet: Ahhh, Ralph Kidd is Masato Ikeda’s son with that mean-as-a-snake vampire!
Ralph’s a music lover and seems like a good kid. I wonder if he’ll become a vampire, too?

Jet: Mama Merri drops by in the evening so I ask her to mentor me in writing.
Wow, she really hasn’t aged very well, has she?

Merri: Excuse me? I’m standing right here, you know!

Saanvi is potty training Iconica when the fire alarm goes off.
She immediately abandons Iconica to run off to save herself.
Don’t be shocked if nobody nominates you for Mother of the Year, Saanvi!

Saanvi: Oh puh-leeze! I don’t see Jet or Lone around, either! You act like I’m the only selfish sim here!

Look over there, dear. Jet and Lone have run off to put out the fire.

Jet: Who’s the idiot who left a science table in the garden area, forgetting that Iconica invited Ralph Kidd into the house?
Erm, that would be me. I put it here after I moved Lone’s things into the smaller children’s room upstairs.
But no penalty for a fire on a free day, right? 

Jet: Hey, Advaith, I just want to say I appreciate what you’re doing today.
You cooked a half dozen meals earlier.

This free day’s main goal is for the girls to each max Potty and one other skill.
I know you get squeamishly tense, so thanks for helping Unru max potty training.


Jet: Early the next morning, close to the end of our free day, two significant events occur.
Iconica maxes Imagination, then I reach Parenting 10 soon after.

Now, if only I can keep the girls from maxing their remaining skills too quickly.

By the way, although she has the Wild trait, Unru has been an absolute angel.
I’ve had to lecture Iconica once for being defiant, but never Unru.

Once we got past that initial glitching, both girls have been a delight to teach.

I finally manage to teach Scamp not to eat human food.
Just look at his remorseless expression!
Still, Scamp’s a troublemaker, but I’ve trained him out of four misbehaviors so far.
(I trained him out of two before beginning the Friend of the Animals aspiration.)

Scamp: Happy now?

Scamp has an attitude but at least he learns!
No so with Gent! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve lectured him for misbehaving.
He stands there looking at me as if he’s listening, but I’m sure it just goes in one ear and out the other.
Gent considers himself above the mundane rules that bind ordinary creatures. *sighs

Though the twins are fast asleep, I don’t want to risk leaving home.
So I invite a Siamese named Cosmo over and she becomes my fifth animal friend.

My new friend adds another 1,000 satisfaction points (1 points).
Behind us, however, Advaith passes out before I have the time to escape. (0 point)
Oh well. Win some, lose some.


Jet: Aarohi phones today to tell me she’s given birth to another boy! She names him Fred.
Our first son, Finn, is a toddler whom I’ve never even met yet.

I’d planned a toddler play date for this afternoon so I could finally meet Finn.
But I had to go around and unlock then relock all the doors of the house again.
By the time I was done, the twins had gone to sleep. Maybe tomorrow!

Because it’s the Spice Festival this evening, I travel there in search of a UFO fruit.
No UFO plant but I do run into Papa.

I’m so happy to see that he’s finally changed out of his Curry Champion t-shirt.
He’s been wearing that for at least two weeks now!
It’s so great to see Papa. I invite him over so the twins can meet him, too.

Jet: Obviously, I spoke too soon about your tired Curry Champion t-shirt, Papa. Give it a rest already!
Garrison: This was a hard-won prize, son. I can’t believe you’re insisting on giving me a makeover!

Jet: By the way, why do you look so much younger than Mama?
Garrison: I have five crucial words of advice to you, Jet: Stay on Watchette’s good side.


Jet Lee’s current score: 0/10 points

Nothing special at all happened in this update.
But the twins are so cute, I’m in no rush to age them up to children.
Jet’s going to have to step up the point-grubbing if we’re going to start the next free day in two days.

TD 4.30: It’s a P Thang

4 thoughts on “TD 4.29: Oh, Puh-Lees

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  2. Poor Scamp and gent! Dang these interlopers! Oh and by the way something I found very curious early on in the story was that some people develop skills more slowly. I guess I never thought that through. I guess I just thought that if you did it it happened. But that would be too easy and EA would never let us get away with that would they ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your reading spree!
      The slower skilling relates to a sim’s default aspiration. This challenges requires us to keep the default aspiration until finished. Non-heirs with undesirable aspirations (Serial Romantic, the vampire aspirations, etc.) are just ignored which means they have no bonus/reward traits. That’s why some sims are super-fast at skilling, while others are snails.

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